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    • Being young enough for Minecraft but too old for Fortnite
    • Being alive for 9/11 but not remembering it at all cuz you were like 2
    • Seeing reruns of 90s shows when you were really little but being to young to really remember them
    • Feeling betrayed by Butch Hartman
    • Listening to the bops of ~2009-2012 in middle school gym class
    • Growing up through the transition from clunky PCs for nerds and flip phones to smartphones and sleek and easy laptops
    • Pictochat
    • Being called a millenial by baby boomers and Gen Z by millenials






    Concept: You walk outside one night and notice that there are two full moons. A few hours go by and they don’t seem to move.

    You stare up at them.

    They blink.

    You blink back. It’s only polite to return the greeting of the Big Night Cat.

    I meant for this to be all spooky and ominous, but fuck it, this is way better. I love the Big Night Cat. She is beautiful. I support her.

    hand slipped so heres a gif

    Reblog to respect the Big Night Cat


    being emotionally numb is the worst state you can be in. failed an important test? who cares. got fired from you job? so what, i’ll get a new one. need to go to class? nah, i don’t really want to. parents yelling at you because you did all of the above? i don’t give a shit. we’re all gonna die one way or another, no matter what i do

    like this is so dangerous because you know you should care, you just don’t. and you don’t want to either, so you don’t make an effort to. i’m in a constant cycle of caring too much, caring just enough, and being totally numb. like i don’t care. about anything. at all. and i know it’s gonna bite me in the ass later on but i don’t care