Hi, My name is Jay. I'm a 16 year old bisexual girl that has depression and anxiety. I love video games, drawing, reading, and I've finally got a date after 3 years of being on here. If you need someone to talk to I'm here for you. Have a great day! Also I know my username is weird.

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    <>These stories are not going to stop. I’m sharing in hope that somebody reading this has been on the fence or feeling like “this is overblown,” and now realizes it isn’t. Or that someone who realizes how serious this is but has had trouble convincing others can use the stories to help someone else realize it.

    <>There’s no value in “I told you so” when the result is needless death and suffering all around. Please don’t comment with “serves ‘em right” or anything like that. I just want people to take this for what it is - an apolitical mass-murdering virus that doesn’t care if you don’t believe in it.

    Source and some further reading:

    In the last four days, a lot of you might have seen the video of Mr. Philip Banks catching a baby boy that was thrown out of a burning building - the baby was saved by both him and the mother who sacrificed herself to help save her kids. In the video, you can hear neighbors pleading with her to jump down herself, but she didn't. She was completely engulfed in flames by the time she went back in to try and save her daughter. There are three heroes in this story, and all three of them are angels, one in Heaven now, and the other two here on Earth. Mr. D'Artagnan Alexander is the name of the neighbor of the Longs who kicked in the door of their apartment, went inside the fire and saved the little girl, who the mother managed to carry as close to the exit as possible before succumbing to her horrific injuries. The final sacrifice of a loving mother and the selflessness and bravery of these two amazing men are incredible. Words aren't enough.

    Both of the children made it, but sadly it was too late for Mrs. Rachel Long. She leaves behind a little girl that will need more surgeries to start her recovery, a baby boy that is getting better but is extremely traumatized, and a husband who is now heartbroken and left homeless with their two children.

    I implore you, if you cannot donate yourselves, I completely understand, but please at least share the donation link, that helps too!

    Mr. Phillip Banks is a true hero. The way he sprinted to catch the little boy, throwing himself with everything he got to save him - without a doubt, the boy would have been severely more injured or gone if it wasn't for him. Mr. D'Artagnan Alexandar is another true hero. That little girl would not have made it without him. He ran inside a burning apartment, risked his life, all to save a child and he tried saving the mother too, but she was already impossible. Can't imagine how traumatic all of that is for the two of them as well, and for all the neighbors and family members affected. A lot of people helped in this tragic situation.

    And Mrs. Rachel Long? I can't even begin to describe how horrifying it is what she had to do to save her children, and how brave she was in her final moments. She was such a strong woman and amazing mother. No one should ever have to go through that. How do you recover from something like this? It seems impossible. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rachel Long, an angel in Heaven, rest in peace.

    White supremacists create fake ‘black person’ accounts to infiltrate Black Twitter

    Alt-right website The Daily Stormer announced that it had created 1,000 fake Twitter accounts for black people. Anglin then called on readers to create more such profiles, telling them to make them “indistinguishable” from real profiles of black people.

    Wypipo back at it again with the nonsense.

    “make them indistinguishable from real profiles”

    never forget: these are white supremacists we’re having to deal with, after all.




    Yeah the profile is…a lot. But for those who don’t know, the numbers in the location are not coordinates. It’s a very thinly veiled reference to 14:88, a white supremacist/Neo-Nazi code. 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” and 88 is double H (eighth letter in the alphabet) meaning “Heil H*tler”. So anywhere you see any variation of 14:88 you’re 100% interacting with a Neo-Nazi

    I’m high as shit and ‘Jermaine on da drank’ has me rolling 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    <>Goyim are banned from talking about the holocaust until you learn to behave yourselves.

    Things I have seen compared to nazi Germany in the past WEEK:

    -angry trans ex-Harry Potter fans burning hp books


    -snitching on neighbors who break quarantine

    -the IRS and tax auditing.

    <>Our oppression is not your neat little prop to push your political agenda.<>

    Goyim are encouraged to reblog this

    i completely agree with this, but we also must be conscious to stop excluding romani gentiles from our discussions about the holocaust. they also faced (and like non-romani jewish people, continue to face) genocide and ethnic persecution.

    That is a very good point. The original post has been edited to say that.

    My apologies to the Romani people. I will make a better, conscious effort to include you in my discussions about the holocaust.

    Hey reblog this version actually

    hey so uh

    Since the referendum in Russia has approved of Putin’s changes to Constituition, letting him stay in power until 2035, redefining marriage as “union of man and woman” and the government literally having talks about banning rainbow and comparing rainbow flags to nazi symbolism, it’s not been great for the LGBT+ community here.

    In addition to that, we had the awful “Gay Propaganda” law since 2013 and the number of hate crimes towards LGBT+ Russians has increased greatly since then, and it’s likely to increase even more now.

    So maybe consider donating to Russian LGBT Network to help us Russian gays out?

    Speaking of butch fetishization I’ve had so many people of all genders make inappropriate comments, inappropriate and hurtful advances, and violent advances online and in public when I’m minding my own business.

    The gay community (and heterosexuals) on the whole fetishize gnc women and butches. I know you all know what consent is. I know you all know when someone is made uncomfortable by your comments. You are aware.

    We’re not sexual objects to fulfill your desire or a safe masculine option for you to get out what ever you need to get out. We’re people with desires, feelings, insecurities, etc. Not all, though, many of us do fight addiction, depression, and alcoholism, among other things.

    Please listen to butches, studs, and other gnc people and women bc I’m tired. We’re tired. We love and protect you with all our hearts. As a rural butch who has been kissed n shit against my will by straight men I want to tell you that no amount of masculinity will keep you safe. As a rural butch who’s had women assault me I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter who you’re with it might happen to you.

    <>Butches always watch your back, make sure you watch theirs.

    <>This includes trans butches and trans lesbians.

    You’re actually encouraged to reblog this you fucking cowards.


    say what you want about naughty dog and the last of us 2, but they’ve really set the bar when it comes to accessibility options. other game devs should take note. (link to thread)

    irony is a thread about accessibility for low- or no-vision users, presented as a series of screenshots with barely a summary and no transcripts.

    [image 1: Reddit post by SightlessKombat entitled “As A Gamer Without Sight, I’ve completed The Last Of Us Part II entirely without sighted assistance.” post text below:]

    Just for context and to answer the first questions that normally comes into people’s heads, I have no sight whatsoever and use the term gamer without sight as “legal blindness”, often just shortened to being “blind”, can and often does include usable and or residual vision, which I’ve never had.

    I started playing the game a couple of days before it launched thanks to an early review copy from Sony. Since then I’ve put so many hours into the game and finally finished my first playthrough today at around 22:30. Thanks to the accessibility options in this landmark title, I’ve not needed any sighted assistance whatsoever and this is the first time I’m able to say this for any videogame.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I may even expand this post, but just wanted to start it off and leave it here to recognise my first completion of this phenomenal title.

    [image 2, two comments, transcribed below:]

    WelcomeToOuterHeaven replies:

    Congrats! That’s really awesome. Which accessibility options are you referring to and how do they work? I think i’ve heard something about this.

    SightlessKombat replies:

    This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you some idea

    • TTS (for the narration of the UI)

    • Navigational Assistance (to aid me in traversing the environment)

    • Enhanced Listen Mode (to allow me to scan for items and enemies with audio cues and track them with navigational assistance)

    • Target Lock/auto-aim to allow me to line up my shots via audio cues and allow me to more quickly take down enemies

    • Unlimited invisibility whilst prone (to better allow me to strategise in stealth scenarios, stealth attack unaware enemies and account for my inability to see cover.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask and I hope this information was useful.

    [image 3: two comments, transcribed below:]

    smiteymcsmiteface replies:

    That’s super cool, congrats dude glad you got to enjoy it. Are there other games with this level of accessibility or is this new in your experience?

    SightlessKombat replies:

    This level? This is the first. Other games that could potentially be this accessible? There are at least a few. Some games have had these features in various forms, but not everything in one package like this. That’s why it’s such a landmark moment for the industry.

    Reblogging this again this time with the transcript — I assumed the OP’s link to thread would be sufficient if not preferable for people with screen readers, and that’s why it was there, but, while I don’t think it would have been unnavigable, that presumption is still being made by me as a sighted individual so perhaps this is better.

    Sorry for the duplication!

    every holocaust memorial day, i always ask people to keep romani people in their thoughts, but this year i’d like to clear up some misconceptions that i see every year w/ a psa

    • <>romani people are not white. we’re south asian (from northern india), and each subgroup has a unique racial makeup of asian/white/etc, in different amounts. this is also why we vary wildly in physical appearance/skintone
    • <>we still face oppression.what we face, especially in europe, can still be constituted as attempted genocide, as we’re forced to live in hazardous conditions or to give away our children, be sterilized, etc just for the crime of being roma
    • <>the ‘g slur’ isn’t just an american issue. the reason some european roma prefer the slur is because, in many countries, there is no term for roma that isnt a slur, and it’s either the g slur or the literal translation of the n word. i’m romanian, and if you used the slur in my hometown, you’d get slapped, since we just use ‘roma’.
    • <>we live in every continent across the world. some of the largest romani populations exist in south america, predominantly in brazil. they are no more and no less roma than their european counterparts, and they, like romani in asia, africa, etc all face unique challenges and oppression.

    we’re the largest ethnic minority in europe, and yet have almost no political power, no land ownership power (in some places, we’re forbidden from owning land entirely), etc. with very few reputable charities- a lot of us reject charity by principle, as well as there being a general lack of education about us- <>the best thing you can do to help romani people is to just spread information, and help individuals when you can.

    I'm NOT gonna say it again

    <>SEASONINGS include herbs and spices, along with minerals and chemicals used to season food!!!! Salt, citric acid, and MSG, are all examples of seasonings that are NOT herbs or spices!

    <>HERBS are flavorful leaves. Only. Leaves. Doesn't matter if its dried, fresh, whole, or ground, if it is a leaf, it is an herb

    <>SPICES are flavorful parts of plants that are NOT LEAVES. These include seeds, berries, stems, bark, roots, flowers, buds... NOT LEAVES


    Things are heating up in the cooking fandom.

    That's how cooking works

    Tfw you’re aro and and you don’t know how to answer 50% of uquiz questions

    Number 1 reason why I stopped taking any kind of uquiz altogether

    Because what I obviously need is more sideblogs, would anyone be interested in a blog called something like ‘aspec friendly uquiz’ that just reblogged any uquizzes that didn‘t force you to answer romance or sex based questions? (It’s usually romance, but I did take one quiz that had a question about ‘physical attraction’ that totally stumped me as an asexual person)

    It wouldn’t be super active unless I could get submissions or be tagged in posts, but I could have tags like ‘ace safe’ and ‘aro safe’, or ‘sex free’ and ‘romance free’ (though some quizzes ask about romance and give an opt-out)


    Okay I made the blog: @aspec-friendly-uquiz.

    There’s nothing on there yet, so any submissions, or tags, of quizzes that don’t force romance and/or sex on you would be very helpful :)

    This is a wonderful resource, thank you so much!

    If your partner feels threatened when you want alone time: RUN.


    thats creepy

    This applies to you boys too- if your girlfriend won’t let you hang out with your friends<>, RUN

    No matter what gender you or your partner are, if they refuse to let you spend any time with your friends that’s a big sign of danger.



    Last time I reblogged this I lost ten followers, someone I liked blocked me, and I got hate mail in my inbox for several days.  Let’s see what happens this time.

    Abuse begins with insecurity

    My ex wouldn’t even accept a ride from my friend who offered to drive us home in the pouring Orlando rain and instead forced us to walk 12 minutes in the rain, soaking my only pair of work shoes and giving me a cold. FUCKING RED FLAGS

    Me: doot doot doot doot *reblogs this* doot doot doot *reblogs this again* doot-