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2023-03-24 14:32:06

    Usually, the one in diapers is in a submissive role. How humiliating, diapers at your age, and all that.

    But today's mood is different, and more dominant! Today I feel lazy... I don't want to go to the potty. I want to make someone else deal with it! They can deal with all the wet or maybe even messy diapers. They do all the work of changing me. They're here to take care of me!

    They might be a cute parent, but could also be a nanny, babysitter, or even maid - hired to put up with all my brattiness, clean up my leaks, give me food or drinks whenever I want. They're here to spoil me.

    Me? I'm a spoiled brat, who isn't potty trained because I was lazy and my parents never made me. Changing myself and fiddling with all those tapes and wipes? Sounds like work to me. And those wet and messy diapers are gross, I don't want to touch that. Bathrooms are gross anyway, I'm glad I don't have to deal with them.

    Spanking? Maybe you'll get spanked for letting me leave a wet spot and not changing me in time. Discipline? That's what you need to serve me. If I ever get any diaper rash, I'm sure your butt will wind up feeling 10 times worse.

    I'm a princess. You should feel deeply honored to get the privilege of touching me in my diaper areas. Everything had better smell clean and fresh down there!

    (This is an old picture of mine to capture the mood)

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions how 24/7 has been going - I did a week with no other underwear, and 3 days of strictly no potty (otherwise I would go #2 during my morning change).

    But then… suddenly I was feeling more dominant. Mommy didn’t really try to stop me (somewhat disappointingly), and so it ended. 

    I’ve been in and out diapers since. I’ve been ping ponging between wanting to be a strong woman who can handle all that’s being thrown at her and being a little girl who keeps wetting (and sometimes messing) herself. Even when the result looks like above, I’m both of those people at once. Afraid, but strong.