Welcome! I am a 21 y.o. guy. I love sex more than you could ever imagine. If you are wondering about something, let me know, and I will answer ^^ My post will be a mix of Furry/Yiff/Anthro and Hentai pics. Thanks! I also have KiK: Dfixeded.

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    turbomint asked :Could you pls pls post some pandas?:3333 Or racoons!:D Some of of both?!♥ (Hold dem tynnj, likeitj dem feite pandaan :))) LOVE THE BLOG! Keep it up, grats on reaching over 100 followers! asked :

    Ofcourse I will ^^ I think I will do both :3 but that have to be tomorrow, cuz I am so tired. been quite busy these past few days. 

    Thanks ^^ I will!

    So, I haven’t posted anything today, due to a business meeting I had today. and it was like 4 hours drive from where I live one way, so it took me all day. and I just came back, and by the time I was gone, we went up 40 followers.. So we are far over 100 followers now.. and to be honest, I didnt think I would ever get this many followers since there are so many other NSFW pages on tumblr. This is just amazing.. I am so proud.. and happy to have you all with me! I will be posting alot more! Love you guys!

    - Dfixed.

    Anonymous asked :Hey! Out of curiosity, do you ever RP? Love the blog by the way!! Keep it up! asked :

    Hey ^^, 

    Yeah, I RP abit. It’s fun and exciting. and you learn alot about other people and their fetishes and lusts. It’s awesome ^^ I would recommend everyone to try RP a couple of times! :3

    and Thank you, I will! :3