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    Unmasked (Vigil x Dokkaebi)

    Chul had picked her up from the hospital that day. As she sat in the passenger side of the car, he could see the scars on her skin from where the shrapnel had dug into her. It made his heart sink, and filled him with something he’d never admit. Emotion. It made him think about how he wasn’t there to help her. How he wasn’t there to save her. How he SHOULD have been there but wasn’t. Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he started the drive to her place from the hospital. After a few minutes of silence, Grace attempted to break it. “Thank you for picking me up”. “No problem”

    His voice was bland and cold like it always was, lacking any form of emotion. Grace looked at him as he drove, and unsurprisingly, he was still in his combat uniform in his signature mask. His shadowy form and dark eyes were lit by the headlights of a car, then everything was brought back to shadow. It was a dark night, and heavy clouds rolled overhead. The night was menacing, bringing on a calm wave of darkness and the appearance of a quiet and blissful death

    It didn’t take long for them to reach her home after that. It was a simple two story house, too big for someone living by themselves, but Grace had always wanted to treat herself to the finer things. Chul never questioned her on it, and simply did what he always did, watch out for her and keep her out of trouble. As he parked in her driveway, she unbuckled her seatbelt and went to open the door of the car.“Stay” “O-Oh… okay” “You should have been more careful. You could have died” “I was trying” “Try harder”

    “Try harder? TRY HARDER?! I am trying Chul! I’m trying the best I can! Do you think it’s easy to do this?! To try and save everyone while keeping my head down! To not mess up and be booted off of Rainbow! I am trying! I’m trying as hard as I can, and you don’t make it any easier! All you do is try to correct me and change me into some perfect thing that I’m not! So you have the gall to tell me to try harder?!”. The outburst was unexpected, and full of pent up anger. After the explosion that put her in the hospital, Grace obviously wasn’t having any of Chul’s lecturing. Her face was red and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She lifted her ‘glasses’ and wiper her face. She then tossed a black box to him. She had it the whole time? How had he not noticed?

    “I-I was going to give this to you after the mission… for helping me through tough times and helping me keep my position… but the explosion happened and I had to get Gustave to bring it to me in the hospital… but I see now that you’re no friend… you just want to change me to be something I can’t. Fuck you Chul”

    She got out and slammed the door. She quickly ran up the stairs and unlocked the door to her home, all while wiping away tears before going inside. He sat there and looked at the box. It was longer than it was wide, and the color was a dark, matte black. He slowly pulled the top off and looked inside. It was a mask. It was white in color, with small spots of graffiti at the top and bottom of it, with red lines around the eye holes that really brought focus to the eyes of the wearer. Inside the mask, inscribed right above eye holes, was a word. A single word that Grace had described him with many times. Protector. He had just sat there and looked at it, studying it while emotion burned within him, a passion and feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time. Tears started to stream down his cheeks beneath the black ballistic mask he was wearing. He unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed out of the car, running up her steps and knocking on her door

    A muffled voice cried out for whoever it was to come in, and he wasted no time opening the door and going inside. He hear crying from upstairs, so that’s where he went. He looked in the master bedroom to find her on her bed crying.”What do you want?”. “To apologize”

    He slid his mask off and sat on the bed next to her. He never thought he’d confess to her, but it was time he did. ”Grace, ever since I began to look after you and keep you out of trouble in the ROK, you grew on me. Your personality and everything was just so wonderful, and you made me happy, and I knew it was my duty to keep you safe. I watched over you, and once I heard that we were coming to Rainbow, I knew I had to continue watching over you. The pressure was on so I had to make sure you stayed. You aren’t the only one proud of your position here, I am too. Grace, after all this time I’ve spent I’ve finally realized how I feel about you… I love you”

    “Y-You… Love me?”.Grace didn’t know how to react to it. The news was just so sudden, and it barely made sense to her. He never acknowledged anyone, and was always so cold, and yet here he was telling her that he loved her?! She had a bewildered look on her face as she met his gaze, which had softened from stone cold to kind and gentle. Then something else unexpected happened. In such a quick movement, he had pulled her in and pressed their lips together. Her eyes were open in shock, but then closed as she accepted and leaned into the kiss. It was long and drawn out, full of passion and desire. His tongue moved around in her mouth before he pulled away, leaving a long trail of saliva. “Grace I’ve never had the courage to tell you I loved you until now. Grace… I want you”

    Grace stuttered over her words after trying to form a response. Her face was red from the kiss, and she was still trying to process everything he said and did. Everything was just happening so fast, and despite her earlier anger, she was taken over with different feelings. Joy, to know that he wasn’t as cold as he seemed and that he actually cared about her. Surprise, just to know all of this. But most importantly, love. She felt the same way. She’d always wanted to know if underneath the mask he was someone different, and he was. She wanted to see that side. She wanted to find someone to care about in him. And now she did. In her rush of feelings, she stated. “You can have me…”

    Her voice was gentle, like that used when someone is being kind or trying to explain something to a person who hasn’t fully grasped a concept

    Her face was still red as he pulled her in again, trailing kisses from her cheekbone and down her neck, sending strange but not unwelcome chills down her spine. He snaked both hands under her shirt and to her small and perky breasts, which he squeezed gently before pinching the nipples, causing her to let out a small, soft moan

    “Here, let’s make this easier”.She said as she stood up and removed her shirt, exposing her breasts as she didn’t have a bra on underneath. She then slowly removed her pants, like she was teasing him. Her panties were pink, and didn’t feature any real design other than that made to suit their purpose. He got up and did the same, removing his clothes until he was just in boxers.“Lay down on the bed”

    He said, gesturing for her to do so. She laid on her back, legs together. He moved to her and grabbed her panties, slowly sliding them off of her legs, and exposing her pussy. Her ‘hair’ was shaven into a landing strip, and she seemed embarrassed to be exposed like this. He spread her legs and put his face to her womanhood.“Relax. Let me show you the love I feel for you”

    She nodded down to his form, allowing him to do as he wanted. He began to slowly move his tongue between her folds, eating her out as the Korean woman began to moan cutely, occasionally whispering his name. Seeing as he was doing good, he began to lick her clit, his tongue moving against the sensitive bud to bring her body more pleasure. In his pants his cock throbbed, and despite his own wishes to please himself, he was going to make her feel good first.

    It didn’t take long for her to be craving more of him, so she placed both hands on his head to keep him there, not letting or wanting him to pull away. His hands held tightly onto her legs, and he started to focus mainly on the clit. She no longer held back her moans, constantly calling out his name in ecstasy and moaning loudly. One of her hands pulled away from his head and ran through her messy hair as she started to climax, letting out a long drawn out moan as she rode it out. Chul didn’t move and instead waited for her to finish before pulling back and licking his lips seductively. All he said was: ‘Delicious’, which had quickly caused her to go from blushing to crimson.

    He got off of the bed and unbuckled his pants, sliding them and his boxers down. Every day Jordan or Jack would joke around and say Chul has a little dick because he was Asian, but as Grace just learned, that was not the case. Chul topped out at a very large 12 inches and boasted decent girth. She let out a slight gasp of surprise and kind of just stared at it for a moment before giving a nod for him to continue. He got on top of Grace in the missionary position before slowly sliding the head in, followed by some of his length.

    The first thing she felt was pleasure but with noticeable pain. This was her first time after all, and Chuls large size was also something to consider. After a few moments he’d managed to fit his entire length inside, but he didn’t move as to give her a moment to adjust. She looked up at him with a hand over her mouth staring into his eyes passionately before nodding for him to continue.

    His pace was slow and gentle, pleasing both of them whilst giving a pace that Grace can warm up to. She let out a few muffled moans into her hand before moving her hand away and gasping lightly. Her eyes reflected her lust. “H-Harder Chul… f-faster”. He didn’t respond, just nodded as he picked up the pace and thrusted forcefully into her, his tip hitting deep inside her and pressing against her cervix.

    He went at this pace for a good while, and as Grace got used to the pace and how he felt inside her, the more and more she wanted him to pick up the pace and get rougher. “F-Fuck…”. She said under her breath as he thrusted into her. She gave him that lustful look again. “You’re d-doing wonderful baby but give me more… ruin me~”. Her tone was cocky, despite the fact that this was her first, so she hadn’t done this with Chul enough to even find out what his limit was

    Chul gave another nod before he began to move his hips as fast and forceful as he could. He was pushing his physical limits, but it has both of them lost in ecstasy, so it was definitely worth it. Grace was gripping the sheets tightly whilst loudly moaning, her breasts bouncing wildly and her mouth hung open. Chul was silent for most of the act, but his quiet and solid composure was slipping as he began to softly moan. “F-Fuck! T-This is A-Amazing Chul!”. She said up to him, though she could barely talk without interrupting herself with a moan. Her legs shook as she was hit with another powerful orgasm, but instead of letting her ride it out again he kept pounding into her, the sound of wet slapping filling the room as their bodies met each other.

    Through all this passionate sex, Chul had been steadily rising to his climax. He hadn’t made more noise than soft moans, but over the slapping noises and Grace losing he spoke up. “I-I’m close…”. He said roughly down to her. Grace then reached up, gently stroking his cheek. “Do it inside baby”. It didn’t take more than that to have him finish, dumping a large, warm load inside her as they both let out a synchronized moan.

    Panting filled the room before Chul slowly began to pull out of her, leaving Grace leaking cum from the stretched hole. He laid down next to her, cuddling her naked form to his. “That was wonderful Chul”. She said softly to him, being met by a silent nod. “I love you…” He said quietly “I love you too”. She replied. And with that, the two fell into a heavy sleep in each others warm embrace