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2021-06-20 16:22:56

    I love the women who are speaking on this more and more each day!


    This entire video is typically (white) transphobic stupidity but I wanted to touch on this point in particular:

    This is... entirely wrong lmao. What is this, fucking ancient Sparta? Men are the warriors so they’re all tougher and stronger? If women’s rights were bound entirely on physical strength - what about skinny and small men that can’t fight? What about large women? Are they banned from women’s rights because they aren’t physically weak?

    Are r*pists getting lenient sentencing in courts because they’re so strong they dueled the fucking judge or something? No, discrimination and sexism is a whole social issue entirely divorced of physical strength. They get away with it because the powers that be are sympathetic to them.

    This idea that women are all physically weaker erases the experiences of anyone that has been abused by women, men who are abused by their partners already have a hard time being taken seriously, and now the TERFs are doubling down on discrediting them.

    This is one of those arguments that seems okay-ish on the surface but the real thing she’s implying is that transwomen don’t belong in women’s spaces because they have the Violence Juice in them - ignoring the fact that ciswomen have varying levels of testosterone, or the fact that women are completely capable of physical violence. What are you going to limit who enters your “weak women only” space by weight and BMI or something?

    And if your entire worldview boils down to who suffers the most physical violence, boy do I have news about how trans women are assaulted at a vastly higher rate than cis women.