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    I’m kinda bummed that the online ABDL community has become more of an ~aesthetic~ than a fetish. Don’t get me wrong I love that our community has grown so much and stuff but I kinda miss when people who were part of the community actually had a diaper fetish. :///

    Also, wearing onesies without diapers = 👎


    It makes me feel better knowing there’s lots of people who agree! 😅


    Post again cause this is this truth.


    I will never stop reblogging this.

    🎠🌈 The ABDL Shop Pride Giveaway 🌈🎠

    The ABDL Shop is celebrating Pride this month by giving back! Enter for a chance to win! Winner receives: 🌈 10-pack of Carousel Diapers 🌈 4-pack of adult pacifiers (mint, purple, yellow and white) Rules: - Reblog this post to enter! - You must be following @theabdlshop - USA only (sorry international friends, we will get to you soon!) - You can enter as many times as you like! Winner will be chosen at random on July 1, 2017 and will be notified publicly and by private message 🎠 Good luck 🌈❤️



    Helping out Littles everywhere!!!

    Post which state you live in. Help somebody make a friend.

    I’ll start, I’m in Maryland.


    I’m in Pennsylvania.






    Brooklyn New York


    So I hit 100k followers a while ago and wanted to thank you all! And the blog is turning 2 on Feb 26th! I wanted to celebrate with everyone. THANK YOU ALL!


    1st winner: About 25$ worth of WHATEVER YOU WANT off Amazon :D

    2nd, 3rd, 4th Then there will be 3 other winners and you each get a Nessie ladle and perhaps some other goodies I throw it :)

    Someone will win their choice of whatever they want from Amazon *within reason* Amazon Prime items {I like free shipping or cheap}, About 25$ unless you have a good reason, if the item(s) you choose is only like 10-15$ I will throw in some other stuff that I think would fit with your taste. Also if you can’t choose I can choose for you if you give me ideas as to what you like


    From now until 8pm EST March 20th, 2016 One month from now!


    • Uh I guess I suppose you gotta be a food lover. I would say this is a thank you to my followers which in a way it is but you can always unfollow afterwards and there would be nothing I could do about it. So I don’t require you to follow me but that’d be nice guardians-of-the-food.
    • Must be 18 or older or have a guardian/parent consent (Just cause I don’t wanna feel like a creeper sending a 13 year old something) (would mostly just be an email thing I suppose)
    • Gotta Reblog this post, cause if not then how will the word get out? :O (One reblog, one like, don’t need you spamming people)
    • No giveaway blogs?? (I didn’t even know this was a thing but lots of people put this on their giveaway posts)
    • Don’t delete this text. Uh how will people know, ya know? (and that picture isn’t very pretty)
    • I will be using Random Chooser to pick the winner so it will be completely random
    • I do require the winner to post a picture of the received times just to verify that you got it and I did it legit. You must post it to your Tumblr and tag guardians-of-the-food (after I see the post you can delete it idgaf - just let me know if you do not want me reblogging it)
    • The person picked will get 48 hours to respond so have your inbox open. THIS WAS A PROBLEM LAST TIME. I HAD TO RANDOM IT A FEW TIMES BECAUSE THE ONES CHOSEN DID NOT HAVE THEIR INBOX OPEN.
    • The first prize is international but unfortunately I cannot afford to ship outside of the country for the ladles/surprises.

    Another note, please to win I’m gonna need your address so if you don’t feel comfortable giving me that then you can’t win!

    Final note: If this is successful then there will be more giveaways, hopefully still international, so please don’t spoil this for the rest who don’t win. I’m fairly certain I cannot legally make you take a picture and post it but that will affect future giveaways. Also I’m not 100% sure if Tumblr agrees to giveaways so Tumblr is not sponsoring this and I am not associated with them.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!


    Okay guys! Excuse my spam but I need to explain my network again for my new followers/anyone who doesn’t know about it. My college ddlg network is a list that can be found on my blog..in order to join, you must send me an ask/submit/fanmail with your college, where it’s located, what you identify…


    I’m changing this..the first 40 people that reblog will be listed in the promo!!

    please reblog if you're a little looking for other little friends

    I barely have any little friends and it makes me feel sad. I want to talk about your mommy/daddy, stuffies, naps, bed time stories, spankings, monster high dolls, pretty much anything dealing with littlespace. Plus some of the sad parts of relationships if you need to talk. I promise I’ll be very sweet and share my candies with you. :3