It seems the best finds come when you least expect it.  I’ve seen this guy around town a few times, but there was never a good opportunity to snap a few pics, until I walked into the auto parts store and heard the distinct sound of someone walking in  thick heeled cowboy boots, turned my head and there he was in the perfect spot and positions.    But you can't do anything with him where he works he turns around the spot you looking at him he knows what you're thinking and you know exactly what he's thinking he's an answer to go home with him and have a few beers with him and you'll wind up in the bed with him he has a truck in his garage so he's been working on for a while so you'll join him for the beers you want to graduate him he bends you over his tailgate of the truck and he gives it to you really hard you enjoy it but you also give it to him but before you give to him you get down there and lick and you know it tastes so good down there so you want to be his bed with him and you wind up spending the night with him the next morning he got a big coffee and brought you a cup and you said thank you for a good time yeah that's how it goes huh buddy you take a load in your hole and he takes a load in his hole

    Ok @itslongknifesworld. Not sure why I put so much into a post about my boots.. but my wife loved doing this. These are my Hancho boots. The only footwear I own, except my old baseball cleats. I picked them up in billings when my truck was broke down. Couldn't wear them till I had a 1/2 inch added to the heals. I used to wear Olathe but they quit my model. As I was trying to tuck my long jeans into these, it occurred to me that maybe some cowboys wear their boots like this because they're too thin skinned to handle the tall shaft of their boots rubbing their calves all intimate like.

    So, most of the time I look like this everyday.... the cows are long gone. I haven't bucked a bale or stretched the wire in almost a decade. Life changes when you're too crippled to be a farmer or rancher anymore. The world moves on.

    I seem to have developed an addiction for custom t-shirts. So I dont wear my sleeves as much anymore. I'm stronger now, so I dont use the cane much either. Sometimes I forget who I am.

    this felt a bit like senior pictures or something but, I haven't put any images of myself up for a long time and @curvethemoonshine enjoyed taking the pictures.. especially the last one. She loves the way my gunrigs creak softly.

    At least that is what she says.