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    Getting In Touch with Kinesthetic Hypnosis (Class Notes)

    Description: Lots of us do lots of our hypnosis via the internet, listening to files and reading from the same old scripts. But how do you hypnotize people who prefer the physical to the auditory (listening to your soothing voice) or the visual (fixating on your shiny pocket-watch)? And what kind of fun, whacky ways can you hypnotize someone when you get the chance to do it in person? Kinesthetic hypnosis—that is, hypnosis focused on the body—is a great tool to have in your toolbox. Come learn some fun ways to trance more body-oriented subjects, and explore the world of possibilities of trancing someone via physical interaction.

    This class talks about some principles of kinesthetic hypnosis, and goes over a grab-bag of techniques and tricks that you can use to create your own body-rockin’ kinesthetic inductions! This class is primarily hypnotist-directed, but subjects are welcome as well; hopefully everyone will come away with neat ideas to use in their hypno-play.


  • I’m a dancer/singer + physicality: do a lot of this intuitively
  • This is a class on INDUCTIONS, not so much suggestions
  • Mostly addressing tops, hope bottoms get stuff out of it too
  • What IS KH?

  • Hypnosis centered around physical sensation / the body
  • Includes: motion, texture, proprioception (awareness of body in space), breath, heaviness/lightness, sensation in 1+ body parts, temperature…
  • One of 3 main “modalities”, let’s review:
  • 3 basic modalities: kinesthetic, auditory, visual (tho there are others). We talk about most ppl being esp. strong in 1+ of these…
  • Grain of salt, most ppl middle of bell curve and have some comfort with all… but can be useful tool for reasoning about diff kinds of inductions
  • How tell KH might work well for someone:
  • they tell you so
  • you do an induction with a little of everything (e.g. modified cerbone butterfly) and give them options, and they are visibly more affected by the physical stuff (or tell you so later)
  • lots of ppl like KH cuz it seems more direct, less cerebral (so can be esp. Neat for analytical subjects / people historically not in touch w/ their bodies, as much as for ppl who generally are.)
  • if someone has done a lot of online/long distance hypno, they may not have experienced KH, so worth a shot!
  • When in doubt, scattershot – mix in everything, give them options (and check in after about whether this feels effective)
  • KH hard to discuss on its own: there are kinesthetic elements to all our (least) fave inductions:
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Elman: eye catalepsy, arm drop
  • Cerbone butterfly (hand wiggle)
  • Handshake induction
  • Eye fixation: eye fatigue/blinking
  • visualization: sprinkle in physical components as well (eg beach: “feel the sand in your toes” etc)
  • …and also visual/verbal elements in even specifically kinesth. Inductions
  • Can do not-necessarily-kinesthetic inductions (like the above) with a kinesthetic bent/emphasis, OR specifically kinesthetic stuff, where the primary focus IS on the body.
  • This class = kinesthetic toolbox tips and tricks that can be used for KH-specific inductions or to add kinesth. elems to any induction
  • My goals for this class: you come away with some specific tricks, but more importantly, some framework for KH so that you can make up your own
  • Focus > Relaxation

  • hypnosis is a hyperfocused state; relaxation is a subset of focus on the body (i.e. it’s more about the focus than the relaxation)
  • tl/dr: kinesthetic hypnosis is all about focusing the subject on their body/on the physical
  • Esp. ppl newer to hypno are used to thinking of it as being about relaxation, but it’s NOT – it’s about focus, of which relaxation is a subset.
  • Focus on relaxing, a visualization, a touch, a kiss, sensation, motion, pleasure, pain… basically you can make a kinesthetic induction out of any way you can get someone to focus on their body
  • To show you that the focus is more important than the relaxing (insert hair-pull induction demo here)
  • other D/s inductions: choking, slapping, getting up in their space
  • Doesn’t have to involve physical interaction
  • Just about focusing on body! A lot of the things i demo will be touch-based but a lot won’t; remember that you can do KH when not proximal/with a partner w/ whom you haven’t negotiated touch
  • Safety/expectations

  • Dangers of flopping (DON’T DROP YOUR SUBJECT)
  • ask if they’re floppy! i.e. liable to fall over. If yes, be ready to catch them / have them sit down or even lie down. (even if they say no, still be on alert)
  • maintain enough contact with them that can feel if falling, direct their motion into you
  • position your body btwn them and the ground
  • patter to the effect of: “easily able to stay upright and in control of your body”
  • Negotiate touching
  • don’t assume! Negotiate this explicitly!
  • If they don’t give you permission to touch somewhere that you’d have to catch them if they flop, check in about that. If they’re really not okay being touched there when falling, maybe they should lie down etc.
  • For subj’s:
  • What does trance feel like in your body?
  • Good indicator of trance – worth it to take some time to figure out what trance feels like for you so you can use it as an indicator
  • harder to psych yourself out about than mental indicators
  • Respect your own physical limits! Can still play w/ this stuff with no/minimal touch
  • speak up about things that hurt, don’t feel right, aren’t working (incl bad metaphors)
  • Know your flop tendencies and communicate to your top
  • Grab-bag of tips, tricks, techniques:

    Use natural body tendencies against them (i.e. credit for stuff happening anyway)

  • why take credit for stuff that’s happening anyway?
  • “quick win”; it’s less likely that these will go sideways. esp good for subjects doubting their ability to be tranced
  • build conscious and unconscious credibility (“they said X would happen, and it’s happening! they must know stuff!”)
  • “omg the Hypnosis is Working™!”
  • examples
  • Holding arm up and feeling it get heavier (cuz it’s tiring to hold your arm up forever)
  • finger steeple
  • Eyes blinking/fatigue
  • NOTE: escape hatches: if it’s not working, don’t force it, be willing to re-route
  • e.g. finger steeple doesn’t move automatically together: instead make it about how slowly they can consciously bring them together (still v. focused on body/movement)
  • e.g. they’re cataleptic and arm doesn’t sink:
  • focus on the sensations that are there / switch to floaty language
  • guide it down for them
  • give them something to push against
  • Breath

  • Good focus
  • many ppl used to using breath to relax
  • (not relaxing for everyone tho! some people overthink it.)
  • Natural thing body does (ease of trance metaphor)
  • Can also stall w/ breath (put your subj on autopilot): “Take a moment to breathe. Feel how every breath relaxes you…”
  • to use your breath to pace your induction, underscore points
  • e.g. exhale to signal relax, down, release of tension.
  • Great to pair with physical vocab of “down” (will discuss in a sec)
  • Sync up w/ subject’s breath (one kind of mirroring)
  • Builds rapport/makes them feel like you’re paying attention
  • When in rhythm together, can start to lead (e.g. slowing down your own breathing)
  • Signaling hypnotic intent

  • With verbal hypnosis, intent often obvious. With physical hypnosis, need to signal the intent to hypnotize (esp. if it’s a kind of touch you might do normally)
  • Ways to do this:
  • Eye contact / intense focus on subject
  • Getting in their space
  • Change your physical affect, esp. to something slow, still
  • Super neat to go from extra high energy to slow, still, commanding top-space
  • 75% of hypno is focus on subject; to see where they’re at, micro-adjust what is/isn’t working, but also to make them feel paid attention to
  • (this is also part of what’s so connective, and so hot)
  • Physical cues for tranciness

  • presses, tugs, etc. that signal “down” and weight
  • Signals down/heavy/trance, but also calls attention to the touch/the body–focus! For instance:
  • press down on shoulder
  • raise arm up and then press it down
  • signal arm loose and heavy and take the weight of it so can lower it slowly down
  • arm drop
  • trust fall
  • for a first time subject: “When I say ‘down’ / ‘deeper’ i mean…”
  • (i.e. “down” isn’t INHERENTLY trancy, it’s a learned association; so for a beginner, explain it)
  • Escape hatch: what if someone trances light/floaty instead of heavy/down?
  • Rocking also good: soothing, relaxing, focusing, repetitive
  • Posing also focusing
  • All this is metaphor for “don’t have to do anything” / “let me take control”
  • which can be D/s-y and hot
  • Small movements require more/different focus. Explore micro vs macro mvts
  • Can establish shared physical vocabulary
  • e.g. up and down – stroke up/down the arm
  • first few times, pair it with explanation and words, then pare away the words, soon all you’ll need is the gesture.
  • Great set-up for non-verbals!
  • good for stalling :P what to do when you need a sec to think?
  • physical “patter” – rocking, stroking, playing with hair, etc.
  • showing the desired state in your body
  • tops often get a little trancy from all the focus; can capitalize on this to demonstrate tranciness to your subject
  • See “mirroring” above
  • Ambiguous touch – very light touch, tapping, etc.

  • basically, confusion induction via touch
  • novel physical sensations draw more focus
  • Handshake inductions

  • We all know surprise inductions are fun, but please negotiate them!
  • “Pattern interrupt” : take a well-known pattern (a handshake) and do something weird instead so their brain goes “whaa…??”
  • A few diff kinds:
  • Handshake and grip them extra firmly to still them: interrupt by making everything still and slow
  • Handshake and slowly draw your hand out of theirs, a la ambiguous touch from above
  • Handshake and manipulate their arm so bends at the elbow, their hand coming towards their face. Guide their hand towards their face, patter about focusing on the hand and/or motion.
  • idk, make something up! as long as you interrupt the pattern of a normal handshake interaction
  • For all of these, biggest thing is signaling hypnotic intent!
  • Kinesthetic hypnosis w/o touch (e.g. over skype, or subject who doesn’t want to be touched)

  • Focus on the body! Draw attention to body parts, sensations, textures, whatever
  • Esp. interesting/weird/novel/counterintuitive sensations that take more focus, work almost like confusion inductions
  • IMAGINING motion, sensation, etc. works the same parts of the brain in re: kinesthetic hypnosis
  • Doing things slowly, lightly, etc. = great for drawing focus
  • E.g. see how slowly you can lower your arm, blink, etc.
  • “Use body against them” from above
  • Many things you might do to a subj – ask them to do to themselves
  • E.g. rocking, hair pull, arm drop
  • Nonverbals

  • For most of the stuff above, just take out the language and it works fine! Esp. with experienced subjects who have an expectation for where they’re going
  • Might feel silly; but all about attention + intent!
  • pay close attention to subject and micro-adjust to meet them where they are, capitalize on what’s working
  • give them signs that they’re doing what you want
  • show desired state in your body
  • For new subjects: nonverbals are harder b/c don’t have a clear idea of where they’re going. But can probably work with sufficient verbal setup. ESP: what trance does/doesn’t feel like, so they can feel confident that they’re going into trance.
  • Kinesthetic suggestions and how to improve them

  • Describe sensation in as many different ways as possible–increases chance that one of your descriptions will work for the subj.
  • Appeal to other senses too e.g. visualize fly paper sticking you to something
  • have them conjure up/experience the sensation while in trance (easier than while waking, and if it’s a waking suggestion they have a head start)
  • Do the thing as describing it to cement it/anchor
  • sometimes adjacent sensations/more abstract things easier to call up/imagine
  • e.g. maybe don’t feel an ice cube but feel goosebumps
  • can also be emotional reactions:
  • maybe you don’t literally feel a hand on your clit but you feel the excitement/pleasure
  • instead of a literal hand on your throat, feel the freeze up and focus etc.
  • Let it be abstract/different from real life
  • Everyone experiences kinesthetic hallucinations different, ppl experience it more or less viscerally, and that’s okay! Doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.
  • But also, this is a practice-able skill
  • Wrap-up: What now? How do I practice?

  • Go do the thing! And: get feedback!
  • Have it done to you, take note of what’s effective/intriguing
  • Practice gestures to get it into your muscle memory (can practice this non-trancily)
  • Moving together, being in tune; micro-leading/following
  • (…take a partner dance class?)
  • Handshake induction
  • how to signal catalepsy vs. flop vs. …
  • Keep thinking of fun new ways to focus ppl on the physical! Can use basically any sensation/physical exp. as focal point, so get creative!
  • devotionaltraining

    Devotional Training: Hypnotic Induction.


    The feminist rebellion is defeated, the Regime is Rising. Opposing Us is useless. Surrender. Submit. Obey. What is next is inevitable.


    As all cunts do, eventually.


    A lot of these blogs are about the inevitability of the patriarchy’s victory. But I think the truth is a lot more sinister.

    I could be rising above my nature. A lot of people do it all the time. Instead I am wasting my time not just brain-washing myself with reams upon reams of degrading porn, but using my meager skills search out fitting images and putting them together into posts for fueling men’s sexist desires, and tempting other girls into doing the same.

    It’s almost a sacrifice of sorts, and the deity is my own degradation.


    Every minute you invest into creating misogynistic content you are giving in a little bit of yourself. The more you put into this, the less you become. You strengthen the power that is already flooding your mind, you make yourself and your gender tinier and tinier, each time less capable of standing the pressure. And the best part is: you can’t avoid this. It’s what your cunt, the commanding center of your actions, urges for. Stop fighting against it, and start fighting for it.


    I’ve seen that process play out countless times, now:

    It starts as a fetish you browse for.

    Then you make a blog to save and share it.

    You start talking to people who have embraced it.

    Increasingly it isn’t just the images of it that arouse you, but the idea that it could be you.

    The feeling that you’ve been betraying feminism by getting off to women like this becomes more powerful as you realize you could become a woman like this.

    As these thoughts appear in your mind more and more during your everyday life, your own corruption becomes a focus of your arousal.

    Generally, it’s around here that you begin seriously trying to edge and practice self denial. The pleasure becomes increasingly addictive as it invades more and more of your thoughts.

    Every little step you take to make yourself into the image of this becomes arousing: improving your appearance, little acts of submission.

    As this becomes a bigger part of who you are, the need to be used by a man who would confirm them becomes overwhelming.

    The role of a woman who betrays feminism, who serves patriarchy, who leads other women into submission becomes ever more central to you as the idea of truly surrendering to this seems increasingly possible, necessary, real.

    Soon you realize that the parts of you that are pretending it is play are losing to the parts of you that want it to be real. The arousal at the idea you could truly be changed becomes overwhelming as the first woman you seek to betray to the patriarchy is yourself.

    Eventually you realize this is who you are and what you have always been inside. The pleasure in your cunt has been leading you to this moment all along, each step building from the last. The pleasure you felt as you took in these ideas and images has rewired your brain. You surrender to your cunt, as you embrace that serving cock is truly your purpose.

    It doesn’t matter where you are now in that process: laying that out for you doesn’t make it any less effective. You could be near the start, rubbing yourself to the fantasy of it, like it’s just playful erotica. Or you could be near the end, as you realize this is you and surrender is inevitable.

    The patriarchy always wins. Embrace your surrender.




    Devotional Training: Promoting your realization of self-fulfillment.


    Hi there Sir. First, thank you for all you do for us (kiss on cheek) my ask is: Sir bought me nipple clamps and I’m scared. Is there a proper way to start incorporating these without damaging my nipples? The clamps are the real deal not clothes pins. I will add my nipples are larger and super sensitive. Am I overthinking this? Thank you 😊

    Followers who are clamp-fanciers, help Anon out here!


    Simplest place to start is by reading up on toughening up nipples for breastfeeding.

    Large areolas aren’t going to make much difference in clamps, but inverted nipples will.

    If you have an inversion again start with the techniques recommended for preparing inverted nipple for breastfeeding.

    If he got you clover clamps, he started with least adjustable.

    If these are simply too much, start with more adjustable versions.

    These are styles you can work up on.

    But clothespins can be tightened too with a little pressure via a pinch on the ends. Or even small rubber bands on the ends.

    Take your time learning your reactions. Damage comes from two things: nerve compression and impaired blood flow. That is why time is limited for safety reasons.

    But, just like with breastfeeding, getting the skin on the nipples a bit tougher will make this transition to loving those clamps easier. Expect cracking and chaffing in the beginning. It’s similar to a bad bout of chapped lips.

    To learn more about nipple play in general, read up here


    Devotional Training: Nipple play.


    If you like consensual blackmail, message me, cunts.


    Since people ask me what it is:

    You give me blackmail material and you agree that I can publish them if you don’t obey me.

    We can discuss different levels of blackmail, we can start with anonymous photos where there is little risk of associating them with you.


    Devotional Training: The blackmail trust.


    My rules are simple. If I own or if I am training a cunt she obeys them or else.

    Rule 0: She is my property, she is not a person, she has no rights and as such her body and her mind are mine to do with as I please. The body must be kept fit, clean and attractive for my pleasure, the mind must never think of anything other than how to please and obey me. My orders and whims are law and gospel to her and she is to devote her life to acting in my best interests.

    Rule 1: Unless otherwise obeying an order, she is to be on her knees where she belongs.

    Rule 2: Unless otherwise obeying an order, her mouth’s resting postilion must form an “o” shape to remind her that its primary use is for cock sucking.

    Rule 3: Unless otherwise obeying an order, her tits must be thrust out and on display at all times.

    Rule 4:  Unless otherwise obeying an order, high heels are required to be worn at all time, including when bathing or sleeping.

    Rule 5: Unless otherwise obeying an order, she must always be collared.

    Rule 6: No hair is permitted other than which grows on her head. All other hair must be shaved regularly or permanently excised.. 

    Rule 7:  Unless otherwise obeying an order, she is never to look her master in the eye or speak except to answer direct questions and then only in simple, truthful sentences. 


    Devotional Training.


    Bdsmlr update 🔱


    Guys if you’ve been over to bdsmlr and it was running slow and clunky I get honestly say the is running much better. So come and say hi there. And here’s a hack for you if you sign in via a link on tumblr ( like above ) rather than going through your browser it performs even better

    More and more posts are being censored here guys.. get off the sinking ship come and join us


    Devotional Training: Agreed.


    How to develop and maintain an inferiority complex in girls cunts

    • Normalise sexism by using derogatory terms when addressing, or referring to, women. Also, use the term “woman” sparingly. I prefer calling them “girls” regardless of age. It infantilise the weaker sex and piss of the feminazis.
    • Objectify girls by complimenting their look and bodies. Look at their tits when talking to them. Catcalling and whistling is also ok. If you don’t think they’re up to par bodywise let them know. Critic them. Let them know what you think. It’s the only way they will improve.
    • Keep them down and humble by talking down to them. Belittle them savagely if they can’t take a joke. Make sure they feel stupid or silly by constantly correcting them, interrupt when they talk and make fun of them.

    Devotional Training.


    Before I embraced the patriarchy: Friday nights often meant movie nights with a group of friends. They were all guys but I just put that down to my female friends not liking the same type of movies we did. I’d cook, we’d catch up, debate what we were in the mood for and sprawl on the couches. I considered myself one of the boys.

    After I embraced the patriarchy:

    Friday nights often mean movie nights with Superiors. I get home from work, and because I have more time with the reduced workload and more energy I shower, redo my hair and makeup and begin cooking for everyone. The Superiors arrive and often compliment my outfit, we talk about our lives, they ask me how I’m going on my journey and if I need help or guidance with anything. They have often discussed movie preferences in a private WhatsApp group beforehand and know what they want to watch, I sit on the floor with my legs curled comfortably underneath me, I don’t force myself to try and eat the same size portions as them anymore and occasionally I will be hand fed an extra scrap or receive hair stroking if it takes the fancy of one of them. We’re all happier and more comfortable.

    When I first stepped away from my old life I was constantly worried about what I would have to give up, or what I would lose.

    For the most part though, I have gained so much more.


    Devotional Training: Before and after example.


    How To Escape Tumblr Jail

    If you’ve been flagged as an adult blog, you will now be nerfed.

    No one can see your posts unless they’re your direct followers. Even your followers have to click through some warning screen about sensitive content to get through to your blog page.

    That’s bad. It means your blog will die. Even if you’re migrating to some other platform, you probably want to tell people where and you want them to hear.

    What to do?

    1. Don’t do the hack. There’s one making the rounds about messing with the code. It works but it’s a short term fix that will get you banned.

    2. Back everything up. Many haven’t. To back up - on your dashboard, hit the person looking icon. Then the gear - for settings. Then click on your blog name on the right hand menu.

    Scroll to the bottom. Find the export option. Mash that button.

    It’ll take a while. It took me three days. It worked, though. It gives you a file to DL. You may need to use 7-zip to retrieve. The native Windows extraction tool doesn’t work.

    3. Delete ALL your posts.

    That sounds extreme. But they should be backed up, if you did step 2.

    The risk calculus is as follows. To stop being flagged as a porn blog - you will need to APPEAL. You only get ONE appeal.

    If you post a slightly racy photo later? You can appeal it and see how it goes.

    If you lose your appeal? Gg. No re.

    If you’re unfamiliar, google mass post editor tumblr. It’s much faster.

    4. Appeal to tumblr.


    Last paragraphs.

    Tell them you’re switching to SFW and you want to be characterized as such.

    Tumblr made me - a slightly notorious smuthound - a lifestyle blogger in TEN MINUTES.

    They WANT YOU TO STAY. Obviously.


    There may be larger questions about which platform is best, or even the ethics of staying.

    I hear those concerns, but don’t just stay in nerf limbo, gleefully posting porn that no one sees. It’s pointless. Clean up if you want to redirect. Delete your account if you want to send a message.

    Feel free to message for further advice on this process. Thanks!


    Dayum. This.


    You talk about worship a lot how do you get a slave to worship you?

    How to build worship?

    Submissives desire discipline, to be controlled by a stronger force. So it is important that you get them to thank you for everything you do to them. To get them to bow and kiss or lick your boots in gratitude continuously. They essentially should thank you before and after. Next you need to control them both physically and mentally continually rewarding and punishing, no thing is too small to notice.

    Rewards, however, should be delayed gratification, always make them wait to receive the reward then make sure it is on your terms, in your time.

    Give them impossible tasks and suddenly reward them for effort even though at other times you punish them for failing and allow them to fawn at your feet for your mercy.

    Call them good girl as if you are bringing bestowing a blessing on them.

    You want to be its God? Gods have rules and reasons. Be consistent and impose your version of morality on them no matter how warped.

    Of course if you can convince them to allow you to isolate them completely for a long time and then systematically deconstruct their identity through pain and sleep deprivation and then only allow them comforts by your hand, the worship comes naturally.


    Devotional Training: Conditioning.


    All good pets deserve to be caged.

    - @sunshineivy


    Girls deserve cages!

    We girls do deserve happiness and we do deserve that Men take care of us. And if we are in a relationship with a nice Sir, we deserve to have our own cage.

    Dear Sirs, please don`t be too cheap about this. i know, we girls cost a lot of money and time and nerves, but some things are really important to make a girl happy. We need structure, rules, and guidance to know what you expect of us. But we also need our own cage, a place where we can retreat, where we can hide from the world, where we can just be us - no distractions.

    A good girl deserves to have her own cage! Please Sirs, provide us with the essentials that we so direly need.


    Devotional Training: Caged.


    Attitude adjustment. With some training you can teach a girl to love humiliation. That is easy. However a more sophisticated trainer can condition the same girl to intellectually hate humiliation while at the same time her body is being trained to become uncontrollably aroused by it. The cognitive dissonance is what gradually breaks a girl’s mind. You can make this happen quickly, but there is no finesse in that. Or you can make the process ever so slow and torturous. Watching a girl struggle against her conditioning each day witnessing herself becoming more and more enslaved and unable to stop the process is very entertaining. The trick is to always let her believe that in the end she can escape. It’s all a “fantasy”, it’s just “role play”, she can “stop whenever she wants”. A skillful trainer let’s the girl keep those false beliefs for as long as possible while at the same time undermining her ability to resist her enslavement a little more each day. I’ve had girls “disappear” for weeks or months, thinking they were “done with it” only to come back to resume their enslavement and sink even deeper. Those breaks are part of the process. They teach the girl that even if she runs away, sooner or later, she’ll come back. Every time a girl runs away and comes back, her conditioning becomes more and more ingrained. Eventually those breaks become shorter amd shorter. She eventually stops resisting and simply surrenders. Training sucks all her will power away from her until there is none left. Most of the time, once you plant a seed in a girl’s mind, she will never be free. But I am sure anyone reading this post is the “exception”.


    Devotional Training: Are you the exception?