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    Anonymous asked :Hello Dennis. Love your work, you are actually one of my favourite "cinematic look" photographer. So, i'm starting my videographer career but for now i am practicing with stills. Can you give me any advice in achieving that astonishing look? Would really appreciate that. Keep well. Paulo Paixão from Portugal asked :

    The main objective is to understand how colors work in post processing.  Once you know how your editing software works just start messing with the HSL sliders, tone curves and see what each one does.

    Anonymous asked :That last picture you posted, did you get that from camera? or did you stitch pictures together? If you got that picture from camera, how? asked :

    I’m not even sure which one you’re referring to.

    Anonymous asked :I absolutely adore your work. Do you offer trainings or tutorials on any part of your photography? Mainly your cinematic coloring/grading. Thank you. asked :

    Thank you and I can offer color grading training.

    Anonymous asked :Very nice work in contrasting colors, beautiful. I sort of did this once on my way to work in Spokane Wa, I ended up with photos I did not recognize and I have lived here all my life. At 6:00am in the summer was good light, but no people. Just a empty city waiting to fill up. I really admire your efforts and hope you get to be the best. Cool. asked :

    Thanks so much.  There’s so much in our cities that we dont get to see until we stop and start to admire it and capture it with our cameras.

    Anonymous asked :Hi, I love your work. I'm curious about your post-processing/grading techniques... do you have any tutorials or can you recommend any tutorials online? Keep up the great work man. asked :

    Thank you.  The main thing is to mess with the tone curve and HSL sliders.

    Anonymous asked :Hey, I love your photography!!! I was wondering what camera or lenses did you use? I'm only 16 and I'm really into photography, do you have any tips that could help in the future? asked :

    Currently Im using a Sony A7Riii with lenses ranging from 14mm-200mm.  Some I own some I rent.