“Guess what I got for you to drink today wittle baby? Some hot cum!!”

    “Mmmmm doesn’t this look sooo yummy!! But this cummy’s not for Mommy! It’s alllll for you baby!!”

    “Mmmmmm here it cummssss!!”

    “Awwww yesss!! Drink it, baby!! Drink it allllll up!!”

    “Now hold out your tongue, slut! Let it drip into your mouth! That’s it!”

    “Now let’s get it all over that face shall we?! HAHAHAHA!!”

    “Oh my god…you’re getting fucking hard in your diaper aren’t you?! PATHETIC!”

    “You don’t belong to me any more hubby. You belong to us now. Mommy, and Daddy! Awww it’s okay! You’ll get used to it! It’ll be nice to have a REAL man around the house! Someone that can fix things, provide for us, and fulfill all of my sexual needs in ways you NEVER could! And you won’t have to spend hours sucking on my tits trying to get milk anymore either! All of your ‘milk’ will come from Daddy from now on! Isn’t that wonderful, princess?!”

    There there. Let’s get you in your pretty pink diaper but we will keep the chastity cage on. Mommy is having a girlfriend over so we need to make sure you are as pretty as possible so I can show you off to her. Don’t mind if things get a little friendly I’ll let you watch 😘 let’s hope she doesn’t laugh at the wittle sissy baby huh?

    Hush little one. I don’t wanna hear you whine, you sit in this corner and watch mommy have fun with her new friend, understand?

    Don’t worry cutie, we will take that paci out of your pretty little mouth now but it’s down on your knees to help clean up my friend here, and if you do a good job we can pull that diaper down and show you just how good he is whilst you clean mommy up, 🍭.