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    Cute lil gif from the end of my newest diapering vid on Patreon.

    Normally after I’m done making pushies in my diaper I enjoy making squishies.🥺

    It makes me feel like such a good girl using my diapers like I’m supposed to.💕


    She was so embarrassed as I walked into her bedroom..  She was straddling her stuffy and humping it while wearing little pullups.  “What’s going on here?”  I asked, as she tried to hide in shame.  

    I scooped her up into my arms, telling her there was nothing to worry about…  How cute she looked, and that Daddy would take care of his horny little baby.


    Such a naughty little kitten!

    Making Progress

    “Do you like it, Daddy?”

    Vivienne shimmied and shook, turning her head back to peek at her boyfriend’s reaction. With her finger placed mischievously at her lips, she giggled as she saw him start to visibly get hot under the collar. It had only been a few days since he had told her about his diaper fetish, and she had clearly caught him off guard with the surprise padding.

    “I… love it,” Daddy answered, doing his best to keep his composure. “And how are you liking it?”

    “I like it! Nice and comfy and cute.”

    By this point, Daddy had managed to regain his outward calm, but as he came onto the bed and towards his eager girlfriend, they both understood that the moment was still heating up. “That’s wonderful to hear,” he said, “but are they just for looking cute and teasing Daddy?”

    Ummmm…” the girl hesitated for a moment, “would you… would you want me to use them?”

    “Only if you’re comfortable,” he assured her, softly caressing her newly padded bottom, “though if you do, I’ll make sure to make you feel good afterwards.”

    “Good, huh? How good?” she teased.

    “Oh, very good,” he grinned. Looking into her eyes, he could tell that she was intrigued.

    Finally, the two locked lips into a wordless embrace, both teeming with excitement for the adventure they were about to embark on.

    “Isn’t it cute, Daddy?”

    It had been a week since Vivi had switched from pullups to diapers to handle her more frequent ‘accidents,’ and she was beginning to appreciate just how cute the thicker padding was underneath various babyish outfits.

    “Simply adorable,” he answered, patting her bottom, “now let’s just let Daddy know if we make another messy in this one, ‘kay?”

    Daddy!” The girl turned beet red. It was only earlier that day that she did that in her diapers for the first time, and she didn’t want to be reminded so soon.

    “What’s wrong, princess?”

    “It’s… it was embarrassing,” the girl whimpered, tears beginning to well in her eyes, “I really really had to go, and you weren’t there, and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to use the potty or not, and, and…”

    Shhhh… there there,” he assured her, pulling the girl up into his arm as he sat down next to her, “it’s alright, babygirl.”

    “It… it is?”

    “Of course it is, princess,” he affirmed, wiping tears from the girl’s eyes.

    “B-b-but it was so blushy, and I just went all in my diaper…”

    “Well, that’s what diapers are for.”

    “But then you had to change me, and it musta been so icky!”

    “Well, that’s what daddies are for, sillybutt.” He chuckled. “And by the way, I’m very proud of you for using your diapers for their proper purpose.”


    Daddy nodded. “It’s a big step for a baby girl’s training. In fact, I think you might have earned a reward…”

    “What kind of oh!”

    “Do I need a change, Daddy?”

    Towards the start of her training, this was a question that Vivi asked mostly to tease her daddy, but those days were long gone. The bliss of being able to let go of all her cares and worries, combined with the intense stimulation she received every time she took a new step down, had left the girl utterly regressed, unable to tell when she needed to use her diapers, when she was using them, or when they had been used. Though in a case as extreme as this one, even she could tell what the answer was going to be.

    “You most certainly do!” Daddy remarked, patting the overstuffed diaper, “You’ve done quite a number on these – more than one number, I’d say!”

    The girl simply giggled.

    “Goodness gracious,” he continued, “guess you’re just a little diaper baby, huh?”

    Mmmhmmm!” came the girl’s enthusiastic hum and nod.

    “And whose little diaper baby might you be?”


    “That’s right! And are you ever gonna learn to use the potty?”

    The girl paused for a moment, drool collecting at her lips as she feigned deep thought. Nuh uh!” she finally exclaimed, shaking her head, “potty’s fuh big girls!”

    “Very good!” Daddy chuckled. Once more, he hugged his little girl, wrapping his left arm around her back as his right supported her diaper, all the while beaming with pride at the incredible progress she had made.


    Image credit: @little-girl-xoxo

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