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    Similarities between two of my favorite impulsive animalistic tough boys of anime: Inosuke Hashibira and Kouga

    1. Both have lived around wild animals.

  • Inosuke was raised in the mountains by wild boars.
  • Kouga, being a wolf demon, was raised by wolves in the mountains.
  • 2. Both have a friend “of sorts” who they constantly try to compete and fight with.

  • Inosuke has Tanjiro who he constantly tries to compete with in terms of strength.
  • Kouga had Inuyasha who he constantly bickers with over strength and the attention of Kagome.
  • 3. Both are very head-strong and tend to act on impulse without thinking.

    4. Both are very strong fighters, and will do anything to can to prove their strength; even if it means putting themselves in serious danger.

    5. In the end, the both get married to a girl they have been acquainted with for a while.

  • Inosuke ends up marrying Aoi Kanzaki.
  • Kouga ends up marrying Ayame.