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  • freepngimg - icons, pictures and clipart
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  • Kissclipart and kissPNG - more vectors and clipart (often transparent!)
  • Getdrawings - simplistic images and drawing tutorials
  • Gumroad - photoshop brushes (and more)
  • Canva - needs login but has lots of templates
  • Library of Congress - historical posters and photos
  • NASA - you guessed it
  • Creative Commons - all kinds of stuff, homie
  • Even Adobe has some free images
  • There are so many ways to make moodboards, bookcovers, and icons without infringing copyright! As artists, authors, and other creatives, we need to be especially careful not to use someone else’s work and pass it off as our own. 

    Please add on if you know any more sites for free images <3


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    Ok so while we’re at this, I just checked out Unsplash, and it’s an AMAZING site for free images?


    It’s McDonald’s, it’s not supposed to be a high paying job


    People deserve to make enough to live on. That’s not up for debate. This idea that some jobs aren’t “supposed to” pay enough for people to get their needs met is bullshit. Nobody should be living in poverty.


    Yes, but it’s McDonald’s. It’s not meant to be a job to support a family, it’s mainly for support for teens or side jobs.


    No, it’s not. 

    There is no such thing as a job “for teens” (and even if there was, they deserve a fair wage for their labor, too.) Nobody should get paid so little that they need “side jobs.” 

    If your business model relies on paying people a wage that keeps them trapped in poverty, your business should not continue to exist. McDonald’s can afford to pay their workers a better wage, they’re choosing not to. 


    Funny story- I am a manager at a Mc Donald’s. Do you know? We have a set limit of minors- teenagers- we can employ. It’s barely over a dozen. Most locations open at 6am… guess what, on week days minors cannot work before they are out of school, or before 730am if they are out of school (GED and the like) also 730am on weekends. Minors cannot work after 10pm on weekdays, and after Midnight on weekends. My location closes at 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 1am on Friday and Saturday. Because of labor laws here, they may not have more than 20 hours a week, and cannot work more than 5 hours in a single day.

    So no. This is absolutely not a job just for teens. We have a giant compactor that crushes and crushes our trash. If you’re not 18 you’re not allowed to operate it. Anything sharp? Are you 18? Can’t touch it. Being a manger? Are you out of high school and at least 18? Forget it.

    And honestly, I wouldn’t make any of the kids at my job deal with our customers when they’re going feral. Do you know how bat shit y’all are?? I had a woman start crying because we ran out of the Mc Rib and caused a scene in my drive-thru for 10 minutes. I’ve had old men cussing me out because Corp decided to bump a senior coffee from .99 to 1.09. Though if you sit inside, which they all do for well over two hours every morning… refills are free.

    We have a lady here who we call “Princess Diamond” because she’s so fucking entitled she gave us a bad review on the McVoice because we served a homeless man and he sat to close to her… which was across the entire goddamn lobby. Would you really want a teen trying to deal with this woman??

    I sure as shit don’t. I don’t allow her to deal with most of my Crew, actually. I’m as nice as freaking sugar in your tea to her face but if she gets rude I start slamming her order down on the tray. And as my Crew knows, the sweeter my voice gets the more trouble your in. She doesn’t stay long on days were I start getting aggressive with her food.

    Side tracked- but no. We have so many things that need to be done all day long that we can’t legally let a minor do. A sister location was just fined over $5,000.00 because of labor violations pertaining to minors.

    Just pay us so we can live. Please. A lot of these teens are trying to move out and get into apartments. But if an apartment costs 800.00 in rent and that’s usually one of the two checks a month an adult gets. Maybe. That’s a struggle even for myself, and it’s just my roommate, our dumb cat, and me. No children. He has a worse paying job.

    We just want to be able to live.


    This goes for any minimum wage job. 

    The minimum wage, when it was set in 1938 as the United States was coming out of the Depression, was intended to be the minimum you needed to be able to pay your bills and raise a family on a single income. Not this bullshit we have today. It’s as low as it is because it hasn’t kept up with inflation.

    Like, not only is working in fast food one of the hardest fucking jobs because it’s hot, it’s dangerous, and it’s full of the worst customers, but it’s also disrespected constantly, and people don’t think you deserve to be able to pay your bills. 

    Fuck that. 

    Pay workers enough to live on with a single full time job.

    Any business that can’t? Shouldn’t exist. 

    Volume 21
    Part 1 || Part 2 || Extra Sketches

    - Real man isn’t just about height: when hinata blocked ushiwaka
    - Idle thoughts (spot the wild yamaguchi and bokuto)
    - Iwaizumi cursing at Oikawa (now i know the translator translated it as ‘asshole’ and they aren’t wrong but i use the literal translation so as to differentiate between ‘poop’ and ‘shit’. there isnt an equivalent english profanity to my knowledge, but if anyone has another idea, i’m open to suggestion)

    From the Official Weekly Jump 2013 December Edition Jump Fiesta. It was the same magazine that featured the Kurobasu Akashi Santa four panel comic.

    「烏野高校排球部のクリスマス」|| ハイキュー!!|古舘春一

    A Karasuno High School Volleyball Club’s Christmas

    Translated, Cleaned, & Typeset by: futaba-chi

    Translator’s Note: A little small gift for the holidays and of course New Years. Dedicated to the Haikyuu fandom and the Haikyuu dorks. Enjoy and happy holidays


    could you explain how you give clothes so much volume/life?? i suck rly bad at drawing clothes w/o them looking like body paint or just draped over-- the way you do it gives it a lot of dimension and believability. also any tips on how to draw the same outfit in twisted poses?? (turning at the hip, bending over, etc) THANK U I LOVE UR ART SFM!!!

    notice the tension of the cloth on the figure on the top right. it twists to the figures direction.

    here are some examples of cloth folds

    hopefully this helps!! please let me kno if you have any other questions!!

    A long time ago an anon asked my thoughts about drawing backgrounds, so I finally got around to putting this together. It’s more prop-centric, but it still represents my philosophy to backgrounds. 

    I’ll try to do something more about drawing actual background spaces in the future! Please let me know what you think, if anything is unclear, or if you have suggestions for other tutorials you might find helpful!

    Tuesday Tips - Structure/Gesture: Why Not Both!

    Probably one the most compelling issue to deal with when drawing characters. There’s clear pros and cons to both approach. The key, IMO, is to straddle the line between both. Give appeal and energy through the use of gesture, but always give hints of structure, weight and solidity to make the character feel like it lives in an environment. I do a quick, dynamic gesture first, then I go back in and add some structure on a second pass. In a rush, I’ll focus the structure pass on faces, hands and feet (feet: their position on the ground to give weight and/or balance to the pose.) -Norm @grizandnorm #tuesdaytips #100tuesdaytips #100tuesdaytipsbook #structuregesture #whynotboth

    T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (4/8)

    Azumane Asahi

    “He came into being because I had a story about the ace and the libero that I wanted to write. When I first started the series, I vaguely pictured him as the mischievous type, but he turned into “the glass heart ace” to contrast with Nishinoya who I created at the same time.”

    Name Origin: 東
    “Because I finished the story and scene first - which doesn’t happen often - I made his name contrast to Nishinoya’s name: the morning sun which rises from the eastern peak!”

    Nishinoya Yuu

    “He came into being the same way Azumane did. He’s ridiculously strong-hearted. In my high school days, our team’s libero was good and really cool. I also put that feeling of respect into his character.”

    Name Origin: 西谷夕
    “The evening sun that sets in the western valley! But I still think the name Yuu doesn’t fit Nishinoya!”