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    Belt of Ogre Strength

    Aeliya the elf pittered her way down the hall. With each gentle click, she narrowly dodged bolts that shot into the side of the wall as she dashed by, the musty ruins’ traps were far from fast enough to hit her. After sliding under a stone gate slowly lowering itself, she made it into a room lit by glowing blue symbols etched into the dome ceiling.

      There she saw a trove, though covered in dust it was all valuable. Coin, gemstones, swords and armor of legendary craftsmanship, scrolls used to identify hidden arcane elements, and on a pedestal in the middle of it all, a belt made from hide, sewn together using the hairs of a green hag with the buckle inlaid with gold. The hasty rogue while pocketing what she could, looked at it with interest, putting it on then looking down at herself, viewing it from all the angles she could achieve without looking in a mirror. It seemed… loose. Or did it?

      She tried to adjust it but to no avail could she even unbuckle it, she saw it was wrapped around her to adjust more and more to her size, until she heard and felt the strain of her pantaloons. She came to her senses and saw her waist grow into the garment, her hips widening as the garment’s effects were realized. She tried again to take the belt off but magic locked it in place as rips formed in her pant legs, a layer of blubber that now formed over her once toned legs pushing through the holes in the fabric. She cursed in her native tongue as she tried to peel off her bottomwear before she resorted to tearing. Each strip coming off revealing thick thighs and flabby calves that were bolstering with added muscle but still felt pitifully chunky. She grunted as her underwear was next in line before it quickly exploded to shreds, feeling a sudden relief as well as a draft behind her. 

      The elf turned her head to see a butt fit for an orc, after one or two rounds of enlargement spells. She gasped and brought a hand to it, feeling it’s curve, grabbing a handful of flesh. There was no denying it, it was all real. She gave it a gentle push, the wobble reminded her of a pair of mesmerized slimes. She bit her lip, looking at it with confliction, as if it would speak to her giving a solution or at least a compromise. She thought about how elves already had a hard time piling on any weight and… this is what was considered attractive in this part of the country, right? She sighed, hands running down her saddlebag sides as she swayed a little, looking down at the belt again. All that remained of her leather armor from below the stomach were the torn belt loops still hanging on. Her thighs were as thick as barrels, she felt the power behind them but that didn’t change the fact that they jiggled like sacks of pudding when she moved, she swore that this all seemed familiar, like she had seen someone, or something, like this.

      She sighed and looked through the rest of her loot, coming upon a scroll of identification; she read the incantation and the pulsating letters rearranged to read out a summary of what had been struck upon her. The scroll read as follows:

      “Belt of Ogre Strength. Gives the wearer the lower body endurance of an ogre, allowing them to carry and travel more before exhausting themselves, increasing the damage dealt by their kicks, and causing their gait to cover more ground. Fortunately, unlike other magical items this effect will remain unless removed by a wish. The belt itself can be removed by dispelling it.”

      She had the lower body of a big, brawny, fatass… sexy… ogress. She rubbed her temples before reaching for the scroll of dispelment. Well, at least she knew what her next quest was.

      Aeliya prayed she’d find something proper to cover herself besides the dirty fur skirt held together with goblin bones she found under all these scrolls.

    Scourge S(h)itter Ch.3

    This story was written as a collaboration between myself and Splinterhead452 on Deviantart. If you enjoyed this please consider giving him a look! You can find his account here:

    It’s that time of the month again, for another instalment of the ongoing saga of a beleagered maid Terezi and her disgusting diaper8itch of an employer Vriska.

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    Vriska's night routine was similar, but a bit less involved. Obviously she didn't bother taking a shower. She ignored so many of the other trappings of hygiene, why would she bother with that one? Instead, she brought her diapered butt into the master bedroom upstairs, and threw herself onto the bed. It wasn't long before she was sound asleep, perhaps due to the lingering drowsiness she had from her food coma.

    Speaking of which, there was still some of Vriska's dinner from the previous night that her stomach had yet to digest, which was just now making its way into her colon. As she slept, her muscles relaxed, and she began to release the contents of her bowels into her fresh diaper.

    It swelled and bloated from Vriska's enormous shitload, gradually filling her room with her toxic stink. By time she woke up the following morning, she was sporting a mess that, while not as big as the one she produced last time, was still inhumanly huge.

    Terezi slept well all throughout the night. In fact, she slept like a baby. She had been so worn out last night that she slept like a rock all the way until morning. The comfortable mattress did help a lot in that regard, though.

    She woke up well before Vriska did thanks to her phone's alarm. She figured if she was going to be doing maid work for Vriska again today she might as well get a head start. She managed to get a lot of cleaning up done pretty early, especially since the house was still pretty clean from the night before. The one room she avoided, of course, was the diaper pit that was Vriska's bathroom. She made sure to stay far away from that part of the house. Another part of the home she tried not to go near was Vriska's room, but that was mostly just because Terezi didn't want to wake her employer early and risk getting scolded.

    Eventually though, Terezi couldn't really justify not going in there. The rest of the house was taken care of and she could only imagine what kind of mess Vriska's room was. So with a lot of hesitation, Terezi made her way down the hallway and to Vriska's door. She gave a small knock and then opened it slowly.

    "Good morning..." She said softly, try give Vriska as gentle a wake up call as possible. Once she peeked around the door to see Vriska, however, her worst fear was confirmed. She caught sight of Vriska's fat, bloated nappy that she'd done a good job of filling overnight. Then the stench hit her. Like a truck. She audibly gagged and went to cover her nose. She couldn't believe that Vriska's stomach still had something inside it after last night's diaper filling escapade. "V-Vriska... Are you awake?" She said as she tried to hold her breath.

    Vriska was also sleeping like a baby, in that she had soiled herself immensely while she slept. Though, the mountain of shit in Vriska's sagging diaper was far more than any mere infant could produce.

    Terezi's words didn't arouse Vriska. She did not do so much as wince or shift underneath her sheets. Perhaps Vriska hadn't heard her, or perhaps it would take a bit more than that to wake her up.

    Though it was morning, Vriska still seemed to be in a fairly deep sleep. Her eyes were shut tight, and her mouth hung open as she snored. Of course she snored, Vriska had to be obnoxious in every way imaginable.

    Because of this, a puddle of drool had begun to accumulate under her chin. Obviously, this wasn't as big a concern as the mudpile that had settled between her thighs.

    She stood at the door while she was assaulted by the awful stench in the room, all while Vriska slept through it like it was nothing. Terezi couldn't see how anyone could handle this stink and not choke on the air, but maybe it was just because it was Vriska's own brand she could handle it. Either way, Terezi couldn't handle it. She stepped out of the room and closed to door to catch her breath, although the hallway stunk now as well.

    "I gotta get rid of this smell... Plus... She's probably had a shitty diaper all night... It would just be more work for me if she got a rash... Oh god... " Terezi mumbled to herself before she trudged down the hall to the bathroom where the fresh diapers were kept. She made her way in and out of that horribly diaper dump as quickly as she could and hurried back to Vriska's room with a fresh diaper, as mentally prepared as she was gonna get.

    She opened the door and stepped inside to find Vriska still passed out and snoring like a bear, her diaper still stuffed with some truly vile smelling shit. Terezi made her way over to the bed, taking as few breaths as she could as the smell only got worse closer to Vriska.

    "Vriska... I'm gonna change your diaper, because it smells really bad... Uh, if that's okay just snore really loud..." Terezi said. Vriska's loud snoring continued, which Terezi just shrugged off at this point. She pulled the covers down to reveal Vriska's lower half. She felt her stomach churn at the sight if the bloated diaper. It was stained a dark brown, no doubt from being stuffed full of shit for hours. Terezi groaned and climbed onto the bed to get a better position, moving Vriska's legs as well. The smell was atrocious now as she basically sat between Vriska's legs in front of the diaper. "Hey, uh, if you wanna wake up that would make this easier..." Terezi said sort of loudly, trying to delay having to change her more than anything.

    Even in the midst of a change, Vriska did not budge from her slumber. Maybe she was in a food coma from everything she had gorged herself with the previous night. Regardless, it seemed like Vriska was out cold, and Terezi would have to perform this change without any input from her. Whether that made Terezi's job easier or harder would remain to be seen.

    Curiously, there didn't seem to be any evidence of diaper rash on Vriska's exposed crotch, despite the fact that she had doubtlessly been sleeping with her mess pressed up against her through the entire night. Perhaps Vriska had developed an immunity to diaper rash, after hyper-dumping in her nappies countless times. Or perhaps it was part of whatever bizarre mutation allowed her to regularly shit out her own body weight in the first place.

    Vriska's hours-old shit had a distinctively different odor than when it was fresh. For better or for worse, Terezi no doubt found it to still be intolerable. Then there was the fact that she would have to trek back up to the nightmare realm that was Vriska's bathroom to deposit this diaper after she finished changing it.

    Terezi's job was still as difficult as ever, and all she could hope was that Vriska gave her a generous tip after she finally woke up.

    Surprisingly enough money was the last thing on Terezi's mind, her senses were being so assaulted by the stench of shit that all she could focus on was getting this diaper changed and thrown away with the rest of them. If she was gonna do any cleaning in Vriska's room, this smell needed to GO.

    Once it become clear that Vriska wasn't going to wake up, Terezi just decided to suck it up and get to work. She started right away by reluctantly pushing her hands against the diaper and mushing them against the mass of shit to get an idea of how hard or soft it was. She then grabbed Vriska's legs and put them up over her shoulders so she could change her. Sitting right in the blast zone like this made Terezi nervous, but this was the only way she could think of to handle Vriska's legs during this.

    She carefully undid the diaper straps and pulled it open, instantly releasing more concentrated and awful shit stench right into her face. On top of that she was greeted by the unpleasant sight of a full diaper. Terezi put all of her focus into getting the diaper off of her without making a mess, but the position made it awkward, especially with Vriska's limp legs weighing heavily on Terezi's shoulders. She managed to get the diaper off and closed up tight, but not without getting a few specks of shit on her hands. Terezi felt like vomiting but she stayed strong.

    She carefully set the beach ball sized diaper full of scat aside on the bed and got to work getting Vriska cleaned up, a much easier task. Using baby wipes she started to wipe away all the old muck.

    After remaining in what seemed to be an impenetrable sleep, Vriska finally began blinking herself awake as she felt the cool morning breeze against her bare bottom, and the most wet wipe between her crack.

    It took her a few seconds to fully wake up and process everything that was going on. Eventually, she was able to put together that she had soiled herself in her sleep, and that Terezi had started changing her before she'd woken up. She now had the needed information, but her reaction still remained to be seen, and at this point it could quite believably go either way.

    It seemed as though the proverbial coin had landed on tails. Instead of thanking Terezi for taking the initiative, Vriska's face immediately curled into a bitter scowl.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Vriska said, batting Terezi away with her foot before she could finish wiping her.

    Terezi kept diligently at her task, performing the diaper change to the best of her abilities while Vriska remained as limp as a corpse. She was completely unaware that her employer was slowly waking from her deep slumber, and didn't notice until she was suddenly pushed away, falling back on the bed and crawling away a bit.

    "Shit! Oh gosh, uh, fuck... Sorry! Sorry! I was just trying to clean up in here and I noticed you had a pretty full diaper... And it smelled so bad in here and I just figured you'd need a change..?" Terezi tried to explain herself in a way that wouldn't piss Vriska off even more. Vriska's used diaper still sat on the bed like a disgusting medicine ball just a foot or two away from the both of them.

    "It's not up to you to decide what I do or don't need," Vriska said. Obviously that was a lie, she would no doubt scold Terezi for not doing something she was never asked to do later in the day, but so long as Vriska was the one with the money she could be as much of a hypocrite as she wanted.

    "Whatever, throw that thing away! But you have to replace it. Cook me up a breakfast that'll make a mess just as big as that one was, or there'll be no more money for you," she said demandingly.

    She slowly began to push herself up from the couch, her stomach grumbling hungrily in anticipation of what would no doubt be an inhumanly enormous morning meal.

    Terezi sat and endured her scolding, the stench of the nearby diaper making this even worse. Luckily, however, Vriska seemed to be in a merciful mood. At the very least she wasn't gonna lose her job over this, which was a big bonus. Without hesitation Terezi stood up and grabbed the balled up diaper, holding it with both hands.

    "Yes ma'am, of course... I'll get started right away!" Terezi replied as she hurried to dispose of the diaper. She made her way into the diaper landfill room once more and dumped it with the rest of them, before hurrying out and to the kitchen, where she instantly started washing her hands as thoroughly as one could. Being made to cook was almost a blessing compared to all this diaper related stuff, so Terezi couldn't complain there, but the idea that it would inevitably end up as a monster sized diaper made her cringe thinking about having to deal about it...

    She decided to just endure, she needed the money after all, and cooking was easy. She decided to begin by raising the fridge, which was still well stocked despite the feast she made last night. Luckily breakfast was something Terezi really knew how to do, and started up with the staples of Eggs, Bacon, Gravy, and Biscuits... 3 dozen eggs, six pounds of bacon, and nearly a gallon of gravy with 3 rolls of biscuits, to be exact. She saw how much Vriska ate yesterday, so she didn't pull any punches when it came to getting her morning feast ready. Terezi only hoped that she'd be able to get a few more tips before the day was done...


    It's been much too long since I did one of these. Let's change that.

    In this chapter Jessica faces off against the HRorr, a mutant vampire who feeds off more than just blood. She can absorb and expel any bodily fluid at will, and drain them from others in order to get stronger. How will Jessica defeat another filth-spewing foe? Find out in this issue of the incomparable adventures of the lovely, putrid Biohazardess!

    Contains belly bloating, farting, vampiric vore, clit growth, weight gain, and all around filth.

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    It had been a while since Jessica had last had cum in her eye, and she had neither a towel or an apologetic boyfriend to help her now. It was especially sticky, almost paste-like, and the harder she tried to remove it from her eyes the more it seemed to cling to them. She decided that she would have to fight blind for now, so she raised her arms in front of her for when the vampiress decided to strike.

        "We barely started and you're already on the back foot," her opponent taunted. 

        "You know I can still hear you, right?" Jessica spat, launching a furious hay-maker in the direction of the woman's raspy voice. 

        "Mmm, too slow," she said. Instead of colliding with anything, Jessica's fist simply sailed through the open air. Her eyes were out of commission, and her ears weren't doing her much good either. Her sense of smell was one of her most acute, but unfortunately The HRorr didn't have much of an odor to her. If she did, it was masked by the scent of the office workers surrounding her, who smelled a bit like asphalt after a rainy day mixed with industrial glue.

        Luckily, she didn't have to worry about aiming her punches, not when she had a much less precise, much more explosive weapon at her disposal. Though she had expelled an enormous amount of gas in her fight with the receptionist, she still had plenty left over to make a pretty considerable blast. That was one of Jessica's greatest strengths. Even when she wasn't at the gassiest, she always had at least something in the tank!

        "Take this!" Jessica said, letting out a fart that erupted in a radius of a few feet around her, hitting everything in that area with a powerful wave of reeking fumes. She couldn't tell if she had hit the HRorr, but she had at least put enough distance between her to yank that glooey spunk off of her face. 

        Her eyesight faded it until it was restored completely, just in time to see the vampiress materialize in front of her.

        "Ah, not bad," she said, pinching her nose to protect herself from the lingering stink which had mostly dissipated at this point. "You missed me, but you did manage to take out some of my food source at least."

        "Food source...?" Jessica looked around her, and saw that her fart had knocked over the cubicles of those zombified employees, groaning as they struggled to get out from underneath their weighty desks with muscles so weak that they could barely lift their pencils. 

        "Shit!" Jessica said, rushing over to a nearby worker and heaving his desk off of his emaciated body with her immense strength. "Spitting cum in my face is one thing, but using innocent people as a human shield, that's low!"

        The HRorr huffed. "You're one to talk about fighting dirty. Your little fart attack was impressive, but you're not the only one who knows how to weaponize their gas. Sintcorps decided it was 'chili night' at the office, and told all the girls with their cramped, bloated bellies that my feeding chamber was the bathroom. They made for such a lovely meal, and now all their nasty, pent-up gas is mine!"

        The HRorr hiked up her red dress, exposing her pantyless nethers underneath. Jessica wasn't even given enough time to be distracted by her ass before it erupted like a stenchy volcano in front of her. Clouds of light green gas along with droplets of anal juice spewed from the pale, flexing hole, and was sent hurdling in Jessica's direction with a thunderous, flatulent sound that echoed even after the duration of the lengthy fart finally ended.


        Having been exposed to her own putrid odors for a while now, her enemy's fumes barely tickled her nose, despite her particular brand being one she was less acclimated to. It would take a far more potent stink to genuinely sicken Jessica, if such a thing was even possible. The threat wasn't in the smell as much as it was with the force. Though Jessica managed to cross her arms in front of her to block the brunt of the damage, the impact of the rocketing stink-cloud was still enough to send her staggering a few inches back. 

        The workers seemed to fare even worse, their cubicles, desks, and their own bodies scattered by the stinking wind and strewn about the enormous room. Jessica wanted to help them all, but she couldn't worry about that while this monster was still standing. 

     Unfortunately she was terribly fast, and even the few seconds Jessica spent off balance by the fart were enough for her to take advantage of. The HRorr lunged at her with surprising speed for someone apparently so full of fluids and gasses, and sunk her fangs into one of the forearms Jessica had crossed over her chest. 

        "If draining the fluids of a few normal humans is enough to make me this powerful, imagine what your juices could do!" she said excitedly, though her mouth being pressed against Jessica's arm made it difficult to talk and gave her a nearly indecipherable lisp. Before she could draw any blood from her elbow, Jessica managed to shake her off."No matter. I can still defeat you without absorbing anything from that revolting body of yours."

        She might've been right, but Jessica wasn't going to give her enough time to prove it. Her dazed state left her vulnerable to a counterattack, which Jessica took full advantage of.

        Jessica payed her back for farting on her with some gas of her own, albeit of a different sort. Resting a hand against her gut, opened her mouth and let a belch explode from her throat, covering her opponent in a dense cloud of fog and spittle, both of which reeked of half-digested meat and unwashed breath.

        The HRorr's entire body stung, but her eyes and nostrils burned worst of all. The belch came out with enough force to knock the wind out of her too, which forced her to hastily inhale from the cloud of stench, which she would much rather have not done.

        While the HRorr was dazed by her belch, Jessica followed up with an attack of a more conventional source, delivering a viscous punch to her porcelain cheek. Jessica took great care to send her flying across the room in such a way that would cause as little harm to the poor helpless workers as possible, but unfortunately she couldn't avoid collateral damage entirely, as a few desks were still shattered to splinters by her falling body.

        The HRorr clutched her head as she emerged from the rubble. She wasn't sure if it was the punch that was making her vision blurry, or if her eyes were still watering from that awful stench. Either way, it was becoming clear to her that Jessica was a far greater threat than she had anticipated. She couldn't sap her strength like she could with her other opponents, nor could she take her down in her current state. She would need to refuel if she wanted to take this putrid green woman down.

        But first, she would need a distracting, and hocking another glob of cum into her eyes wouldn't keep her occupied for long enough. It took her a few seconds, but she managed to formulate a plan that would keep Jessica distracted so she could make her move. 

        "Look over here, you disgusting creature!" she said. "You want to be a hero so badly? Well, let's see if you can rescue all of them!"

        The vampiress hocked a glob of concentrated stomach acid at a nearby pillar, causing it to wobble and then collapse. The ceiling came with it, burying the zombified workers underneath a pile of rubble. Their moans indicated that they were at least still alive under there, but who knows how much longer they could last without Jessica's intervention. 

        Immediately Jessica leaped into action to dig them out before they were crushed. The HRorr would have plenty of time to herself while Jessica worked to free them, and all those other zombies slaving away at their computers were looking rather appetizing...

        Her teeth sank into their necks, draining them of their every bodily fluid and gas until they were even more deprived and corpse like than they were before, little more than skeletons covered in a paper-thin layer of skin just barley clinging to life. 

        She wiped her lips after draining a few dozen of them, and let out a belch that smelled like every conceivable bodily fluid at once. Needless to say, it had quite the strong odor, so much that Jessica hardly needed her superhuman senses to pick up on it. 

        "Damn!" she said, as she lifted another chunk of fallen ceiling. She had forgotten about the HRorr entirely, and let her get away with drinking countless amounts of nourishing blood right underneath her extra sensitive nose. She turned to face her enemy once again, and saw the sea of drained creatures behind her. "Ah, how refreshing," she said, expelling another rainbow of bodily fragrance from her mouth. She gave her belly a pat, which was still flat despite how full she must've been. "I think that should be more than enough nourishment to take you down."

        "Do your worst," Jessica said, crossing her arms over her chest in anticipation for some tsunami of cum or piss or sweat to wash over her. The HRorr chose to go in a bit of a different direction, though what she had in mind was no less shocking. 

        "Mmm, I've been playing around with the nastiest of substances for too long, I think," she said. "I want to play the role of the traditional vampiress again, and make use only of the sweet, delicious blood that I've drank. Watch, as I put all that ichor to use."

        Firstly, the HRorr raised her shirt, and Jessica watched in awe as the delicate pale pussy lips that were hidden underneath it began to stir. The HRorr's clit swelled before her very eyes, blood rushing into it with such force and vigor to be audible, with a sound like a water balloon being filled by a hose.

        The comparison to a balloon was apt, as the HRorr's clit was expanding as swiftly as one, growing to a few inches in length, and then steadily continuing to fill until she sported an entire foot-long phallus that jutted out from the crest of her labia.

        "Mmm, I think it'll take a bit more than that to tame a big girl like you," she mused, and so her bright pink pseudo-cock continued to grow exponentially, until the thought of her foot-long feminine fuckstick being something impressive was a quaint memory of simpler times.

        What stood before Jessica now was five full feet of thick, eager, turgid clit flesh, swollen near to the point of bursting and absolutely aching to be shoved into whichever wet, dripping hole was nearest. Jessica found herself asking, somewhat naively "what are you planning on doing with that thing?"

        "You," the HRorr said, caressing the fat, twitching thing like it was the head of a beloved pet. "You are what I'm planning on doing with this."

        "Like hell you are!" Jessica spat back. Unfortunately, this required her to open her mouth, and that gave the HRorr the opening she needed. Jessica would find herself unable to utter any more witty comebacks, as her mouth was now stuffed full of throbbing, overgrown clit.

        "Mmmf!" Jessica let out a muffled yell as the thing was forced down her throat. Luckily Jessica's esophagus was remarkably elastic to allow for easier swallowing of her prey, but that didn't make it any less unpleasant to have crammed into her body. Torrents of foul-smelling drool poured out of the sides of Jessica's mouth. The thing reached far beyond even Jessica's throat, penetrating her all the way down her stomach and causing her gut to bulge with the phallic form.

        Jessica would rather her stomach be swollen with this woman's partially digested body, which was exactly what she was planning on doing to her the moment she got the chance. The HRorr wasn't going to allow her that opportunity though, as her ceaseless thrusts in and out of Jessica kept the heroine held in place.

        "Mmmm..." The HRorr sunk a fang into her lip so hard that she drew blood. "Your mouth is so disgusting, so why does it feel so fucking good?" she said, plunging the several food long monster into Jessica's guts once again. "Fuck, I think I'm going to cum!"

        The vampiress wasn't actually sure if she could ejaculate with this thing, but that didn't stop her from looking forward to her climax. She didn't have to wait long to get it either, as her pussy and the overinflated slab of clitoral fuckmeat jutting out from it shuddered with an Earth-shattering orgasm.

        "Fuck, that felt amazing," she said, finally withdrawing her monstrous rod from Jessica's throat. It quickly deflated, until it returned to a manageable size. The HRorr was thoroughly satisfied, but still had enough energy left over to finish feasting on her foe. 

        Jessica, meanwhile, was in a heap of post-coital exhaustion on the floor. The fact that she had been deprived of oxygen for so long didn't help much either. She simply laid there, helpless, as the beastly woman approached, fangs drawn.

        "I've never tasted mutant blood before. I can't wait to see what you taste like," she said, plunging her teeth into Jessica's neck, and taking a good, long drink of all her delicious fluids. 

        Honestly, the HRorr should've seen it coming. She recoiled from Jessica's half-unconscious body, spitting and sputtering in an attempt to banish that revolting taste from her tongue. She had drained the piss and shit from countless victims without a complaint, but Jessica's juices were on another level of foulness that she simply couldn't tolerate. 

        "Ugh, disgusting!" she said. "I guess I can't make use of your vital fluids after all. I'll just have to finish you off the old fashioned way-"

        Before the vampire could make another move, her stomach emitted a strange, bassy gurgle that she had never known it to make before. She laid a hand to her suddenly cramping gut, and watched in horror as it expanded before her eyes like a balloon. 

        "W-what's happening?" she said, clutching her swelling stomach. Her stomach wasn't the only thing getting bigger either, nor was the size of her body the only thing that was changing. Her thighs thickened, her breasts became fat and saggy, and a great deal of flab began to manifest on all parts of her body at once. Her skin turned a toxic shade of green too. The bigger she got, the more discolored her flesh became. It took a few moments for the HRorr to put two and two together and realize what was happening. 

        "You, you did this to me!" she bellowed at Jessica, as she became increasingly obese with each passing second. She went from slender to curvy in the blink of an eye, and then from curvy to morbidly obese. Not content to stop there, her body continued to expand uncontrollably with adipose, with a sound a bit like a water balloon being filled. Her clothes stood no chance against her advancing weight, and were quickly torn to shreds as lime-green flab erupted from them. "Your poisoned me!"

        Jessica stumbled to her feet as the oxygen rushed back to her lungs. "Did I?" Jessica said, watching her foe expand with nothing less but a grin of utter satisfaction on her face. "I must be pretty badass, if I can beat you without even trying."

        The HRorr wanted desperately to lash out at Jessica. She was right there after all, but her weight had immobilized her. There was no way her fat, tree-trunk thick legs could propel her forwards anymore. There was nothing she could do besides watch as her own body expanded before her, until she could no longer tell which part of her was which, and she became an indistinct blob of radioactive green flab which seemed to expand for several feet in every direction. 

        All that added fat seemed to be making her pretty sweaty, as perspiration started to flow from her every pore. But this wasn't ordinary sweat, judging by its viscosity, color, and smell. It was, in fact, a slurry of all the juices she had drained from her victims, which now poured uncontrollably from her immobile two-ton body. What little instinct the zombified workers had left compelled them to stumble towards her, and press their lips against her corpulent flesh to drink from the nourishing fluids that had once been theirs.

        One by one, the color returned to their faces, along with their minds that had been lost. The HRorr had been turned from a great devourer to a big fat factory that couldn't help but give back to her victims all they had lost. Jessica watched with delight as she squealed like the enormous pig had become, as the workers drank from her unmoving form and were given back the consciousness they had lost.

        Jessica took one last second to taunt her shameless form. "Looks like you got exactly what you deserved," she said. 

        With the HRorr out of commission, all that remained was figuring out how to get out of here and back into the main Sintcorps building. After a bit of wandering around, she discovered a second elevator that seemed to lead out of his place. She could only hope that it wouldn't crash on top of her like the last one did, though she was sure Sintcorps had something waiting for her on the other side...