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    Spanked by Abi the Sitter

    “Oh hi, Mr and Mrs Robinson,” Abi called out as Bobby’s parents got home. “Hi, Abi,” replied Mr Robinson, “everything ok?”

    “Well Bobby’s taking some corner time in the back room,” the 17 year old sitter replied, “he’s still a bit tearful so you might want to give him a moment.”

    “Oh, I am sorry, Abi,” tutted Mrs Robinson, “Bobby had promised me he wouldn’t act up with you tonight. Well he’ll be going over my knee as well after you’ve left, dear.”


    I remember being spanked by a few babysitters.


    Jen is on the left and Kara is on the right…..Kara was sleeping over at Jen’s house last night….They had asked Jen’s step-mom if they could go to the party that Tina Morris was having at her house but Jen’s step-mom said no because the party was for seniors and Jen and Kara were only sophomores….So the girls did what anyone would do in their situation..They sneaked out the window and went to the party….They had fun at the party and Kara even kissed a boy named Trevor who is a senior….about 4:30AM they were sneaking back into the house and were about halfway in the window when Jen’s step-mom turned on the light in Jen’s room (where she had been waiting for the girls to return)   Jen’s step-mom calmly walked over and pulled the window down trapping the girls who were half way in……Jen’s step-mom said, “You girls just wait right here until the sun comes up.”   The girls begged and pleaded for her to please open the window and let them come inside….but their pleading fell on deaf ears….About an hour later the sun did come up…the birds started signing and the neighbors started stirring around…..Jen’s step-mom walked outside and picked a switch from the willow tree in the front yard….then to the girl’s horror she peeled their panties down baring their bottoms…SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH……Jen’s step-mom  took her time and calmly switched both girls until they were kicking and screaming…When she finally stopped she said…..”Rather than corner time I a going to leave you tow right where you are for the next 30 minutes to relfect on the error of sneaking out of the house!”   Inside Jen’s bratty little brother was on the phone calling his friends to tell them they should come over to his house with in the next half hour because there was something that he knew they would LOVE to see…


    Girls when you spank him, it is better to put him across your bare thighs, as I am doing, because he will stain your cloths with his seman if you don’t do as I say. This way you can feel when his seman spurts out on your thigh, and that is good, because the spanking will do him a lot more good after he has been relieved of that seman. He will then feel the pain of the spanking in his bare bottom instead of feeling the pleasure in his penis. Here now you two can have a turn, Melissa, you can just pull up your skirt to put him over your lap, and Karen you will need to take your jeans off first. So Melissa why don’t you go first while Karen to taking off her jeans. Karen you watch carefully, because you will be next, and both you girls, don’t be afraid to spank him hard, also spank on his upper thighs as well as his bottom. I am depending on you two to take a big part in his discipline from now on. Tim, you will submit to your sisters whenever they determine you need a spanking, do you understand me young man?


    Perfect! And don’t forget it also includes sisters friends as well. A perfect world where older and bigger females spank naughty boys bare.


    My mom spanked me in front of my sister and her friends just like this when I was 15.