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🔞No Minors🔞Just a fat boi that loves showing off. 33. Feedee/er. He/him they/them. Probably demi. Maybe a little bi. Inbox always open. Looking for a feeder and/or partner. Reblogs welcome! I Love being teased and bossed around. Not into humiliation.

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2021-01-22 02:47:17

    Ooof I ate so much yesterday! Even after I was stuffed and my stomach was stretched tight I kept shoving in bites of candy just to keep me packed full. I had a big glass of chocolate milk to really fill me up before I went to sleep (woth about a pint of heavy cream mixed in) I can definitely tell I over did it 😳

    I still feel so round and heavy, and I look like I'm still stuffed 🥵 This would definitely be a good day to just lay around and get belly rubs and let my body finish turning all that food into fat


    Let’s found out many ____ you can eat in a day

  • Dozens of donuts
  • Stacks of pancakes
  • Pounds of bacon
  • Boxes of mac and cheese
  • Slices of pizza
  • Buckets of chicken
  • Fast food value meals
  • Gallons of ice cream
  • Slices of pie
  • Slices of cake
  • Sticks of butter
  • Any other ideas, piggy? I’d love to try them all on you, one day at a time...


    I think you’d be surprised 😏


    aww but why would we want to stop you? you just get more and more handsome the more you eat ❤️ it's so cute how much you put away even though you're packed to the brim

    Ooh gosh😳☺ well how can I help myself when I get such flattery?

    I'm... sure I can handle just a little more... right? Just because I have a bellyache doesn't mean there's no room... right? 😩🥵🖤

    Your demise.

    Let me remind you

    You're disposable.

    Once you are ready to pop I will have another pig lined up to take your place.

    Filling you daily with my next hog in mind.

    Your body buried under piles of heavy lard.

    Helplessly wiggling and jiggling while I stuff you from both ends, your belly disgustingly swollen and spreading across the floor.

    You won't see the sun.

    You won't smell any more open fields.

    Just the view of four walls and the smell of whatever food I'm stuffing inside of you.

    Sad to some, but to you, bliss. Happily being pumped into an obese mess of a human.

    I'll just keep making my pigs bigger with every new one that comes my way.

    Slowly working their body, force feeding, fattening, and expanding them.

    Watching them grow and moan from their insides churning from indigestion.

    Practically fucking them with the feeding pumps and listening to them cum while they nearly explode.

    Bellies constantly taut. Mouth always full. Limbs uselessly slumped to their sides.

    It could be anyone's dream really.

    Give up on life and let someone use your body to get as fat as humanly possible and then some.

    Give into obesity. Let it take over your life.

    Guzzle down as much garbage as you can and make room for more.

    You could be my piggy.

    Let me feed you.

    Fatten you.

    I'll let you grow bigger than a king sized bed.

    I'll strap you to the bed and stuff a funnel down your throat until you're squealing for me to stop.

    But I won't stop.

    Your belly needs to be big.

    Twice as big as you are.

    Your ass and thighs too.

    Your ass needs to be big enough to hold a very large tube inside of it so you fill twice as quickly.

    Be my piggy. You can lay back and be filled every day.

    But you have to remember. There are downsides to letting yourself get extremely obese.

    Eventual need for oxygen because your puny lungs can barely function under thousands of pounds of lard.

    Heart complications from your arteries being clogged with fat.

    Dizziness from rising blood pressure.

    You'll eat your way to an early grave for sure if you decide to be my prized pig.

    But it's worth it. Dedicate your life to food.

    Give your life to obesity. Grow for me pig.

    Eat yourself to death. Become my lard laden human pig.

    You won't regret it.

    Even if you do, it'll be too late for you pig. You'll be anchored to my bed from your own gluttonous manner.

    A demise soon met by one too many gallons of cream being stuffed into you.

    I'll just leave the hoses in you until you can't be filled anymore.

    No more room left.

    Pop goes the piggy.




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    Someone seriously needs to stop me before I explode 🥵

    I can't just sit here and finish a whole family size bag of gummies! I'm still so frikin full, and my belly still hurts, but I'm just eating the 3 or 4 at a time 🥵 My gut is bubbling and sloshing trying to process all the junk from early and I'm just eating more!😩