I hate asking for nothing in return

    but right now I am in a big predicament. I am 30 days sober (wee) but I have no income, and I have no way of making an income. If it’s not obvious by now, I am far from home. This is for the better, but due to some extremely unexpected circumstances, I am completely stuck, and to add to that, my boyfriend isn’t going to help me out. And that means I am on my own right now.

     I have somewhere safe to stay now with the last penny I owned, so that’s the main important thing, but I have no access to my clothes and I can’t afford my phone bill. Not even close. 


    It’s actually -$505, but this is all my email will show me. I’m not asking for anything unnecessary, I just want to get by as plain and simple as I possibly can.

    I made a wishlist with literally the bare minimum, I tried to find the cheapest version of the things I need. It’s really cold and I have no jackets, just some cardigans. 2 pairs of leggings, a few shirts, 1 bra, and maybe 5 pairs of undies and socks. I am embarrassed, but right now I’m in a very horrible place financially and I have nobody to ask for help from.


    If you can help at all, I added some prepaid cards to pay for my phone bill (it’s $56 at its lowest) and some clothes for this freezing cold, those are the most important things right now. An amazon gift card if nothing else would make a world of a difference. My email is oh_sleeper@hotmail.com

    If there’s anything I can do in return that’s reasonable, please let me know. I don’t really have a lot to offer, but I’ll draw you a picture, or something. I don’t know. Thanks for reading this tho.

    Close up wet diaper pics? (: come see


    Ahhh me bout to leak, need halp!


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