Diapered Ramblings
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2023-12-03 21:15:31

    Mommy’s boyfriend is watching me today, while she is at work. He was playing split screen Minecraft with me, I instinctively sat up on my knees and quickly filled the seat of my diaper right beside him, only letting a slight grunt out from behind my pacifier. I immediately sat back down without even thinking about it. In the past I was way too nervous to do anything like that in front of him.

    The downside, I didn’t notice it was my naptime, and he isn’t too big on diaper changes yet. So he fed me my naptime bottle, as I reluctantly drank it, then put me down in my crib for a nap, full belly and still in my wet and messy diaper. I’m trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, sucking on my pacifier and staring at the ceiling.

    I was put to bed at 7pm today and before I have to put my phone away, I wanted to make a quick post. Today was busy and hectic with Thanksgiving. Mommy and her boyfriend had friends over, as they spent the day talking with each other. I spent the day in uncomfortable jeans and a polo shirt. I was put into an overnight diaper to limit changes, since the adults were busy. Most of my day was in my playpen watching Disney Junior and coloring. When it was time for food, I was restrained to my high chair, then had to finish what seemed like a boatload of food. Then wasn’t let out until they had cleaned up dishes and everything.

    Now since it’s getting colder at night, I was put into my thick fleece footed sleeper. Which I hate, because it’s hot and the zipper is on the back. I’m basically locked in them until an adult lets me out. With everything I was forced to eat today, I know for a fact that I’ll probably wake up in the middle of the night with a super full diaper, stuck in my crib until morning time.

    Mommy and her boyfriend are attending a get together with some of their friends today and I had to tag along, because no one was available to babysit. They’re all on the back porch, talking, drinking, and having fun. I’m isolated inside the house, in a playpen, with some toys and coloring books, with Blues Clues on the tv.

    It’s kind of a pain getting comfortable, while wearing an overnight diaper under blue jeans. They wanted to limit the amount of changes today of course. I’ve been in this diaper since before my nap today. I also made the mistake of asking too many questions when they would come inside, so now I’ve been muted with one of my big pacifiers. I want the day to be over with already.

    Currently gated off to the living room, sucking on my pacifier, wearing socks, shirt, and slightly wet diaper, watching Pupstruction. Mommy and her boyfriend are behind me on the couch, on their phones, and talking about something. My stomach is grumbling after the big breakfast I was fed this morning. I don’t like not being able to hide when going poopy.

    I’m just going to have to do my typical squat position and hide my grunts behind my pacifier. I hope they don’t notice and say something out about it. Biggest downside is that I was just changed out of my nighttime diaper, so there’s no chance I’ll get an immediate change. 😢

    Had a diaper change right after breakfast and was in it for a whole 20 minutes before it was fully used. Now I’m confined to my playpen, watching Disney Junior, while mommy’s boyfriend “babysits” me while she’s at work. I can hear him in their room playing video games with his friends online. So I guess I’ll be in this packed diaper for a bit. 😣

    It is incredibly frustrating when you are trying to communicate what you want in certain situations, when you have to keep a pacifier in your mouth. It’s a lot of pointing and muffled mumbles. All while sometimes waddling around in a full diaper. Most of the time it ends up with me having to watch a movie or show that I didn’t want to watch.

    New embarrassing situation for me. I had to mess my diaper in front of the new sitter today. Blocked off to the living room, nowhere to go, zero privacy. It wasn’t even a quick one, I had to focus, and it took a few minutes. My grunts were muffled behind my pacifier that I’m not allowed to touch. Now I’m trying my best to sit here comfortably while watching Bluey in a fully packed diaper. 😣

    Sitting on the floor in the living room, that’s gated off from the rest of the house, with my sitter on the couch, doing stuff on her phone. Ive hardly noticed that I’m still in my wet overnight naptime diaper. Watching Bluey and went to ask if I could play on my Switch, but was ignored and had my big pacifier shoved into my mouth. So I guess it’s quiet time for me. I don’t like this sitter. 😠

    Mommy was putting the groceries in the trunk and her boyfriend was tasked with putting me in my car seat. He buckled me in and I was in the middle of asking if we were going home when he shoved a pacifier in my mouth. So I guess that’s my mute button for now, until an adult takes it out. Guess I’m currently just along for the ride in a full diaper.

    Doing the weekly “tag along for grocery shopping” thing with mommy and her boyfriend. Completely bored out of my mind and made the mistake of zoning out for a few minutes. My stomach grumbled slightly, I instinctively bent my knees a bit, and instantly filled the seat of my already wet diaper. Being dressed in blue jeans this morning did not help the situation. The adults didn’t take notice, so now I’m just waiting for them to finish shopping. I want to tell them, but not allowed to and I’m not repeating my spanking from yesterday. I really hope this is the only stop we make today, don’t want to be strapped into my car seat for any longer than I have to.

    Small side note, a thing I have to do when out shopping with them, I have to be holding on to the shopping cart at all times, then walking through the parking lot I have to be constantly holding one of their hands.

    After I woke up from my nap today, I wanted to keep playing some Diablo IV, BUT instead I have to tag along for a grocery trip. It was also apparently determined that I didn’t wet enough while sleeping, so I’m still rocking my nap time diaper. Not up to me though, I can’t ever ask for a change or even mention if I’ve used my diaper or not.