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    every one in north korea is a little jester whose sole purpose in life is to fool westerns into thinking they’re capable of having fun


    what even is supposed to be creepy abt this it looks like the most normal water park ever


    Regular North Korean man: *living his life* *eating a ice cream* Hmmmm I Love ice cream so yummy

    Weird people who can’t fathom the fact that North Koreans are normal human beings: Looks like an actor paid to make the country look good to me!


    every single villain with minions would be utterly fucked if the heroes just introduced them to the concept of workers’ unions


    While that Shrek scene is one of the best, I do feel some villains would survive the unionizing. Gru, for one, would have been fine even as a bad guy since he was still a good boss. Megamind would absolutely let Minion unionize, even if the union was just Minion.


    Roxanne: A union?

    Megamind: Yes, we’re very forward-thinking in this organization - very cognizant of workers’ rights.

    Roxanne: But the point of a union is collective bargaining, and Minion is-

    Megamind: Look, I weighed the costs and benefits, and if you want to have a three-hour debate about this, you do it.


    Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s backup dancers are canonically unionized iirc


    Finally some good fucking news


    they concluded that the rats were having fun partially bc the rats voluntarily initiated games, hopped around joyfully and teased researchers by pretending to come close and then skittering away. rats are Very Good


    These scientists are getting grant money to play games with rats all day and that is just, living the dream.


    that makes two human games that rats enjoy playing:

    • Tickle fight
    • Hide and seek

    and possibly three if you count the guy who trained rats to play doom


    My mom is pregnant I need bad baby names

    Here’s a few:

  • Melvin
  • Eugene
  • Gaylord
  • Anteater/Echidna (your choice, depending on whether you want the kid to lay eggs or not)
  • Bully Me Please
  • Eviscerox the Undying
  • Mickey Mouse
  • [choose literally any emoji]
  • That-which-crawls
  • Joker from the movie “Joker”
  • 1-800-BUY-NUTS
  • Gunk
  • Soppy the Clown
  • topfjdbehrktn (pronounced like Melvin)
  • Texas
  • Vriska
  • Favorite Child
  • Dark Souls III
  • Methamphetamine (Thamp for short)
  • COVID 19
  • The Stars Are Gone Where Did The Stars Go Why Is The Sky Dark I Cannot See The Stars
  • Psycho from the movie “American Psycho”
  • Meatus
  • Bazinga/Everypony (flip a coin each day to pick what their name is for that day)
  • Guilt
  • Dear Summer Camp Counselors: You Can Kill This One On Accident It’s Okay We Won’t Press Charges
  • ! (pronounced like the Metal Gear Alert sound)
  • Kidney Stone
  • Slenderman
  • [insert anon’s first name], middle name is “But Better”
  • Future Dictator
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Hamilton: The Musical
  • xX_pussyDestr0yer_Xx (xX_pussyDestroyer_Xx was taken)
  • Melvin 2: The Reckoning
  • Yea probably don’t use these

    Trans women shouldn't feel forced to be feminine. There, I said it. They should be able to feel free to wear whatever the fuck they want to wear without having to worry about whether some transphobic asshole is going to call them out on it. This goes for trans men and nonbinary people, too. Trans people shouldn't feel pressured into wearing clothes that are "assigned" to their specific gender just because cis people think they should