This year has kind of sucked. Not just because of covid. I lost my best friend in December 5 days before Christmas, my grandfather last month, and my grandmother a week ago. I'm in Houston, the place on earth I hate the most, and the one person I want to see is gone. I filed for divorce this year after 4 years, and he keeps threatening to kill himself, and I'm all out of diapers. I'm sure my father would have some sage advice like 'this too shall pass" but I lost him 2 years ago. I've been sad, and my sadness leads to people leaving, like a self fulfilling prophecy I can't break. I have been lonely most of my life, but it never felt like this. I feel as though soon I'll have nothing left, like this will last forever. I have given up on love, or at least in being loved. I do not know what to do anymore, all I know is that I don't want to be here.

    Apologies for the rant


    The I have nothing to do work position. Yes peekage is one of the best parts of wearing diapers.


    Bill’s boss had put up with his chronic tardiness long enough. Every week there’d be at least two days when Bill wandered into the warehouse late for work. Boss would yell at him, Bill would laugh or ignore him. The boss knew Bill needed this job as he supported his wife and two small kids, which made it even weirder he was such a chronic fuckup.

    Finally, he’d had enough. Again Bill wandered in two hours late. This time his boss called him into his office, closed the door and slapped him in the face. Bill recoiled but didn’t run out and before he knew it his 55-year-old fatass boss had him over his knee, pulled Bill’s pants down and spanked his ass, then rolled him onto the floor. The boss quickly pounced on Bill and sat on his chest and asked him if he was going to be a good boy.

    “You’ve shown you can’t handle adult responsibility like showing up on time so I’m going to treat you like the baby you are.” With that his boss pulled out the biggest diaper Bill had seen in his life and before he knew it Bill had been powdered and taped into the humiliating garment.

    “Every day you come to work, you will report here. And you will be put into your Pampers, either by me or my secretary. Until you have 2 months of on-time performances.” Bill started crying and his boss told him if the tears continued “I’m going to give you a pacifier and not let you take it out till your shift is over.”

    To use Bill as a warning to his other workers, his boss told him that he would actually be showing up 30 minutes early each day. “And every day for 30 minutes you are going to sit in front of the warehouse with your diapers exposed in the back so everyone that walks in not only sees that you are a big baby still trying to learn to be a big boy, but also that this is what happens to slackers. I’ll have the whole lot of you in diapers if that’s what it takes. Now get out there.”

    And so that’s how bouncing Billy found himself seated, diaper exposed, as his coworkers arrived for work, all of them snickering and calling him names as they passed, some offering to check his diapers or asking if he needed a change. The tactic work and Billy came to work on time every day. Unfortunately for him, his boss liked the new Billy so much he decided the diapers were going to stay.