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    Part 2 of his insane transformation. As you can see he's continued to get much bigger than Part 1. He's very handsome in a tight shirt, there are lots of great belly shots.

    Sharing a few insights from Life with an Overhang

    A few people have reached out to me about what’s life like with an overhang now. I always had more of a ball belly, but when I added about 20 lbs in less than a month early in 2021, it was almost overnight that my belly dropped into an overhang.

    Here are a few of my own experience after the belly “dropped:
    - You will outgrow clothes
    fast: When it really dropped, it was almost overnight that XLs went from fitting well to being way too small. Wasn’t gradual at all - all the sudden, one day, nothing fit properly anymore.
    - Your Pants Button and Waistband will Dis
    appear: I remember the first time going clothes shopping. I had to lift and adjust my belly to button a simple pair of pants. Honestly, it was a pretty shocking experience at first, but now it’s my everyday.
    - Overhangs Like to S
    ay Hello: Frequently I’ll head into the bathroom at a restaurant to discover I’m hanging out the bottom of my shirt. Sometimes this is intentional, but often it’s not. And you don’t even realize it’s happening until someone says something or you catch your reflection.
    - Inflate / Deflate: At times, it feels like you have a balloon connected to you. You’ll wake up in the morning with it deflated, loose, and pretty jiggly. And after a massive eating session, you’ll look a few inches bigger - round, firm, thick.
    - Big Meals Cause
    Your Belly to Drop More: Nobody really warns you about this stuff, but after a large lunch or dinner, a full belly will drop more. You’ll quickly see your shirt start to rise as it inflates
    - Even Small
    Snacks Make a Difference: When you carry excess weight in front, even a small snack will make it stick out even more
    - Energy
    Levels Remained the Same: At my current size, I really didn’t see a drop in energy. Biggest shift was that I had a lot more hanging off the front of me. But I never really felt increased loss of breath or reduced daily activities. This may change with another 50-100 lbs, but for now, it’s just fun to carry more.
    - Libido will Evolve: Every person is different, but in my own experience, my libido skyrocketed as a result of gaining. Seeing my reflection was an instant turn on.
    - You
    will play with it all the time: It’s like your own full time fidget toy. I catch myself playing with it all the time. And it’s not even intentional - sometimes it just happens unconsciously. 
    - You’ll Want to Show It Off: My own experience again, but the bigger I get, the more I want to naturally show it off. When I was athletic, I’d love wearing form fitted clothes. Now at my size, I have no issues with wearing something a little too tight
    - Your Junk will Disappear: This happened a lot sooner than expected, but as your overhang develops, you’ll quickly lose sight of your junk while standing. You can still see it sitting or laying, but standing is a different story
    - Gravity will Take Its Toll: Once the overhang started to develop, I noticed most of my gains grew the lower belly. Yes, I see other parts getting bigger, but for the longest time, I wore the same exact pants size. I just had a lot more going on above the pants.
    - You’ll Naturally Want to Eat More: I often find myself ordering more food out because I love “feeding the overhang”. I’m not more hungry… I just love the aftermath of a big meal. Love feeling large and showing it off.
    - Pride and Confidence: Another unexpected benefit, but I found myself more confident about my body as my overhang started to grow. There is a degree of satisfaction that I simply cannot explain.

    Another unexpected benefit that I like to show off is that my overhang can hold a towel in place without a problem. I do this at the gym all the time, but I love wedging a hand towel under the overhang as a courtesy cloth while getting ready. I can even walk around with it in place. Definitely gets stares, but I kinda love doing it.

    Again, these are all some of my own experiences with growing an overhang. Would love to know if other gainers had similar experiences. What else have you noticed about life with an overhang than wasn’t there before?