nuked by tumblr

I was DiaperDJ with almost 5k followers, till tumblr wiped everything. Rebuilding my blog of diaper pictures and a bunch of guys I like for one reason or another. #ActuallyAutistic Not interested in girls, mommies, mistresses or dommes... I'M GAY, GO AWAY.

Last update
2021-10-16 07:40:30

    Hey kiddos🤗!!!

    Im not officially back as of yet😔… I recently took a trip to Boston for a concert and met up with a fellow abdl friend who was very kind and even changed me and did some photos!!! He also sent me on my way in a little pawz and packed some in my diapee bag for the ride home😍❤❤❤

    I also wanted to say thank you so so so much for all the kind word and support from you little ones/bigs/pet players etc. I checked all the messages I received while I was gone and it made me feel loved and happy inside😙😶❤❤❤

    As I said before Im not officially back yet but I will hopefully be soon😋

    Love all you little ones!!!!