crissyWatkins real permanen diapered sissy slave.

I am and know what I need and desire in my life. I've been on a life long journey to find happiness. I have been forced by my beautiful Goddess and GF to become a real diapered sissy slave. I love her and she loves me. I begged her to do this and now I get to suffer the consequences

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    Mommy's 25 Diaper Rules

    1) Baby is now 2 years old from here on.

    2) Diapers are to be worn anytime a baby would normally have a diaper on until mommy decides otherwise. Diapers will be used for everything restroom related; no exceptions.

    3) You are not allowed to remove or adjust your diaper for any reason.

    4) Only mommy or an approved babysitter can change your diaper. Regular checks will be performed anytime and anywhere. Mommy will try to be discrete if possible, but checks will be performed regularly and you must allow for your diaper to be inspected immediately when requested to do so. Diaper checks and changes are performed at mommy's convenience and they cannot be prevented by baby for any reason.

    5) If you need to be changed you must find a way to communicate to mommy in an age appropriate way. Crying is an acceptable method to convey that you need a fresh diaper. Directly asking with adult words for a change is strictly forbidden.

    6) You absolutely cannot enter a restroom without mommy being with you.

    7) Using a potty is now forbidden while baby is wearing a diaper.

    8) Baby is forbidden from touching any private parts underneath or through a diaper.

    9) You are now mommy's little baby and any sexual contact with mommy is not alloud while wearing your diapers.

    10) Baby may only wear a shirt and diaper while at home in order to allow for mommy to easily see when a change is needed. Anything covering your diaper is forbidden unless permission is given by mommy.

    11) While at home any drinks will be given in a bottle or sippy cup with a lid. Absolutely no glass cups or anything without a lid can be used by baby.

    12) 3 days a week will consist of only baby food being offered. Usually this will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    13) Baby will not use adult language or big words for any reason. Only a consistant babyish babble, crying or pointing with the occasional small/age appropriate word can be used when trying to communicate with mommy or a supervising adult.

    14) Mommy will pick out your outfits anytime it is necessary to go out in public and will assist you in getting dressed. Selected outfits must be worn without complaints.

    15) All hair must be removed from the diapered area and must be maintained smooth.

    16) A diaper must be immediately put back on as soon as bathtime is finished. Mommy will supervise each bath time for baby's safety.

    17) You will be respectful to all adults and do as you are told.

    18) You cannot hide, lie or be ashamed of your diapers since they are necessary- be proud. If asked if you are wearing a diaper by any adult you must respond correctly.

    19) Baby cannot be left at home alone. An adult such as a babysitter will always be present if mommy is not available.

    20) When crossing any street baby must hold mommy's or babysitters hand.

    21) Big boy underwear must be put in storage until further notice and diapers will be stored in their place. Mommy will select any color or style of diapers she wishes and will keep a home supply maintained.

    22) Bedtime is 10:30pm sharp, unless stated otherwise.

    23) Mommy's or a supervising adults rules will be followed at all times.

    24) Failure to follow the required rules will result in a punishment ranging from extra time between diaper changes, an enema or up to an indefinite amount of time wearing diapers 24/7 being required.

    25) Mommy or any supervising adult/babysitter reserves the right to add, change or remove any rule at anytime as they desire.

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    This is just a quick little shout out to @sunnywittledays shop @babyyourdoll

    For making onesies that are also shirts. 🙊

    I dunno about y’all but I have a super duper hard time making myself spend over 30$ on an item I know I can never wear anywhere except when I’m alone in my house. Days onesies are lovely because I know I’m not just buying a onesie but I’m buying something I can use in the causal day to day when going out. It makes it seem even more worth it than a good onesie already is.

    Our Little Girl showed up Saturday morning precisely at 10 O’clock.  Her clothes were different from the first time we met when she was wearing the typical short and tight clothes of a young woman.   Today she arrived looking like she was dressed for the first day of kindergarten.  She was wearing jean shorts that weren’t really long, short, baggy or loose, a T-shirt with a rainbow that fit the same indistinct way, cute white socks with lace at top and chuck Taylors.  She’d even put a cute band with a bow to pull her hair back in a style that just screamed 5 year old.

    There were a few awkward moments where she seemed hesitant, but we gave her a big hug and rubbed her back she seemed to melt in our arms.  ‘Have you had any more accidents?” I aksed.

    “What do you mean Daddy?”

    “I think you know what he mean, pee pee pants,” Mommy joked.  She blushed and pulled down her jeans to show us she was wearing a goodnite and told us she’d had a couple little accidents and was wearing her special panties.  We told her she would have to keep wearing them until she proved she could stay dry.

    We started out our day with a trip to the zoo.  We made sure to buy her a big soda for Our Little Girl to drink while we walked around.  My wife and I took every advantage to reinforce that she was ours, always calling her sweetie, honey, little britches, and all manner of cutesy baby names.  We made her hold our hand sometimes, and constantly told her what she could and couldn’t do.

    The best part was walking her through the petting zoo.  Encouraging her to pet the animals  The mature way that we were dressed and behaving along with the innocent way she was dressed and acting made things seem natural.   We pushed her into a pen with goats watched her cautiously reach out and pet a baby goat with other kids.  “I think its great what you are doing,” a cheery woman said beside us.

    “What’s that?” my wife asked.

    “Taking your daughter out, that’s my soon there,” she said and pointed at a boy who was almost as tall as Our Little Girl, and probably twice the age of the other kids.  “He’s on the spectrum and these kind of experiences are great for him.

    “Well we do everything we can for Our Little Girl,” my wife said.

    When we got back to the parking out my wife stopped Our Little Girl before she could get in the car.  “Hold on little lady, I need to check your britches,” she said.

    Our Little Girl’s face immediately turned red and she whispered, “here in the parking lot.”

    “Yes here,” my wife said but first looked around to make sure no one was close by.  She felt around the front and then the back.  “Feels pretty squishy,” she said then pulled back her shorts and stuck her hand down the rear of the pull up.  “Someone has soaked their “special panties,” she said.

    I opened the trunk and handed my wife the prepacked diaper bag and she began laying out a baby blanket in the backseat.  “Your kidding right,” Our Little Girl said.  My wife ignored her and pulled a pack of wipes out.  “You can’t do that here in public,” she said getting a bit upset.  I stepped behind her and put my arm over her shoulder.  My wife pulled out a diaper and then motioned for Our Little Girl to get in the backseat.

    We all looked around, we were in a deserted part of a parking lot, there was no one to be seen and we told Our Little Girl as much.  She still hesitated.  “If you don’t get in there and let Mommy change your soaked pull up then I’m going to pull it off you right here in the parking lot and tan your hide, Missy,” I said.  She was bright red but she laid down in the backseat.  In a few minutes her shorts were back on her, though there were bit more filled out.

    So here’s a story, today I got all candied up because I knew it was time to cum in my diapers. But being the good sissy bimbo I am I made sure to wear the one Birchplace shop dress I had, as well as the matching mincing ribbons. But I locked the dress and the ribbons on me, the keys to which were previously placed outside on my porch. I did this because I knew as soon as I would cum I would want to wear normal clothes again. But I was already pre-committed to be being a good sissy baby so I put them on the porch where I know I wouldn’t retrieve them till everybody was settled in the houses late in the day. So I’ve been stuck in this beautiful predicament.

    Hmmm, there’s still people walking around outside, I guess I’m still stuck like this for a couple more hours! I’d prolly be able to sneak out to the porch if it weren’t for these cute but loud jingle bells on my mincing ribbons. Oh well!


    This is an index of popular medical and adult baby disposable diaper brands, sorted by advertised absorbency. Where different absorbencies are quoted for different sizes, the absorbency of the medium size is listed. I make no claims regarding the accuracy or methodological consistency of these ratings.

    I’ve sorted them into different usage categories. If you mess, you may want to consider going up at least one category (e.g., if you would normally need ‘Daytime Plus’ diapers during the day, you might want to go up to ‘Overnight’). This is because messing also uses some absorbency.


    I’ve called these diapers ‘slim’ because the only reason to wear them is if you really find that you need slimline protection.

    Abena Abri-Form Comfort M1. 900 mL.

    Abena Abri-Form Comfort M2. 1,150 mL.

    Depend Brief Normal. 1,230 mL.

    Molicare Premium Slip Extra Plus. 1,247 mL.

    Vlesi Aero Extra. 1,260 mL.

    Vlesi Slip Comfort. 1,260 mL.

    Tena Slip Plus. 1,365 mL.

    Molicare Premium Slip Super. 1,440 mL.

    Abena Abri-Form Comfort M3. 1,450 mL.

    Depend Brief Super. 1,535 mL.

    Abena Abri-Form Premium M2. 1,560 mL.

    Abena Abri-Form Premium M3. 1,740 mL.

    Tena Slip Super. 1,743 mL.


    I’ve worn the diapers in this section during the day and had no issues either with absorbency or discretion.

    Molicare Premium Slip Super Plus. 1,867 mL.

    AMD Slip Normal. 1,900 mL.

    iD Slip Plus. 2,000 mL.

    Vlesi Slip Compact. 2,000 mL.

    Depend Brief Super Plus. 2,070 mL.

    Abena Abri-Form Premium M4. 2,160 mL.

    Tena Slip Maxi. 2,205 mL.

    Molicare Premium Slip Maxi. 2,340 mL.

    Active Slip Regular. 2,400 mL.

    AMD Slip Extra. 2,400 mL.

    iD Slip Extra. 2,450 mL.

    Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi. 2,500 mL.

    Vlesi Slip Compact Plus. 2,500 mL.

    Vlesi Slip Comfort Plus. 2,600 mL.

    iD Slip Extra Plus. 2,600 mL.

    Lille Suprem Fit Super Plus. 2,900 mL.

    ConfiDry 24/7. 3,000 mL.

    Dotty (incl. Pride, Pony, Super Boompa). ~3,000 mL.

    Daytime Plus

    These diapers aren’t quite thick enough to use as overnights if you’re a bedwetting adult, but if you’re a heavy pantswetter or if you just want to give yourself an extra hour or so, these are for you.

    FAB SENSE. 3,000 mL.

    Vlesi Comfort Premium. 3,300 mL.

    Active Slip Premium. 3,400 mL.

    AMD Slip Maxi. 3,400 mL.

    Lille Suprem Fit Maxi. 3,400 mL.

    ABU BareBum. 3,500 mL.

    ABU PreSchool (incl. Cloth-Backed, Plastic). 3,500 mL.

    Tykables Little Builders. 3,500 mL.

    Abri-Form Premium Air Plus X-Plus. 3,600 mL.

    iD Slip Super. 3,600 mL.

    iD Slip Maxi. 3,700 mL.

    Rearz Lil Squirts. 3,900 mL.

    MyDiaper. 4,000 mL.

    Tykables PLeather. 4,000 mL.

    Tykables Waddlers. 4,000 mL.


    These diapers will safely get you through the night (with the exception of the two-tape diapers, for which your experience will vary depending on your body shape).

    Bambino Bellissimo. 4,288 mL.

    BetterDry (incl. Crinklz). 4,394 mL.

    ABU two-tape diapers (Cushies, SDK, Lavender, Kiddo). 4,500 mL.

    Forsite AM/PM. 4,615 mL.

    Rearz Safari. 4,981 mL.

    Overnight Plus

    These are great if you’re a tall/solidly built bedwetter, or if you’re going to be riding in someone’s expensively upholstered car, or if someone else is changing your diapers. The point is, they’re the bulkiest but also the most absorbent diapers you will wear.

    ABU Space (incl. Simple, LittlePawz). 5,000 mL.

    Cuddlz. 5,000 mL.

    Rearz Inspire+ InControl. 5,000 mL.

    Rearz Spoiled. 5,000 mL.

    Rearz Seduction. 5,125 mL.

    Tykables Galactic. 5,500 mL.

    ABU PeekABU (incl. Simple Ultra). 6,250 mL.


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