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    “She’s an alcoholic. That’s it. Full stop. Game over. Of course she comes to the table with a great deal of psychological frailty, but her excessive drinking only exacerbates her condition… Her sister Stella talks about her as a child and says she was always in a world of her own, always fantasizing about one thing or another. And the tragedy of Blanche is that she never got past that. The husband she convinced herself wasn’t really gay, the degrading encounters she tried to pretend were more than one-night stands, the march of time she thinks she halts by putting on sunglasses and dressing in high fashion … all of these things are signs of her mental weakness. And if there is a weakness in the mind to begin with, then alcoholism will grab hold of that weakness and walk hand in hand with it until you’re heading surely down the road to destruction. The tragedy of Blanche is that as the play progresses, she seems to be getting stronger, but she’s only getting more self-centred and there’s nothing inside for her to hold onto.”

    — Gillian Anderson on Blanche Dubois (via greenfinch)