What are some of your deepest abdl related fantasies?

    Oh gosh! Promise not to judge?

    I want to be made diaper dependent. I want to be forced into diapers after an ‘accident’. The type of accident where you have complete control over when I go to the bathroom and I keep telling you I need to go and it gets to the point where I’m begging but you still don’t let me.

    And then I loose control.

    And you tell me that since I can’t control myself I need to be in diapers and then the next time I ask to go to the toilet you’d snuggle me and tell me to go right there because I’m already protected.

    I just want to have so many accidents that I start to not notice my bladder or my tummy telling me I need to go.

    I want to sit on your lap and not even realize I’ve gone til you start pressing my diaper against me.

    That’s Lulu’s deepest fantasy! Maybe one day it can be a reality though.






    when she cums & you don’t stop


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    Easy and Fun AB/DL At-Home Fun!

    This has been a crap year with tons of stress. Why not relax with a little sexy at- home fun?

    A few ideas might be a BIT risque but never, ever push yourself or your partner into anything that will actually result in public exposure, exposure to unwilling parties, or a lack of safety.

  • Surprise forced regression: The next time the little one gets home from work, forcibly diaper, pacify, and restrain them. Make it extra teasing and cute, and keep reminding them you aren't punishing them, you just know what they need. Ideally, you end up giving them a night of extreme littleness, and can end it with the best padded snuggles around.
  • Scavenger hunt: i stand by the claim that a scavenger hunt for littles is a great way to set up a big activity they'll remember for years. But in reality... it's really easy to set up. I suggest going online and looking up example scavenger hunts to use, but making some items extra hard to find and some extra easy is a good way to both make them feel little without being bored... it should be just challenging enough to be SLIGHTLY challenging... but very easy overall!
  • SEXY scavenger hunt: same as above but each item is a little or sexy item meant to tease your partner. Better yet, make every item the retrieve get USED. For example, item 1 is their paci. After showing they got it, Make them use it. Then the same with any number of things, whether it's just cute and teasing (a bottle, or sippy cup) or even if it's more sexual or adult, like making them insert a plug for you, or putting a vibrating toy in their nappies/undies/pullups! Fun for everyone that way.
  • Art time! From shaving cream painting to printing out coloring book pages of their favorite show/ movie/fandom for your little, giving them at home "art time" is both fun and useful... because we all know that from time to time, littles struggle staying busy. This is a low risk, low cleanup waaayyy to keep your munchkin busy for hours!
  • Pure CUTE baby night: Whether it's Disney movies or just a generic kid's film, have a baby night in! Prepare your baby some snacks (pre cut up, or even feed it to them for EXTREME blushiness), get a bottle or sippy cup of their favorite littlespace beverage, put a blanket down to wrap them in or even make them sit on the floor in front of you. Keep engaging, tease your little, check that they're following the movie, etc. Completely tease and regress them, and when you're done, put them to a SLIGHTLY early bedtime so you get a full extra half hour of cuddling them to sleep... perfect night!
  • BABY EXPERIMENTS!!! This one is incredible... just go online and find at home experiments for little kids, and teach your baby one of them. Extra advice: DIY rock candy, or a homemade marshmallow shooter are incredibly easy to do and will make your little feel a sense of wonder and excitement and joy you will LOVE! You can even do an experiment like making slime or making a sand sculpture in a bottle, so they have a memento to remember by!
  • Mask-Safety! Does your little need to wear a mask? Good! Perfect for hiding a pacifier under, right? Doubly good if you put it in, help put the mask on, and make them go out holding your hand the next errand or even just going for a walk! And remind your little that nobody else can see... but YOU know they're a silly little baby who just needs soothing, even in public!
  • "Public" diaper/nappy checks: checking your littles diaper in public doesn't take much. A tap on the rear, or pulling back the seat of their pants, or even making them ADMIT their diapee status to you in a public place. Even if nobody is near to hear... just being out and about will definitely have an effect.
  • Caregiver knows best: this is a fun one for a weekend... basically it involves a whole day or even multiple days over a weekend, spent with the caregiver in full mommy/daddy mode and being HYPER VIGILANT about their baby. Stop them from using the stove? Fire is dangerous! Don't let them out of bed until you get in to wake them up? Silly baby, you need the crib bars to stay safe. You can double down on the fun by adding accoutrements that enhance their helpless state, like bondage mittens or a hollow buttplug. Use the weekend to aggressively and unnecessarily protect your baby like they're the most fragile, tiniest baby in history and they'll slowly start to feel like it's true.... very regressive!
  • Remember that these are just some ideas, and you're welcome to expand this. Want to focus on more adult fun? Absolutely! Prefer sfw age regression without as much titillation? Completely ok too!

    Just remember that no matter how bad the year is, how busy you are, or how much you're struggling, there are STILL fun stuff exciting ways to play together at home, or even long distance (heck: skype is a great baby monitor, just saying...) you can STILL enjoy yourself and your ABDL fun side! All you need to do is try!

    So good luck, and as always stay happy, stay healthy, and stay kinky!


    Power Exchange ideas with your little

  • Take away their adult privileges when they get home.
  • Restrict screen time
  • Make them ask for food, littles need help to get those things!
  • Make them change into a diaper, pull-ups or training pants to enforce the fact that they are little and need this just in case. You should probably help them into their little gear too tops!
  • Ask them if they need to go to the bathroom periodically, especially before car ride or when out in public, make them go potty even when they say they’re fine. Do they really know? Can you really trust a littles judgement? :P
  • Stop them when they try to do things for their selves and remind them just how small they are.
  • Run their bath for them, even if they don’t want to have a bath! You’re their caregiver, you take care of them and make these decisions for them!
  • Give a list of chores to do while you’re away, punish/ground them if they don’t follow through.
  • If they’ve been on the computer for too long stop them. They’re too little to spend that much time on a computer, coloring in a coloring book is more appropriate for somebody their age.
  • Encourage them when being little, remind them that it is okay to be little around you ♡
  • Be sincere in your interest when they are being little, playing, coloring etc.
  • Understand that your little is not a slave and isn’t going to be as easily told to do things like a slave might. Expect some resistance at times they are the child in this, they do pout and fuss.
  • You are their caregiver, so care for them as if they were a child, and make sure that they know that they are the child here. That’s the whole point of a power exchange relationship in this context.
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    Upsides of Dating AB/DLs

    • You get more space and time in the bathroom, without your partner complaining.
    • If we sit on your lap, cushioning means no bony bits digging into you. 
    • We are supernaturally good at cuddling. Like, intensely. 
    • We stink at sneaking up on you, because you’ll hear crinkles. No jump scares!
    • No partner will basically EVER give you the feeling of intensity or trust as an AB/DL that you decide to change. Seriously, it’s intense in a good way. 
    • You are allowed to be YOU…you accept an AB/DL, then they’re going to return the favor. It’s pretty much a legal issue, at that point.
    • They won’t call you controlling, they’ll call you mommy/daddy/sir/ma’am. Much more formal and tough. 
    • If you have us wear in public, or if we decide to, you KNOW we will be close and attentive.
    • Related to the above: We have a kinky fun secret shared with each other. Can be kinda hot. 
    • Bum wiggles by padded bums? Inhumanly adorable. 
    • If you don’t wanna participate, we probably accepted and expected that to start. So it often means that we are extra appreciative when you do decide to participate. 
    • ‘Checking’ us, as a rule, it’ the simplest way to make someone melt into a puddle of embarrassed affection ever devised. 
    • OK, let’s face it…lots of ab/dl diapers are super duper ultra cute. 
    • You can just give us a paci if you need peace and quiet. 

    TONS MORE…DON’T YOU SEE? Sooooooooo many upsides! 


    True story


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    “Oh, yeah? You still think you’re going to win this? You really think this coffee’s gonna make me pee my pants before you, I don’t knowhave an accident of your own?”

    We were a strange pair, Naomi and me. Gay? Of course. Kinky as fuck? Hell yeah. Given to dares and pranks? You bet. And so, when one day I’d read some oddly hot piece of erotica online that happened to include diapers, I’d been intrigued - and ordered a bag off Amazon the very next day. Just to try, of course. Bet Naomi wouldn’t be brave enough to put one on…

    Oh, but she did. “You know, I don’t know why we didn’t try these sooner,” she’d smirked, giving my freshly padded butt a smack. “So cute and babyish, too! And you know, I bet I can find a few ways to get you all wet inside there like a naughty little girl…” I’d giggled and smacked her butt back, and before you knew it, we’d tumbled onto the bed and started making out. I regret to say that the diapers themselves didn’t last long, but we sure as hell had a lot of fun.

    “You know, I bet you I could make you actually piss yourself in one of these,” I’d announced a few days later, after seeing the pack sitting haphazardly on the floor in our “kink closet”. “I mean, like not deliberately pee just to prove a point. I mean, actually try to hold it and finally lose control.” She’d raised an eyebrow. “You mean, like that Japanese thing? Omo-what’s-its-name? Like all desperate and crossing my legs and stuff?” I’d smirked and nodded. “Yep! What’s more, I dare you to…” Oh, that got her interested. And after a bit of back-and-forth, it was decided. We’d both put one on at the same time before bed Friday night, go to sleep, and then the first one to end up clearly, demonstrably soiling their diaper would be the loser. And, to add some spiciness to it, the winner would get to decide the loser’s punishment…

    Oh, I was sure I’d win. I never drank much in the evenings anyway after supper, and while we both drank coffee first thing in the morning, it always seemed to affect her bladder far more than mine. By ten that night all I’d had to drink had been a great orange mocktail Naomi had whipped up for supper, and I was riding high as I taped on my diaper. “See you in the morning, Miss Puddle-Pants,” I teased, slipping into bed beside my equally-padded companion. This was going to be great.

    Until this morning, that is. After a night of oddly uncomfortable and disturbing dreams, I stumbled blearily out of bed at eight with a suddenly painful gut-ache, only to find my beautiful Naomi coffee cup in hand and immaculately dry diaper around her waist. “Sleep well?” she smiled serenely. “Oh, no! You don’t look so good now, babe… What’s the matter?” An audible gurgle from my stomach and a sudden cramp that almost doubled me over answered her. “God, I feel like shit,” I managed. “Babe, I’ve gotta take this thing off. I feel like I’m gonna burst any minute…”

    Her smile widened slowly. “Oh, do you now? That’s funny, because I thought you said you were going to win this thing. Having second thoughts? Maybe it was something you ate…or drank?” She paused and put on a thoughtful expression. “You know, I’m sure I don’t know anything about what might have ended up in a certain drink you had last night…” Oh, shit. “Wait, what? Did you- You mean-” She nodded sagely. “Oh, yeah. Don’t tell me you didn’t suspect a thing? I mean, everybody knows that a nice big dose of magnesium citrate slips very nicely into a fizzy drink… Don’t they? I mean, a dose as big as you had last night will be more than enough to have you shitting your brains out!”

    I whimpered as another wave of cramps threatened to make me lose it right there. “Please, Naomi, please! I’m begging you, please! You win, okay?” I started fumbling with the tapes - only to find that a layer of clear tape had been deftly secured over them - apparently sometime during the night. “Now, now, we can’t have you cheating!” she scolded good-naturedly, swatting my hands away. “I had to make sure you couldn’t bail when the cramps hit…” I gulped, aghast at the deviousness of her plan. “You…you…I can’t even…” I broke off as another wave of cramping began, and my control began to crumble. “Oh, no. No, no…!”

    As a torrent of smelly mush exploded involuntarily into the seat of my diaper, I caught a glimpse of Naomi’s smirking face. “Phew-ee! Guess we know for sure who the loser is now, don’t we?“

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