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    It was embarrassing enough having to ride in the backseat while Daddy drove his boyfriend and I out to the cabin. That’s why I became extremely nervous when he told me I was going to have to earn my diaper changes by entertaining him and the new guy he was dating. I complied, of course. Little did I know they were about to make me get out of the car on the side of the street 10 minutes away from our destination in only my diaper and a t-shirt while they drove away and left me. I guess all of the guys in the neighborhood will no longer wonder about how much of a toddler I am.

    Once again the diaper-addicted cuck is locked out of the bedroom while his boyfriend hooks up with another guy. The only thing cucky can think about is how much he dreams of be exposed to the world as an incontinent, drooling baby. He knows there is no escaping his fate of total exposure and humiliation now that he is completely diaper-dependent and locked in chastity. Please help his quest for permanent exposure in whatever way you can.

    It’s time to show the world who you really are. It’s time to stop hiding your true self behind clothes. The only way you’ll truly learn about yourself, is when others will learn about you. You are a diaper cuck boy. This is who you are. You can’t deny it, and from now on, you’ll stop hiding it. Once you’ll get used to people see you as you are, there is no going back. They’ll see a baby from now on, maybe a boy, but certainly not a man. “Take off your clothes, and get up on the table. Now stand on all fours, raise your diaper ass, and look forward. That’s a good boy.” Welcome to your future.


    Showing @diapercucky as he is.

    Daddy thought "enough is enough". Now he's going to teach you who's the man of the house, and who's the baby. He realized that just forcing you to wear diapers is not enough.

    Although you were wearing for a month now, he noticed that you still believe you are a big boy. When you used your diapers, you went hiding in a corner or another room. You hated when daddy saw you using your diapers.

    After a bottle, when you drank a lot of juice, he noticed you are about to make yourself scarce.

    He told you to crawl after him to the bathroom. Daddy lowered his pants and boxers, sat on the toilet, and took out a newspaper.

    "Now I'm going to do my business on the toilet like a man, while you sit on the floor next to me, and do your business in your diaper, like a baby".

    You tried to hold it, but you couldn't hold it any longer. You started to tear up while looking up at the door, wanting to escape.

    On the bathroom floor, in front of daddy sitting on the toilet, you wet your diaper uncontrollably.


    Another adorable photo of @diapercucky

    It took a lot of days and nights, but it finally happened.

    It took a lot of talks.

    How diapers are just right for you. The fact you started to wet yourself during the night, doesn’t mean you should wear them only at night. No more underwear for you, just big, puffy, printed diapers.

    It took a lot of spankings.

    Keeping your hands off, and out, of your diapers. At first, you acted like a brat, like you have a say in it. But every time a hand snuck down there, you were lifted on the knees, and spanked until you cried.

    It took a lot of pouty faces.

    Getting used to your pacifier wasn’t easy at all. It started only for bedtime, but now your opinion doesn’t count much, so you are kept pacified most of the time. There something about it tho’, it keeps you in your place.

    It took one month from the last time you came.

    The men played poker in the living room, while you were sent to bed at 8 p.m.

    You sucked your pacifier in the dark, and wet your freshly changed diaper without meaning. You thought about the men tossing the cards on the table, drinking beer, smoking. 

    You wanted a release, you needed a release. 

    It’s been a month after all.

    You knew you are not allowed to touch yourself.

    Oh, the diaper felt so good pressed on the pillows.

    You started to hump and hump.

    The smell of smoke caught your nose.

    The sound of men laughing rung your ears.

    The taste of a plastic nipple in your mouth.

    A wet and warm sensation on your crouch.

    The only thing you could think to yourself at the moment was:

    “Hump baby, that’s what you really are, a fucking baby! Hump!”


    Written for the little @diapercucky

    In time, you found yourself calling your partner “Daddy”. At first, he asked you to do that, because he told you that you sound cute calling him that way. It was weird at first, but it eventually sat in.  One day, you woke up, still sleepy, and called “Daddy” to your daddy who was in the other room. He thought you were so cute, just like a toddler waking up, he promised you both he will buy you a pacifier. He did, and the next night he asked you to suck on it for at least 10 minutes in bed. You felt forced, but you wanted to make “Daddy” happy, so you sucked on it. It took you more than a few nights, but after a week you grow to like your pacifier, not only for bedtimes. You can’t explain it, but one day Daddy woke you up, shaking gently your shoulder. You asked “What’s wrong Daddy?” and then he grabbed your groin. You were wet, really wet. Not only your boxers but the sheets as well. He told you to get up and go get a shower. You just stayed quiet and did as you were told.

    The next evening Daddy called you into the bedroom. He stood next to the bed, and a huge white diaper was on it. You tried to say no, you tried to explain it was all some kind of a mistake. You even called him by his real name, what got you a smack on your ass. He told you to say that you are sorry, and you replied “Sorry Daddy”. Daddy got your pacifier and put it in your mouth, shushing you. He told you to lay down on the bed, then he diapered you. It was the most embarrassing moment of your life.

    After he was done, he told you to lay on your stomach and raise your ass a little. You were forced to suck on a pacifier, wear a huge diaper, and raise your ass.

    Daddy took a few steps back, bit his lower lip, then grabbed his crotch.
    It was done, from now on, you are his plaything, his boy.

    A short caption inspired by a photo of the little @diapercucky

    Hi from Baby Cucky :-)

    Hello and thank you to all of my followers who have stayed with my blog since its early days. I am always trying to upload new content here but it is a slow process and tumblr’s adult content ban is still a bit tricky to navigate around.

    My most recent photo upload was just striked down by the updated content rules so I will be re-uploading the photo that didn’t get flagged shortly. I still have not made the switch to abdl.link but I am thinking about creating an Instagram- let me know your thoughts. I am always interested in hearing from all of you out there so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them to my ask box or message them directly. Your encouragement helps keep me in my diapers!

    Hugs, Cucky