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    Domestic terrorist masterpost

    Masterpost of identified insurrectionists who participated in the violent attempted overthrow/coup of the US government on 7 January 2021.

    Richard “Bigo” Barnett of Gravette, Arkansas, who broke into the Capitol and stole mail from Speaker Pelosi’s desk.

    Jon Schaffer from heavy metal band Iced Earth under record label Century Media Records.

    Known Nazi Matthew Heimbach.

    Nicholas Rodean of Frederick, Maryland.

    Photos and IDs courtesy of @HomeGrownTerrorists on Instagram.


    Emily Lewis of Dayton, Ohio, now fired from her job at Taylor Communications.

    Adam Johnson of Palmetto, Florida, seen here stealing a podium during the violent invasion of the Capitol Building. His wife is Dr. Suzanne Johnson at Davita Medical in Palmetto, Florida.

    Pro wrestler James DeFalco aka “Jimmy Jact Cash”. Seen in the news previously for defrauding members of his now-bankrupt gyms of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Derrick Evans recently elected to West Virginia’s House of Delegates. It takes a special kind of domestic terrorist to try to overthrow the federal government while holding an elected position.


    Jenna Ryan a realtor in Frisco, Texas. Are you allowed to hold a realtor’s license when you’ve committed a federal crime? I definitely wouldn’t want her having keys to my house.

    Elizabeth Koch from Maryville, Tennessee. Props for outing yourself for federal crimes on national television. Double props for rubbing your eyes with an onion on camera and claiming you got maced.

    Paul Davis former Associate General Counsel and Director of HR for Goosehead Insurance Company who fired him for domestic terrorism - and probably also gross incompetence. What kind of lawyer does a media interview while committing a federal crime? I’m guessing the State Bar of Texas is going to disbar him as well but we’re still waiting on that news.

    Kristopher Drew licensed cosmetologist at Hair by Kristopher Drew. I’m not sure whether you’re allowed to be a cosmetologist and have a criminal record at the same time but I guess we’re about to find out.

    Aaron Mostofsky son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven (Shlomo) Mostofsky. Per the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “Mostofsky’s brother Nachman, the executive director of Chovevei Zion, a politically conservative Orthodox advocacy organization, as well as a Brooklyn district leader and vice president of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club, also attended the rally Wednesday but did not enter the Capitol.”


    Josiah Colt domestic terrorist and owner of FunnelCraft Co. in Boise, Idaho.

    On the left is Nick DeCarlo from Murder the Media and on the right is Nick Ochs, Nazi and member of the Proud Boys. This pair of domestic terrorists posed for a photo inside the Capitol Building during their violent insurrection against the US Government.

    Zach Crandall who outed himself for federal crimes.

    Eduardo “Nick” Alvear seen here smoking pot inside the Capitol Building because why commit just one federal crime when you can commit two at once and document them both on film at the same time amiright.


    Ben Thomas Crocker of Massachusetts. Apparently sedition and participating in a violent coup attempt makes you a “Maverick” these days.

    Jenny Cudd founder of Becky's Flowers in Midland, Texas. Yes this domestic terrorist and white supremacist called herself out as a Becky. Even if you're fine doing business with seditionists (I'm not) I wouldn't recommend booking her for your next special event unless it's five to ten years out.

    Dean Gomez, sales manager at Kevin Harris Allstate Agency, who was part of the attempted coup and tried really hard to break in to a federal building but didn't quite manage it. Is your presence at a violent insurrection and intention to overthrow the federal government enough to land you in prison? I guess we'll find out.

    Jason Alexander (yes that Jason Alexander), domestic terrorist. #FreeBritney but Jason Alexander belongs in prison for federal crimes.


    Matt Blesdoe, owner of Primetime Movers in Memphis, Tennessee, father, husband, Christian, wife beater and at the vanguard of the group that invaded the Capitol Building in an attempt to overthrow the federal government.

    John Strand, model, represented by Wilhelmina Models. He's worked on many campaigns including Mr. Turk, Baskit Wear, AT&T, Zegna, will.i.am, Lisa Vanderpump, Uniqlo, Nicki Minaj and Samsung. And now he's a domestic terrorist who participated in the attempted overthrow of the US government.


    Donald Rouse Sr. co-owner of the Louisiana chain of grocery stores Rouse's Markets and former Rouse HR Director-turned-domestic-terrorist Steve Galtier participating in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    Is anyone else besides me concerned about how many business owners and HR Directors are popping up on this list of white supremacist terrorists? Imagine being a minority working one of those jobs.

    Pastor Joey Deese of Oakdale Baptist Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina, dressed to the nines and ready to violently overthrow the US government.

    I’m also concerned (but unfortunately not even slightly surprised) how many “good Christians” seem to think white supremacy, violence and toppling democracy are “what Jesus would have wanted”. This guy hasn’t been reported for domestic abuse like the previous “good Christian” on our list but he is preaching white supremacy and hatred from the pulpit and I’m not sure that’s an improvement.

    Alex Smith of San Diego. All I have on this domestic terrorist - besides photos of him looking ever-so-pleased with himself while committing criminal trespass inside the US Capitol Building as part of an attempt to overthrow the US government - is that he graduated from Coronado High School in 2005.

    If anyone knows where he works I’d be happy to add that to the post. Considering how generic his name is, I feel like a little more info on this federal criminal would make him pop up more easily in a Google search.


    Jake Angeli aka Jacob Chansley, actor, voice over artist, singer and QAnon cultist from Phoenix, Arizona, seen here committing criminal trespass inside the US Capitol Building while participating in an attempted coup.

    “12 News spoke with him over the phone Thursday morning when he stated he was the horned protester at the Capitol. He said he didn't have time to answer questions, but noted he was waiting for a ride to travel back to Phoenix. He also said he wasn't worried that he was listed as a person of interest by D.C. police.” Why is he not in prison? Good question.

    Brian Gibson, lead pastor at HIS Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, and firm believer in white supremacy participated in the attempted coup at the US Capitol this week.

    Jacob Riley owner of Riley Farms in Yucalpa, California. After being boycotted in 2018 for his racist and homophobic Tweets, he sued the local school district for $10 million for refusing to send their kids to his farm on field trips, claiming they violated his 1st and 14th amendment rights to be a bigot. (Spoiler alert: he lost.) This week he joined a violent attempt to overthrow the government. How very in character.

    Nazi and Proud Boy John Jay Abney is a carpenter from Portland, Oregon. He attempted to violently overthrow the US Goverment this week.

    Former Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone will no longer be teaching at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, after he travelled to Washington, D.C. this week and joined the large group of Nazis and white supremacists who attempted to violently overthrow the US Goverment.


    Douglas Sweet of Hudgins, Virginia, white supremacist and QAnon cultist, arrested for criminal trespass inside the US Capitol Building during the violent coup attempt this week.

    Brad Rukstales, CEO of Cogensia, a data-marketing company in Schaumburg, Illinois, was arrested for attempting to overthrow the US Goverment this week.

    Leonard Guthrie of Cape May, New Jersey, was arrested for criminal trespass while participating in the violent riots and attempted coup this week.

    Doug Jensen who works for Forrest & Associate Masonry in Des Moines, Iowa, led the charge up the stairs during the violent insurrection at the US Capitol and then posted photos of himself at the attempted coup on Facebook.


    Bob Jones the owner of tattoo and piercing shop Insight Studios in Chicago, IL seen here with his artist employees Cory Kruger, Johnny McDevitt and Matt Mereno taking part in the violent coup attempt this week in Washington, D.C.

    Thien Ly owner of Chicago-area restaurants Tank Noodle and Pho Xe Tang proudly posting on Facebook about joining the violent insurrection against the US government.

    Karen Toner LaVere co-owner of Balboa’s Cheesesteaks in Naperville, Illinois, supporting the violent insurrection at the US Capitol this week.

    Therese Duke seen here bleeding after she and her sister and brother in law Richard Lorenz and Annie Lorenz assaulted a (black female) police officer at the violent coup attempt at the US Capitol. The officer was fired for defending herself. The trio are still at large.

    Lisa Nieves of Frederick, Maryland, and her husband Joe Nieves pictured here with a crowd of insurrectionists rushing the Capitol building during this week’s violent coup attempt.


    Francis Hoefer, gun fanatic, racist and former school board member from Oswego, New York, was tear-gassed as he rushed the Capitol Building during the violent coup attempt this week.

    Marina Wallis Lozitsky, a registered nurse at the County of San Diego Psychiatric Hospital, participated in the attempted overthrow of the US Goverment this week. In November of 2020 she also assaulted two teenagers with mace while participating in a pro-Trump rally. (Video available on @SDCommunityCare Instagram.)


    Sterling Pyle and Samuel Deuth, pastor and youth pastor at Awaken Church in San Diego, participated in the attempted overthrow of the US goverment this week. Pastor Sterling Pyle has been sending death threats to people who call attention to his terrorist actions.

    Christian Nava, a Quality Control Associate at biotech Abzena in San Diego, participated in this week’s violent coup attempt against the US goverment.


    Dominic Box, seen in his LinkedIn photo wearing a Vaden Nissan shirt and currently Sales Coordinator at Fletcher Auto Group in Savannah, Georgia, posted live video from inside the U.S. Capitol Building of his fellow domestic terrorists dressed in paramilitary gear during their attempted coup this week.

    Will Pepe who called in sick to his job at the MTA in New York in order to participate in domestic terrorism has been suspended from his job after taking a selfie inside the Capitol Building during the attempted coup.

    Andrew Williams, a firefighter from Sanford, Florida, has been suspended from his job after posting video taken inside the Capitol Building as he participated in the attempted coup this week.

    Laura Daube Kronen, domestic terrorist and CEO of Be Only You But Better Consulting Agency in Atlanta, Georgia, stormed the Capitol Building and attempted to overthrow the government this week. She took her children with her to learn about domestic terrorism. They got tear gassed four times. She believes this was “the best learning experience of their lives.”


    Joan Cullen, Vice Chairperson and School Board Member of Perkasie School District, travelled by bus with her friends Staci Dam, owner of Cafe at the Mill, Dam Good Cafe and Metal Health Gym in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, and Republican Committee Woman Deanna Herbert Hilltown to Washington D.C. this week to overthrow the U.S. Governement in a violent (failed) coup.

    Kevin Miller, a realtor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, took a selfie after scaling the scaffolding outside the US Capitol Building while participating in the violent attempted coup this week.

    Thomas Goldie, a member of the Zelionople, Pennsylvania, police force, participated in domestic terrorism during the attempted overthrow of the US government this week.