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2019-10-20 14:49:56

    Hey all!

    I’m trying to become more active again. Possibly trying some new things on top of the Celeb Fakes, I’m still kind of active over on twitter with @demon_d4n (Come say Hi!)

    But I’d love to know what sort of things you guys want to see from me. Any new things, SFW stuff or more of the same? Let me know, let’s get a discussion going and try to fuel my creativity!

    It’s also criminal how many new photos of Scarlett Johansson that are out there and I’ve not faked a single one yet!

    If you’re still following me then I thank you, if you miss my works please let me know! I miss talking to you all.




    Dear Dan, yér an absolute madlad.. even greater then we could think.. 28k isn't nothing, but now with the Porn-ban Tumblr will soon be a dessert of broken dreams, and death memes.. I salute to the man who created absolute magnificent fakes through a short life-span. Those Emma Watson Fakes are the best. Big Thanks to ya lad. and it has been fun. Greetings. Flóyd.

    You’re far too kind! Thank you! I’ll still be around and tumblr may be a way to update you all without posting the images. I’m going to keep an eye on it as I move forward. Twitter will be my main touch point for a while before I establish something more permanent.

    And so, it’s come to this ...

    I never actually thought I’d be writing this post. I never thought we’d live in an age where artistic expression and hobbies were blanket banned just because a minority of people abused the rules of decency and guidelines.... but here we are.

    The decision buy Tumblr to tackle their “porn” problem by using a nuke instead of a scalpel is a ridiculous. People using this platform for illegal and nefarious ends are the problem and Tumblr wanting to be seen as forward thinking and taking the moral high ground are basically Thanos finger snapping all NSFW accounts out of existence. Many (if not all) of my posts have been marked for deletion on December 17th. So the time has come to leave and find a new platform to distribute my fakes.

    I started this blog as a means to keep everything in one place and I never dreamed of reaching numbers like 28k followers but the darker side to all this is that when I started I was in a bad place mentally. Jobless and diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety was a bad mix. I started faking to take my mind off it and focus on something I enjoyed and to give to others to make them happy. It made me happy and it still does. Just because the thing that makes you happy is deemed unacceptable by someone else doesn’t mean that it is any less important to you. I still use faking as a way to cope with my mental health and the fact it will now become harder to share the fruits of my labour has a knock on effect for me. I love talking to people about anything and everything. The fact people engaged with me, gave me compliments or just generally were amazing humans was the icing on the cake to all this. Tumblr are taking that base I’ve established away from me and I feel I’m in free fall mentally about it all. It’s killed me not having a computer to fake (those issues are still on going!) but it will hopefully be rectified soon.

    To all of you who’ve followed, liked, reblogged or even looked at my work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and kindness displayed through this blog.

    I will still be around and I’m sure I’ll find another site to work with. I will always be around on my twitter @Demon_D4n and I implore you to go follow me if you want to stay up to date with me and be notified of personal fakes and the new home I find on the internet.

    This will be my last post on here.

    Thank you for the last few years and I hope to see you all soon on the internet. Please comment below if you have any ideas for a future home for me and I’ll also probably wait for the new year to start properly faking again but look for my watermark on fakes (I will obviously be updating the text on it!) Thank you again my friends!!!

    This was harder to write than I imagined.

    Dan xoxo


    With tumblr getting all PG and antifakes, do you have a backup plan to where we could find your work?

    I have all my fakes saved on a HDD. I have some plans in case I get booted from Tumblr too. I have twitter to keep people updated @Demon_D4n

    I know some fakers have vanished but I’m still here for the time being. We’ll see what happens...


    I've got a gfx card I'm about to retire I can send you. Got a PO Box?

    Hey man, thanks for the offer, my gfx card is all good. I’m looking at replacing my motherboard and cpu at the moment and have some options in mind. Unfortunately I don’t have a PO Box but the offer means more to me than actually receiving anything from anyone.

    On this note I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who offered support while I’m out of commission while I save for a new rig. It means the world that people want to help and that’s all that matters to me. If you’re feeling generous then there’s always my paypal.me site in my description but I’m not expecting anyone to donate if they don’t want to. I’ll be back at some point when I’ve sorted it all out but thank you for the love, support and understanding in the down time.

    Dan xoxo