Mistreat me please! I don't even deserve to live

Hi! I'm Kristal (18F) (the name was chosen for me, it sounded as dumb as I am)~ Psychology student-BPD-ED (53 kg, 1'67 m) Lover of cute clothes and piercings

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    “Do you know how much prettier you would be if you skipped dinner?”

    “I’d much rather see you suck my cock than eat lunch with  me.”

    “Soda isn’t good for girls, have some of my piss or cum instead.”

    “Aren’t you more hungry for me to fuck you, than for your dinner?”

    “I think it’s gross when you eat in front of me.”

    “Why would I spend money on buying you food?”

    Normalize not eating and skipping meals! Cunts are hotter, wetter, weaker and more fun to control when we’re starving :)

    can’t fix you but I can sexualize it

    You’re broken girl and I can’t fix you. I’m not even trying. I doubt you even want me to anyway.

    But what I can do is sexualize your trauma to the point your cunt drips every time you think about it and start to cry. Then you’ll realize your cunt is wetter than your eyes, and you can rub the pain away, for a little while at least.

    So just tell me what happened little girl. Then I’ll tell it back to you like a sweet fairytale story, gently whispering it in your ear from behind you with my cock in your ass and my fingers in your cunt. You’ll cum so hard over and over as you beg me to tell you about how you were raped or molested again and again. Your brain will be conditioned to crave that trauma. You won’t feel alone anymore when I’m telling you the story.

    It must have been a good experience if you can’t stop thinking about it because it makes your cunt clench and drip, right?

    So tell me again princess, what did he do to you? Or, even better, what did they do?


    This is one of my favorite games to play with you.

    Take you on a long drive without telling you our destination. Making you drink lots and lots of water and tea along the way. Telling you every time that you ask if we can stop somewhere so that you can pee that “we’re just a few minutes away! You can hold it, can’t you, babygirl?”

    Finally, when I can see that you’re about to explode, I pull off the highway at a gas station and come open your door and take you by the hand. You expect me to lead you through the store to the restrooms, but instead I lead you around back.

    You look almost frantic as you struggle to hold it while I take you out back to do God knows what to you. You start pleading with me to just let you run in the store so you can pee, just to have your heart drop deep into the pit of your stomach when I reply, “oh, you can do that right here, angel.”

    You start to protest, but I just put a hand on each shoulder and push your back up against the wall, telling you that if you want to pee, you’ll do it here. “We’re going to be late now because I stopped at this gas station for you, so that you could pee, because you drank gallons and gallons of water and tea today, despite knowing we’d be in the car all afternoon.”

    You protest, saying that the road trip was a surprise. That I’m the one who made you drink all of that water and tea. That you don’t even have any idea where we’re even going.

    I slap you hard across your face to shut you up, and the shock causes you to momentarily lose your focus. That split second was all it took for your bladder to give way, and all you could do was lift your skirt and watch in shame as you soaked through your girly little panties.

    “There’s my good girl. Was that really so hard?” I say, condescendingly. “You’d better get it all out now, because this is the one and only stop I’m going to make for you. I’m not going to let my schedule be dictated by a stupid little girl with a baby-sized bladder that she can’t control.”

    Your legs start to tremble as you finally feel the relief you’d been needing. You flip your skirt down and take a step toward the car before I grab your arm tightly and pull you back toward me. “What are you doing? There’s no way I’m letting you sit on my leather seats with those piss-soaked panties on.”

    I stretch out my hand and your expression quickly changes from relieved to shocked to nervous, and finally to resignment. You drop your gaze down the the ground, and slowly bend at the waist and pull your soaked panties down to your ankles. You let out a whimper as you realize you’re standing in a large puddle.

    Even more embarrassed now, you can’t make eye contact with me as you hand over your panties. I don’t take them right away, instead savoring the sight of you holding them out in front of you, and listening to the little plops each drop of piss makes as they fall into the puddle below you.

    Finally, I take them from your hand gingerly, and use my other hand to take yours and lead you back to the car. I open your door for you, gentleman that I am, and once you’re sitting down and buckled in, I go around to my side.

    As you open your mouth to say God knows what, I take your balled up, pissy panties and stuff them into your mouth. I wish I had thought to get my phone out and take a picture or video of your face in that moment. I’ve never seen anyone more humiliated. But you didn’t put up even a little bit of resistance as I stuffed the dripping wet wad of cotton into your mouth to shut you up.

    I lean over and give you a little kiss on the forehead, then start the car and pull out of the parking lot. Rather than getting back on the highway toward our mystery destination, I turn left, back toward our house. Realization washes over you as you finally figure out that this whole thing had been a cruel game that was always going to end exactly like this.


    I have a sudden urgent need to experience this.


    Please make fun of me, I'm a diaper loving whore


    Literally more vulnerable than nudes. Showing your cunt is basic, standard, all pornstars get naked, only some are willing to infantalize themselves to get men hard - all people have naked bodies they might show off to lovers, or strangers (if there’s even a difference), only the ones who really know their place try on diapers and show people online what dumb whores they actually are. 


    thank you for your words!!!! I'll edge to them in my diaper