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    “Smile for the camera!” the photographer called.

    Jason and Danny grinned down the lens, the biggest, widest, toothiest grins of the day. It may have been their wedding, but they weren’t smiling about that. They both had a secret.

    “Where are you both going on your honeymoon?” asked one of Jason’s college friends eagerly.

    “We’re going to an all-inclusive beach resort in Greece,” Jason answered quickly, slipping an arm around Danny’s waist and sliding a hand down to touch his firm butt. “Nothing but good food and relaxing in the sun for two whole weeks,” he continued, trailing his fingers over Danny’s fine glutes and turning him on, right there in the middle of their reception. “Apparently, they have an amazing chef who creates these fantastic dishes, day and night. Tall towers of chocolate profiteroles, deep fried kebab meat and the best selection of ice creams in Europe,” he gloated, silently patting Danny’s butt appreciatively, making him blush.

    “You guys are going to have such an incredible time” she gushed. “Just make sure you get loads of pictures of you two on the beach!” she winked provocatively.

    “Oh don’t you worry!” Jason smiled. “Almost all we’re packing is swimwear. Danny and I don’t plan on getting dressed for pretty much the entire two weeks.”

    Everyone saw the perfect, happy couple that day. A match made in heaven. But the real truth was that, six months ago, the entire wedding preparations and even Danny and Jason’s whole relationship, almost came to a devastating and premature end.

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    Office Hours

    Summary: Dave has never been much of a reader. But when he finds himself enrolled in an English course with a hunky TA named Cole, Dave discovers plenty of newfound interests… especially when Cole’s weight starts climbing.


    As the professor shuffled through some notes at the front of the room, Dave let his mind (and his eyes) wander. There were so many electives he could have taken: Art History, Intro to Human Sexuality… and he chose English. It had always been his worst subject in high school. Dave could understand numbers, the tireless cycle of hypothesis and experimentation, but… words? Words weren’t exactly his strong point.

    But he’d been late to register, and he needed a humanities credit. So after grumbling all the way to class, he found himself seated in a musty corner of the Arts Building, playing solitaire on his laptop and flicking through social media. At least there were a few cute guys in the room—sensitive, artsy types, laid-back stoners, fit gym-bunnies….

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    Story Index

    Thought I would make a master list of all my stories, for convenience. I’ll be updating this as I publish more. Enjoy! 🐷

    Beached: Nick gains a new appreciation for the beach after seeing a very large (yet strangely familiar) figure.

    Big Moments: When Connor puts on a few pounds, he has no idea that it’s just the beginning—his weight gain is just getting started. This story follows his transformation from slim young man to hefty chub.

    Lifeguard Off Duty: In this multi-part collaboration with gainerstories, former lifeguard Bradley faces big temptations at his new office job, and soon finds himself in a losing battle with the bulge.

    Room Service: Serving at a hotel restaurant isn’t Enrique’s dream job, but he does enjoy the free meals and handsome customers. But those perks come with some unintended consequences.

    10-Year Reunion: Matthew is surprised to discover a former classmate has grown in more ways than one since graduation—and he’s even more surprised by the chemistry between them.

    Amenities: As he tries to recreate an unforgettable night from his past, married businessman Nate discovers that the universe has much larger (but equally steamy) plans in store for him.

    Treats: Who doesn’t love a man outgrowing his Halloween costume? This is the story of Noah and Troy, and the different ways they spend Halloween over the years.

    Marathon: Follow Jason, an overfed ex-jock, on a one-day whirlwind of gluttony as he eats his way through his small town’s most fattening offerings.

    Kept Boy: Daniel, a twunky former model, is enjoying his easy life as the kept boy of a mysterious international businessman, pampered by live-in chef Leon. Of course, this life of ease—and indulgence—has some major consequences for Daniel’s figure.

    Hot Weather: Ian is a cameraman at a sleepy local news station. When a handsome young hunk lands a job as the station’s new weather broadcaster, Ian’s work gets a lot more interesting… especially when the object of his desire starts thickening up.

    A Day’s Work: This story follows two employees of a popular food delivery app as they go about their workdays. One is a beleaguered bike courier, the other is the company’s co-founder and head of development, a big boy with an appetite for living large—I’ll let you decide who has the harder job.

    Thrifting: Evan keeps outgrowing his clothes. As he donates them to a local thrift store, he builds a rapport with Ali, the store’s handsome clerk. Will their flirty back-and-forth blossom into something… bigger?

    Go Big, Go Home: Finn isn’t exactly known for his work ethic. When he realizes that he can work from home if he gains enough weight, he decides to go for it. But after unleashing his gluttony to hit his target, will he be able to contain his inner hog?

    Big Bro: Marco is a cocky jock who takes his good looks for granted. When he starts to mock his hefty stepbrother’s weight loss regime by adopting a diet change of his own, he winds up facing far heavier consequences than he anticipated.


    Favorite stories where a group of dudes all become immobile blobs?

    While most stories I have saved feature guys that grow to blobs, most just focus on one or two guys or just allude to other guys being blobs too. Though there are a couple I can think of to recommend off the top of my head.

    College Life by likembig- Recommended this one before. Whole frat house of jocks get their karma when they're curse to grow for every time they made fun of someone's weight.

    Lockdown Pounds by EveryoneShouldBeFat - Three guys sign up for a catering business while in lockdown. They progressively get fatter of the meals, till the final treat at the end sends them over the edge.

    The Heavy Hero 1, 2, 3 by fattyfatman - While not personally into the anime still a good story here. Heroes chase after a guy with the power to make people fatter on contact. Each installation adds more guys to the blob-sized status.

    The Lab by Lardfill - Gotta pay for this one of course. But, this one really comes to mind on having a bunch of guys be fat blobs. Guys get jobs as taste testers but get to live like true gluttons. Getting fatter and fatter till they end up with all the other blobs there.

    That's about all I can find at the moment, though open to other recommendations. Personally, for some of the story ideas I have outlined that feature a group of guys growing to blobs. Mainly the Fattening Fruits, Adipose Artifact and Zodiac Superchubs, all with four guys at the least and twelve at most.

    Though it'll be a while before I get around to them. Right now I'm at 2.5k words on the Pranking Roommates story. Most of that is the general build-up "plot". Only a bit more of that then moving on to back-to-back weight gain scenes. Also kinda wanna do the beauty and the blob story idea next, or rather "The Baker and The Blob". Been really thinking about that one, so it'll probably be next in line.

    The Regular

    All things considered, Cameron didn’t mind his job at the quiet little restaurant he worked at, even if it did get a little slow sometimes. The pay was enough to keep up with his college kid budget, his managers and coworkers were pretty cool, and the workload was never too challenging. But the best part about his job by far, Cameron thought, was the people watching.

    Cameron himself stood at just over 6 feet tall, his black work polo shirt draping loosely over his toned yet slim 155 pound frame. His nearly black hair matched his dark brown eyes, and the stubbly beard he’d recently decided to grow out highlighted his sharp jawline perfectly. Looking at him, most people assumed his type were boys like him: tall, lean and muscular, and they couldn’t be more wrong. In Cameron’s eyes, nothing was hotter than a man with a big appetite, and the fat belly that came with it was an added bonus. He’d typically get a fair amount of chubbier men at his register, making his voice a little sweeter when they ordered, and he was hoping to get his fair share of chubby guys in his line today.

    Today’s shift was like any other. Cameron got to the restaurant just before 2pm, clocked in, and messed with the aging cash register until everything was in order. One of the perks of working at a restaurant close to campus was that there was a fairly consistent flow of studs who’d put on the freshman 15 (or sometimes 30), and today started off in just that way. Cameron smiled as he caught glimpse after glimpse of former abs that were now buried under a new layer of fat underneath their clothes. However, the flow of these men began to slow down as the lunch rush ended, and Cameron eventually found himself bored as the midday rush came to an end.

    Until a few hours later, a few minutes after 5pm, he walked in. Cameron’s eyes widened slightly as he caught a glimpse at the man that just walked in. Sure, his charming face was nice to look at, but Cameron’s eyes immediately travelled downwards and stared at the man’s belly. It was almost perfectly round and heavy, clearly the result of many fast food runs like this one. His belly pushed against the too-tight shirt he was wearing, and Cameron’s mind raced as he imagined what he looked like without the shirt. He’s got to be over 200 pounds, he thought to himself as he moved his eyes up to greet him.

    “Hi, I can take your order whenever you’re ready!” Cameron said, finishing his sentence with a rare smile.

    “Oh, I’ll have the double cheeseburger meal with a large fry,” the man said as Cameron began to ring up his order. “And I guess I’ll also get a side of onion rings, too,” he continued, as Cameron’s ears perked at the amount of food he was ordering. “And I’ll have a large coke with that.” he finished his order and twisted around to grab his wallet.

    Suppressing the tightness in his pants, Cameron finished ringing up the stud’s meal, finally asking, “And can I get the name for that order, sir?”

    “Oh yeah, it’s Noah,” the chubby boy said, swiping his card, making eye contact with Cameron for just a split second. After Cameron gave him back his card, he watched as Noah’s meaty ass jiggled as he sat at the table closest to his register. And after he served Noah’s food not too long later, Cameron watched with devilish interest as the boy began to attack his meal. Fry after fry made its way into his belly, chased immediately by a large sip of his coke. His burger slowly disappeared into his hungry stomach, followed closely by the onion rings. Cameron’s boner pressed uncomfortably against his work pants as he watched Noah slow down, visibly straining to force the remains of his burger and the last of his fries into his full belly. Noah relaxed in his chair as he finished his meal, bloated belly sticking out further than earlier, and Cameron could barely disguise the boner poking through his work pants. After a few minutes of Noah relaxing, he got out of his chair, and went to leave the restaurant, but not before waving to Cameron and smiling as he walked out the door.

    And thus Cameron noticed that Noah started to become a regular customer, not that he was complaining at all. He was worried that he would never see him again after last night, but the following night, Noah entered the restaurant with his belly leading the way to Cameron’s cash register, where Cameron was grinning internally as he took his order. And once again, as soon as Noah got his food, he sat down at the table directly in front of Cameron and began to attack his meal again. The tightness in Cameron’s work pants returned as he stole glances of the chubby boy working through his double cheeseburger, large order of fries, and the chocolate milkshake Cameron convinced him to order. As Noah slowly finished his meal, his belly slowly bloated out further than before, Cameron’s attentive eyes caught every second of Noah massaging his belly. Noah stood up to leave as he finished his meal, his belly weighing heavy and jiggling against his tight t-shirt. As he left the restaurant, he turned to Cameron once again and smiled as he waved at him.

    Fortunately for Cameron, Noah still showed up almost every night, ordering his food from an increasingly enamored Cameron. As the semester progressed, the two boys slowly began to grow friendlier every time Noah visited, small talk eventually growing into longer conversations. Noah would do the same thing every night that drove Cameron crazy: sit down at the same table every night and shove bite after bite into his stuffed belly in front of Cameron’s yearning gaze. As the semester progressed, Cameron noticed how every time Noah came back, he appeared to be slightly bigger than his previous visit. Cameron watched as Noah’s belly gradually took more space in front of him as he walked, stretching the fabric of every shirt Cameron saw him wear, and forcing him to waddle up to Cameron’s register. Even when the weather got cold, Noah was still making routine trips to the restaurant, where Cameron would take his increasingly larger order. Even underneath a heavy jacket, there was no denying that the bulging mound of soft belly fat was gradually pushing harder and harder against Noah’s clothes. By the end of November, Cameron guessed that Noah must have gained almost 40 more pounds, relishing in how his crush’s body was expanding right in front of him. Cameron wanted nothing more than to run his hands over his softened body, stuff food into his mouth, and press his muscular body into Noah’s stuffed belly as he finished his supersized meal.

    As the semester gradually came to an end, Cameron’s crush on Noah continued to grow faster than his crush’s waistline. Of course, Noah was still coming in almost daily, every night a little fatter than before, belly occasionally poking out underneath his tight shirt, which Cameron loved. By now, Noah was clearly significantly fatter than he was only months ago, Cameron guessing that he must weigh almost 250 pounds by now. The belly that Cameron was thirsting over looked rounder and heavier than ever, moobs and love handles growing to match Noah’s prominent belly. His order had nearly doubled since the first time he ate at the restaurant, Cameron’s subtle encouragement convincing Noah to order something more every day. Noah was now ordering two triple bacon cheeseburgers, 10 chicken nuggets and two orders of large fries on top of the large soda he would drink. And every night he would waddle over to the same table, sit down and slowly stuff all the food he ordered into his mouth, leaving Cameron flustered and sweaty as Noah slowly heaved himself up and waved to him as he left. Cameron would think about him for the rest of his shift, imagining running his hands across his soft belly as the fat boy ate for him.

    It was the last weekend before Cameron moved away for the summer, and business today was particularly slow. I guess everyone is busy moving out, he thought to himself as he wiped down the front countertop for the third time that hour. Cameron was also well aware of the fact that Noah hadn’t showed up that night, noting that he had to close the restaurant in less than an hour. He probably already moved out, Cameron thought to himself as he cleaned up the table his register sat on. As the evening passed and the rest of his coworkers gradually clocked out, Cameron accepted the fact that he was probably going to be disappointed tonight.

    Until at 10 minutes before Cameron had to close the front door, the silence of the empty restaurant was disturbed by the door opening as Cameron looked up to see Noah walk inside. He immediately smiled as Noah walked towards his register, belly pushing the limits of the tank top he was wearing. “Hey Noah, what can I get you tonight?” he asked, Cameron smiling as he saw his crush’s big belly approach him.

    “Hey man, I’m fucking starving tonight,” Noah said, resting a hand on top of his belly as a low growl escaped. “Can I get my regular, but can you add another order of those chicken nuggets please, and an extra order of onion rings too,” he asked, his shirt riding up ever so slightly as he reached for his wallet. “Oh, and a chocolate milkshake with that as well,” he added after a second of hesitation. Cameron’s keen eye immediately locked onto this soft expanse of skin that escaped his shirt, and his mind raced at the sight of his crush’s fuzzy belly. It didn’t take long for Cameron to finish the transaction, and after reading the order to a grumbling cook, Cameron handed Noah his two trays heaping with food. As Cameron slowly returned to his desk, he watched as the cook clocked out and said to him, “You’re in charge of closing up after he’s gone,” and gestured towards Noah as he walked out the door.

    All that remained inside the restaurant was Cameron and Noah. There were a few things Cameron had to do before he could talk to Noah, but those chores were done much faster than usual thanks to Cameron rushing. As Cameron turned off the last light behind the counter, he turned towards the table where Noah was busy shoving the last of his first burger into his mouth.

    “Hey man, how’s it going?” Cameron asked feebly as he got to the table, eyes immediately locking onto Noah’s belly.

    “Going pretty good man, everything’s going great” he replied, taking a large sip of his milkshake.

    Cameron tried his hardest to keep the conversation going, all the while sneaking glimpses of Noah’s gut as more food entered his belly. However, the brief conversation that Cameron tried to carry quickly died off. As Noah continued to eat his food, Cameron’s eyes unashamedly glanced at his tight tank top, then to Noah, and his boner slowly began to revive itself as he watched the fatboy eat. He was worried that Noah may have noticed his stare a couple times, but sighed a breath of relief when he kept eating.

    I should say something, Cameron thought as Noah moved to a box of chicken nuggets.

    “Do you mind if I-” Cameron asked quietly, hesitantly reaching out a hand before immediately pulling it back.

    “Go for it,” Noah responded between bites, understanding exactly what Cameron was asking and lifting up his tight tank top, exposing his fuzzy belly. “Rub it for me.”

    With slightly less trepidation, Cameron reached out his hand until it met the surface of Noah’s warm belly. It was just as soft as he’d imagined. Slowly, Cameron began rubbing small circles into the widest part of Noah’s belly, causing a surprised yet pleased groan escape Noah’s lips. Cameron’s hands slowly began to travel further across Noah’s belly, as Noah stopped eating to watch as Cameron rubbed his softened midsection, occasionally letting out a quiet moan. For a while, all that was seen was Cameron sensually rubbing Noah’s belly, both boys more aroused than ever. Eventually, Noah resumed eating his meal, leaving Cameron to rub his body freely. Running his hand lower, he rubbed Noah’s developing overhang, feeling how soft and pliable the warm skin was there. Feeling adventurous, he placed his other hand on Noah’s belly as well, running his hands along Noah’s fattened sides and up towards his moobs, which were softer than Cameron expected. As Noah continued to eat, Cameron could feel the top of his belly grow firmer as he slowly stuffed more food inside, occasionally letting out a stifled burp as he gradually slowed down his pace.

    “You know, this feels really good,” Noah started, a slight groan escaping his lips as Cameron’s hands wandered closer to his tight stomach, “but there’s no way I can finish everything that I ordered, man,” he said, gesturing to the half-full tray of food. “I’m too full.”

    Cameron looked behind him, and saw the tray containing the food that Noah hadn’t eaten. One cheeseburger remained, as well as most of his fries and a handful of chicken nuggets. A spark lit in Cameron’s eye. “Not if I can do something about it,” he said, standing up and pushing the tray of food closer.

    Cameron repositioned himself in a more dominating position, and unwrapped the burger. “Open wide, Noah,” Cameron said in a teasing voice, pushing the loaded cheeseburger up to his lips. Noah took a bite, chewing as Cameron pushed the burger onto his lips again. “Just keep eating, big guy,” Cameron encouraged, shoving the burger further as he took another bite. His dick twinged at the sight of the fattened boy underneath him, eating for him despite his belly rumbling in protest. “You’re doing so good,” Cameron continued, a hand returning to his belly as Noah kept chewing, “but you’re not done yet!” he continued, hearing Noah moan as he massaged his protesting stomach. He continued to shove the burger into Noah’s open mouth, and he watched eagerly as bite after bite of the cheeseburger entered his belly. “You ate that whole burger, fatty!” Cameron said sweetly as the last bite of the burger went down Noah’s throat. Noah moaned in pain and arousal as he immediately went to clutch his grumbling belly. Cameron also reached his hands to Noah’s belly. “Fuck, You’re bigger than I thought,” Cameron whispered into Noah’s ear as he grabbed a handful of fries.

    “It’s because of all that food you keep getting me to order,” Noah said playfully around the handful of fries Cameron just shoved into his mouth. “I’m at 261 pounds now because of y-” Noah said as more fries were forced into him. Cameron grabbed handful after handful of the fries on the tray and kept pushing them into Noah’s mouth, where he greedily kept eating. Cameron felt as Noah licked the salt off his fingers, before grabbing another handful. “You know, eating like this’ll make you a fat boy,” Cameron teased, poking a finger into the roundest part of Noah’s belly. Noah responded with a burp as he swallowed his fries. “A soft, jiggling, round little fat boy like you,” Cameron continued as he pushed more fries into Noah’s mouth. “You’re just going to grow even fatter. Don’t you like that?” Cameron finished with a growl, as Noah’s belly growled. Cameron gathered the last of the fries into his hand and shoved them into Noah’s open mouth. “But look at you go! Clearly you have a healthy appetite, big guy,” Noah groaned in arousal as his hands immediately went to rub the sides of his belly. Only a burp left Noah’s mouth, crumbs littering his face. Noah moaned as he rubbed his belly, looking at Cameron. “Dude, I’m so full,” he said quietly, burping as he massaged the top of his belly. “I can’t believe how much you’re making me eat,”

    “Well then open wide, big guy, you’re almost done!” Cameron said teasingly, gently patting his belly as he grabbed the last of his food, a box of chicken nuggets, and dunking one in ketchup.

    “Fuck dude, I’m so fu-” Noah started to feebly protest before the first chicken nugget was pushed into his mouth by Cameron. “You aren’t done with your meal quite yet,” he said playfully, grinning as he heard Noah’s moans return. Grabbing another chicken nugget, he didn’t allow Noah any time to think before he shoved the second nugget into his mouth. Nugget after nugget slowly made its way into Noah’s distended belly, as he moaned increasingly loud as more food was shoved into his impossibly packed belly. Cameron’s free hand was wasting no time running across his belly, stopping to massage his bloated stomach to alleviate the tightness. Noah moaned as he felt Cameron’s warm and slightly sticky hands run from the widest part of his belly up across his lovehandles and towards his moobs. “Here’s the last one, Noah,” Cameron said, dunking a generous amount of ketchup onto the last chicken nugget. “Open wide!” Noah opened his mouth to let the last chicken nugget enter his mouth, and after some labored chewing, swallowed the last nugget, ending his monstrous meal. All Noah could do was burp and moan in equal parts arousal and discomfort as his hands dashed to his impossibly packed stomach.

    The sight was enough to make Cameron’s hard boner, pressed against Noah’s chubby thigh, begin to leak precum onto his pants. There sat Noah, belly completely exposed as more food was forced inside him than ever before. Crumbs and ketchup covered Noah’s mouth as well as the top of his belly, and wrappers and bags littered the area where the two boys were seated. All Noah could do was rub his belly and groan in arousal and discomfort as he began to process the sheer amount of food he had eaten. His swollen belly now looked huge, his tight tank top from earlier now entirely too small for him. Noah burped loudly, punctuating the silence as Cameron returned both hands to the widest part of Noah’s stuffed belly.

    “You know, I’ve kinda had a bit of a crush on you for a while now,” Cameron started bashfully, after a few quiet moments of rubbing Noah’s stuffed gut.

    “I can see that, now,” Noah responded between burps, chuckling. “I’m glad you did, even if this gut disagrees,” he joked as Cameron squeezed the bottom of his belly as a loud rumble punctuated the quiet room.

    “This was really hot, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now,” Cameron continued, now running a finger in and around his belly button. Feeling brave, he continued to speak, “If you’d like, I have an empty apartment and a full fridge, and I could…” his voice trailed off as he watched as Noah hypnotically rubbed his stuffed belly.

    Noah smiled as he thumped the sides of his belly. “That would be nice, Cameron,” he said, trying to stand up and having to readjust because of the size of his belly. “But you better not be lying about that full fridge! A guy like me needs all the food he can get, you know,” he added, pressing his belly into Cameron. Noah laughed as him and Cameron headed outside.

    Cameron could barely believe his luck. In just one day he finally got to not only feel his crush’s belly, but he also fed him, and now he was also bringing him home with him. As he got into the car, Cameron decided he’d make one final pit stop at the drive thru by his apartment. He may have told the truth about his full fridge, but what could a few more burgers hurt? He imagined stuffing more burgers into Noah’s mouth as he groped his fat belly. It’s going to be a good night, Cameron thought to himself, smiling.


    Danny gave a sigh of relief as he settled into his new bedroom. Everything seemed to have come together perfectly. He hadn’t liked the idea of living on campus when he came to college. He didn’t have the patience for it. Taking a couple of years out, working and travelling, had changed him for the better. Living here with other the guys, also a couple of years older than the usual first years, was just what he needed.

    Mathematics had been Danny’s gift since middle school. His brain just seemed wired for it, and so coming here to college to get a degree and a good job from it, seemed like the obvious choice. The other guys were much the same. They weren’t simply on the conveyor belt of education; shipped straight from high school onto a course that they had only a vague interest in. These guys were going places; it was obvious. Take Ryder, for example; at twenty years old, he’d already spent two years working as personal trainer. The walls of his room were covered with medals and certificates from the many marathons and sporting events he’d competed in. Now he was getting his degree in sports science and had big aspirations for what he wanted to do in this industry. That’s the sort of guy people should be aspiring to be like, Danny decided, feeling that flush of arousal that he always got whenever Ryder popped into his mind. He sighed slightly. Maybe part of his admiration for the guy came from having a massive crush on him, he conceded. However, it was beyond his comprehension that anyone could gaze upon Ryder and not fall instantly in love with the him; those broad, athletic shoulders and strong arms; the perfect, handsome face and cute, pert butt. He sighed, realising how much like a teenager he felt, lusting after a straight guy he could never have. But Ryder was hardly unaware of the effect he had on others. It seemed to become a running joke within only a couple of weeks, that there was always a new face down in the kitchen each morning. ‘The Ryder Girls’ was how they dubbed these women; the guy’s own personal fan club of girls he could pick up with ease.

    Maybe it was the slight pang of jealousy that ensured Danny made almost no effort with these women. But what was the point? Ryder hardly ever brought them home more than once. Perhaps that was why he felt so surprised when the same girl was down in the kitchen for the fourth morning in a row.

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    The Scale

    Your scale is telling you you’ve gained twenty three pounds in the last few months, and you can hardly believe it. Pushing up your shirt, you brush your fingers over your soft, protruding belly, which is admittedly quite a bit plumper than you’re used to, just like your thighs and your arms. You bite your lip. 

    You know you’ve gotten a little lazy. Indulging more than you should. You know you spend a lot of time on the couch and in bed, rarely eating anything healthy. You’re aware you’ve been stopping for fast food more and more ever since you got that raise. It seems your body is finally starting to reflect your lazier lifestyle. 

    Twenty three pounds, though. That’s a bit much. 

    You weigh yourself again after three months and your jaw falls open. Another nineteen pounds? Your mind is racing. You feel like you lost control somewhere along the way and missed how it happened. Now, just looking down at yourself makes you wince. Because god, you’re getting kind of big. Your belly hangs over your waistband along with your thick, embarrassing love handles. Your thighs smoosh together really damn tight as you try to keep your balance on the scale, but they swell out to the sides even worse, making you look too wide. Honestly, you’re a little afraid to see the size of your ass in the mirror, because just reaching back and feeling it, you know its blown up. 

    You know you need to actually try to lose weight now. You’ve gained over forty pounds and the year isn’t close to being over. You rub your forehead and step off the scale, feeling your body quiver a bit with the motion. Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, you recite to yourself. 

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    “It will happen to you, too”

    I can’t believe how thin I used to be. How handsome. How clothes fit me so well. How easy it used to be to do everyday things like tying shoes, or getting out of the car or even walking around a crowded space. Not anymore. Now I’m 450 pounds and growing. And it will happen to you too.

    I never wanted to be this big. It just kind of, happened. I was warned. Gaining is addictive, guys would tell me. “It’s hard to stop once you really get into it” one gainer told me. He was a mere 250 pounds back then. He’s 350 now. Smaller than me. Maybe not as greedy as I am.

      It was only supposed to be thirty pounds at first. At 22 years old, 160 lbs on my 5'8 frame was a good, slender size. My muscles were tone, but nothing special. I had been a runner in high school. Track and Field. But never had some particularly shredded body. After college, is when I really got into gaining. I had found this video of a massive guy with a ball gut as big as a beach ball. Stretched to its limit. Firm but chubby. Covered in old faded stretch marks and a few new ones on his bulging corpulent love handles. He would chug a full blender of gainer sludge, a concoction of peanut butter and ice cream and heavy cream and chocolate syrup and mass gainer. Then he’d rub his gut and say “bigger. BIGGER. I NEED TO BE BIGGER.” Then I’d squirt, a hot stream of cum all over my slender body. FUCK. That was hot.

      I wanted to grow, but not quite that big. I mean, That is extreme. That guy would get stared at in public. Surely his coworkers and friends and family members were worried about his size. And in the gay world, who would want to hook up with a gigantic slob weirdo like that guy? All my gay friends were into chiseld muscular beach bodies with sleek defined abs and tight little butts.

    So the first thirty pounds really was FUN. I ate everything I could. Fast food, protein shakes, candy bars, protein bars, more protein shakes, extra cream in my coffee, an entire pizza to myself, donuts every morning, always ordering dessert. I loved watching my belly start to bulge out over my pants when I’d be bloated. My shirts got a little snug. 190 lbs came in about 4 months. Not too bad! And definitely noticeable. Guys at the bar would pat my shoulder and say things like “you’ve really bulked up!” and “someone’s been eating well!“It was just an experiment. Just 30 lbs. Just to see. But once I got to 190 lbs… it felt… kind of disappointing. I felt a little deflated once I stopped trying to gain. A little just… there. My body was just soft but not really fat. A small belly, but nothing to draw attention to it.

      The gainers online knew I was vulnerable. The encouragement came swift. They loved my before and after photos. “First thirty pounds” and guys were jerking off to my pics. I’d get messages every day asking how much more I’d try to gain. “I dunno, maybe 10-20 more pounds I guess.” But they knew more than I did. That once I got over that threshold from “fit guy who has put on weight” to officially a “fat guy” that I’d be hooked. It’ll happen to you too.

      A month later I was at a solid 200 pounds. Definitely not thin anymore. My muscles were padded with some thick meat. This is when I met my first feeder. He was a really slender handsome guy. And he wanted to fuck me up good. First thing he did was make me associate chugging and eating with sex. “Finish your pizza and drink 3 Boosts VHC” then he’d relieve the tension by stroking my rock hard cock. Nothing made me hornier than pigging out. Just absolutely bloating myself as big as possible. Knowing I was dumping 5000 calories into my body a day. I was horny constantly. Yet somehow, I was always unfulfilled. I needed MORE.

      He piled weight on me quick, and within 5 months, I was a stocky 230 lbs. My largest pairs of jeans were stretched to their limit. My lovehandles pushed the denim out, making it fold over itself at the waistband. My thighs were exploding out of the jeans. Several pairs ripped in the crotch. I would feel my soft underbelly sitting in my lap in the car. Caress it. Get horny. Yet always feel like I needed more. This will happen to you too.

      Around 250 the stretchmarks really started to show. Encircling my belly button and also on my thighs, upper arms, and lovehandles. They made me so horny. Knowing that I was growing so fast that I was out-growing my own skin. At 260, I hit my 100-pounds gained mark. And boy did people notice. My old college buddies would flick my supple man tits. Guys at the bar would grab my flabby waist and pat my round bloated gut and laugh and say “looks like you’ve been skipping cardio day!” This made me want more.

      The online gainer community had become my real-life community. at a very stocky, round, 280 lbs, I would meet up with other gainers. But no one wanted to grow as fast as I did. Each day was a practice in seeing how fat I could get. An entire carton of heavy cream. Followed by Boost. Followed by donuts. Guys were impressed. I wouldn’t be able to move afterwards. But even when I was so full that i felt sick, I’d still be able to have.. just one more bite.

      At 300 lbs is when some of the gainers started to get concerned. 

    “hey man, you looked great at 250. You should just chill it, okay?”

    Another: “Careful man, you’re going to end up in a hospital bed at the rate you’re going.”

    “Hey, you don’t look so good anymore. You should hit the gym a bit before you gain more.”

    But I couldn’t stop. This will happen to you too. In fact, the warnings that I was becoming fully addicted to gaining only made me want it more. And want it faster!

    I had started to sell my gainer videos to people to help afford my addiction. Food is expensive. Something about being on camera turned me into a total slob. I’d gulp down buckets of melted ice cream with vanilla goo dripping over my tight round gut and plump tits. My body is covered in bright red angry stretchmarks. Evidence that it’s working. I’d eat an entire sheet cake on all fours. Covered in crumbs and frosting, I’d stand up and chug chocolate milk. “BIGGER. BIGGER. BIGGER” I’d say into the camera. Guys loved it. I’d make 2000 dollars a month and use every penny to growing fatter.

      At 350 pounds I was truly unrecognizable, even to myself. My face was puffy and rotund, with a double chin folding onto my fat round body. I looked like I had breasts and what had started off as a ball gut years ago was now a saggy bloated belly. I waddled with pride. I only wore the baggiest clothes I could find, something to grow into. My calves had turned the size of melons to support my weight. My fingers were dimpled plump sausages. But I was still so hungry for more. This will happen to you too.

      One day at about 375 I started crying in the mirror. I cannot believe what I have done to myself. I was a shadow of my former self. A ruined, gross, obese slob. My skin was ruined by stretchmarks. My ass was wide and dimpled and saggy. My nipples puffy and stretched. I looked nothing like the track and field jock that I once was. And at this point, too fat to ever go back. But I looked down and my cock was rock hard. And I was caressing my sagging gut without realizing it. This made me so horny. I liked getting ruined. I wanted to do more damage. I went to the fridge and grabbed four Boosts. I sat down, turned on my camera, and chugged them, watching myself in the mirror gulp down 2000 calories in a matter of minutes. I could feel the creamy boost dripping out of the corner of my mouth and onto my fat neck. This will happen to you, too. 

      I don’t hook up with regular gay men anymore. Only with feeders, encouragers, other gainers, other very fat men. I hear the mumbles and whispers at the gay bar. “He used to be really cute, I don’t know what happened to him.”

    An ex boyfriend of mine says hi, but doesn’t want to hug me. Asks if I’m ok. “never been better!” I reply, with my hand resting on my belly. 

    “I’ve put on a little weight too,” he says. And he has, maybe 20 lbs. “but trying to lose it,” he adds.

    “Not me.” I say firmly. “I want to get bigger.“ 

    He’s shocked. “well, you’re pretty big already” and laughs awkwardly.

    “I’m thinking another 50 pounds. really see how big I can get this tank” and as I say this, I push out my gut so far that it knocks into him, and he’s surprised.

    “Are you getting fat on PURPOSE?” He asks in horror. I laugh. 

    “Can’t you tell?” as I reach down and jiggle my hefty gut. 

    “that’s messed up,” he says, as he grabs his beer and walks away. I notice his newly formed love handles pushing out his shirt as he marches on.

      That night I pigged out like never before. And drank a 12 pack of beer to top it off. That gives me the best burps for my videos. I looked into the camera, sweaty, drunk, bloated, 450 pounds of insatiable gainer pig. 

    I say to the camera: “Do you ever get excited by gaining a little weight?

    Do you ever want to see just how big you can get? *grab a handful of my lard*

    Ever get turned on by growing out of all your XL clothing?

    Well I did.That’s what happened to me.

    And it’ll happen to you too. 

    Be careful.

    You may not be able to stop.”

    Then I uploaded the video to my Instagram and Facebook. I was free. Now everyone knows:

    I am a disgusting wrecked slob of a hog, and I did it on purpose, and I would do it again, and I want more. Nothing can stop me. 


    Cole and Caleb's COVID Cruise

    Shy twink Caleb piles on the pounds at the sneaky encouragement of his "straight" cruise buddy Cole. What happens when two young guys quarantine together with unlimited room service and a bag of Jamaican weed?

    5300 words, NSFW

    Caleb sighed with satisfaction as he sat down with his second helping from the buffet. He had been looking forward to this cruise for a year, and now, spring break 2020, he was finally here. As a busy new faculty member at Pinewood College, he hardly had time to relax, so he was determined to get his fair share of eating, drinking, and merrymaking. Polishing off the remainder of his heaping plate of mac and cheese, Caleb rubbed his usually-flat belly, which was slightly bloated from his voracious eating on the first two days of the cruise.

    Content with the delicious meal, Caleb cleared his plate and meandered over to a screen displaying the available activities of the evening. One caught his eye in particular: Solo Cruisers Mixer- 10PM-2AM, Swim-Up Bar, Lido Deck. While generally fitting the stereotype of a shy, introverted scientist, Caleb was determined to have fun on this trip, and so he went back to his cabin to shower and prepare for the event.

    Strolling out into the close night air of the Caribbean, Caleb was relieved to see there were plenty of other guests already mingling in the pool. He awkwardly stripped down to his swim trunks and gently waded into the water, eyeing the crowd that had gathered. Not feeling up to meeting anyone just yet, he bobbed over to an empty corner of the swim-up bar and ordered his drink of choice, a classic Daquiri. He sat and nursed his drink, observing the other guests who had come. The age was skewed younger, probably due to the late hours of the event, and many people already had congregated into groups that reminded Caleb unpleasantly of high school cliques. He had just gotten his second drink when he heard a voice behind him.

    “Hey dude, what’s that you’re drinking?”

    Caleb turned around and was slightly shocked at the man who stood before him. This tan, muscular, hunky stranger was talking to him! After his mind went blank for a few seconds, he managed to choke out an appropriate response.

    “It’s a Daquiri, it has um, rum and lime juice. Kind of like a boozy limeade.”

    He winced internally at his stilted response, but forgot this embarrassment when the hunky man gave him a genuine, goofy smile. He sat down next to Caleb and called for the bartender, asking him for “One of those!” The man turned towards Caleb and said,

    “By the way, my name’s Cole. This is my first cruise alone, and you looked friendly, so I figured I’d introduce myself.”

    “Hey, uh, my name’s Caleb. Yeah I haven’t really done this before either…”

    Caleb laughed awkwardly as Cole’s drink arrived. While slightly anxious at first, Caleb warmed up to the man as they continued to talk and drink together. They talked about themselves, their jobs. Cole was, fitting his stunning physique, a personal trainer who worked with celebrities. The more they drank, the more fun they had, and by around 1 they were both relatively drunk, showing little inhibition in opening up to one another and celebrating their newfound friendship. As Cole told Caleb about the lackluster girl he had just broken up with, Caleb found himself gazing at the boy’s glistening, muscled chest and arms, not to mention his soft looking lips. He pulled his eyes away so as not to come off creepy, but when he looked back the men locked eyes, Cole pausing in his speech. Looking away again, he fiddled with his glass, listening to the rest of the “crazy ex-girlfriend” story. Cole followed this up with,

    “So what about you, man? Got a girlfriend back home?”

    The question seemed to echo the intimate moment that had just occurred in a way that caused Caleb’s heart to race. Don’t be stupid, he reasoned, Cole’s obviously straight.

    “Uh no. Well, actually I’m gay. But I don’t have a boyfriend either.”

    “Oh! That makes sense. Sorry for assuming or anything-“

    “That makes sense?” Caleb responded in a slight mocking tone, “what’s that supposed to mean?”

    Clearly caught off guard, Cole stuttered as his face turned red.

    “Oh, just that, I mean you’re just a nice guy and-“

    Caleb couldn’t help but burst out laughing, and Cole followed suit once he realized Caleb was only fucking with him. They finished their drinks, continuing their lively conversation, and were about to part ways when Cole said, slurring slightly,

    “Wait! Let me get your number. I need a buddy to do this cruise shit with.”

    Caleb smiled, feeling warmed by the friendly gesture, and obliged the request. The boys stumbled their separate ways, and upon returning to his cabin Caleb flopped into bed, quickly falling asleep.

                The next morning, Caleb woke up with a slight headache, but he was in a great mood remembering his new friendship made the night before. Checking his phone, Caleb was disappointed to see he hadn’t gotten a text from Cole. Het laid in bed dejectedly scrolling through ClockApp when he got a message: Hey dude, wanna grab a late breakfast?

                The boys sat down with heaping plates of food, and dug in. Their conversation flowed just as easily as the previous night. After they both got seconds, Caleb remarked,

    “You know, if I keep eating like this I’m probably gonna gain 10 pounds on this cruise!”

    Cole chuckled and replied, “Oh me too dude! I don’t give a fuck though.”

    “Exactly! I’m just trying to let loose and relax for once!”

    “Think of it as bulking,” Cole said, flexing his beefy arms.

    Caleb grinned,

    “Hey, maybe I’ll start lifting when I get home!”

    The conversation turned to activities for the day, and after, to his surprise, Cole went for a third helping, Caleb followed suit. After polishing off the very last food, the boys leaned back and digested. Caleb rubbed his midsection, trying to relieve some pressure. Cole broke the silence,

    “Dude, I am STUFFED.”

    He lifted his shirt and rubbed his bloated belly, bulging out slightly despite his clearly defined abs.

    Caleb flushed slightly as he felt his dick gently swell. He laughed nervously and looked away. Seeing the boy’s hunky body drove him crazy. The boys left shortly thereafter and returned to their cabins before they would meet later to do some activities. They rode the waterslides the ship was famous for, played in a shuffleboard competition, and sunbathed by the pool. After parting ways again, Caleb napped and then read for awhile, when to his surprise he received another message from Cole, asking if he wanted to get dinner.

    Huh. Caleb thought, grinning, I guess he likes hanging out with me!

                Just as at breakfast, the boys both ate with gusto, remarking frequently on the quality of the food, which was, indeed, exquisite. Caleb was delighted when Cole shared, somewhat sheepishly, that he actually had an unlimited drinks and dining package for 2, because his now ex girlfriend was originally supposed to be with him. This meant the two men could, truly, eat and drink to their heart’s content! After this they returned to the swim-up bar and repeated their hangout of the night before, eventually retiring to their cabins.

                The next day, the cruise visited the first port of call, Aruba. Caleb walked off the boat, looking around for his friend. Maybe he doesn’t want to explore with me, Caleb worried. Before long, however, he felt a strong arm wrap around him as a grinning Cole walked alongside him.

    “So, are we gonna hit the casino or what?”

                For the next week, Cole and Caleb were often together. Both in love with the varied cuisines and expertly crafted dishes offered by the ship’s many restaurants, and the delicious new foods available at every port of call; they ate like kings. When the ship stopped at ports, they would explore the destinations together, going ziplining, exploring cities and towns, and hiking, although they grew lazier as the cruise progressed. News had started to trickle in about a new virus, but in a bubble of sun and ship, this meant little and was not on their minds very much.

                It was the night after the last stop before the ship would begin the journey of 2 days back to the port they had departed from. Having had a great day exploring Santo Domingo, they celebrated with a hearty dinner. The boys chatted lazily as they sat on the deck, taking time to rest as they often did after their marathon meals.

    “What’s the damage?”

    Asked Cole, lifting his shirt to reveal a bloated and slightly softened midsection. While at the start of the cruise, Cole’s stomach was mostly flat and had defined abs, the laziness and gluttony of the trip had plumped out his belly slightly, although he was still undeniably muscular.

     “Dude, you’re getting chunky!”

    Said Caleb, reaching out and rubbing gently his friend’s new beginnings of a gut. While he had grown more used to this sort of physical contact with Cole, it still got him hot and bothered, especially situations like this. As Cole laughed and swatted his hand away, Caleb saw the boy go red in the face.

    “You’re one to talk! Let’s see under your shirt before you go making fun of me!”

    With exaggerated embarrassment, Caleb lifted his shirt to reveal his belly. Unlike Cole, Caleb hardly ate very much in his day-to-day life: having kept pace with Cole and his undoubtedly higher metabolism, Caleb had put on more weight even than his hunky friend. He had started growing the undeniable beginnings of a potbelly which had begun to poke slightly out, especially as bloated as it was with the massive quantities of food Caleb has been consuming. Cole laughed and patted his friend’s beginner belly, sending a chill up Caleb’s spine and a rush of bloodflow to his dick. Just then, Cole adjusted his posture before quickly changing the subject to the plans of the night. Caleb doubted himself, but he could have sworn he had seen Cole’s dick engorge slightly in his tight shorts. Over the past week, he had secretly fallen in love with the goofy man. He would never say as much, and from experience with unrequited love with straight men, he knew that he was almost definitely imagining Cole’s supposed half-chub.

                Wanting to celebrate their travels, the boys went all out that night. First they visited a sports bar on the ship, where they drank plenty of beer as Cole watched a hockey game. Feeling nice and buzzed, they went on to the ship’s dance club, and did multiple shots before proceeding to dance, as they say, like no one was watching. They then migrated back to their “spot,” the swim up bar, ordering another round of drinks. Although they had drank plenty on the trip, this was the most drunk Caleb had been, and he slurred his speech slightly as he talked with his friend and secret crush.

    “Dude, I don’t know how I’m even ever s’posed to get a boyfriend!” He lamented,

    “What are you TALKING about?” Replied Cole,  “You’re a great guy!”

    “UGH!” Said Caleb, “You don’t geddit. You’re HOT! Guys would sleep with you anyday but they don’t care about me and my ugly ass!”

    Cole looked at him with a smile and then turned away, gazing in the distance. He stayed silent for some time, and Caleb studied his face, trying to figure out what was on the boy’s mind. After some time, Cole took a breath and began to speak. “I-“ before cutting himself off, looking down at the water. Caleb reached out to his anxious-looking friend.

    “What’s on your mind? Y’can talk to me you know, you’re my friend.”

    A warm and genuine smile, just like he gave on that very first night, spread onto Cole’s face.

    “Well- it’s nothing I guess. Kind of silly.”

    “Ok, what? I still want to hear it.”

    Cole turned towards him and blurted out,

    “How did you know you were gay?”

    Caleb’s heart started pounding as he straightened up in his chair, suddenly sobering up slightly. This was not what he had expected! Thinking carefully of the best thing to say, he replied,

    “Well, for me, I guess it was always sort of a question, in my mind you know, and I realized it for sure when I thought about the way boys just attracted me, in a way that girls didn’t. I d’know if that makes sense.”

    “Like, when you feel like you want to look at them and talk to them and be friends with them?” Asked Cole, gazing seriously at Caleb.

    “Well- Yeah, that’s what it comes down to. The people you are attracted to. The people who you want to touch and kiss and be with,” Said Caleb, gazing with longing at his muscled friend.

    Cole stood up suddenly and manuevered himself clumsily towards Caleb. Caleb froze as the boy approached him and then proceeded to straddle him and wrap his arms around his back. Cole gazed at Caleb with a silly sort of drunk look, but one that was undeniably filled with desire. The feeling of the beefy boy’s weight on his lap instantly started giving him a boner, and he anxiously tried shifting his weight to no avail.

    “And who are the people you’re attracted to?” Asked Cole, a cocky smile.

    While normally this situation with a straight guy would be setting off alarm bells, Caleb know Cole wouldn’t trick him like that. His desire reaching a fever pitch, Caleb couldn’t help but tell the truth.


    Cole’s smile softened slightly as he gazed at Caleb. Caleb pulled him in for a kiss, and the two locked lips. Gently at first, then with increasing passion, the pair kissed and started feeling one another’s bodies. Cole’s hand migrated to Caleb’s ass, squeezing his plump ass cheeks. Carefully, Caleb slid his hand down Cole’s thick torso, finding with excitement that the boy was rock hard. Caleb pulled away and held Cole’s face in his hands gently.

    “Will you come back to my room with me?”

    Cole nodded, gently but without hesitation. Caleb took his hand and guided the boy out of the pool, quickly toweling off then heading off towards the elevators. When they got in, Cole stopped him from pressing the button.

    “Let’s go to my room. I have space for two.”

    Caleb happily obliged, kissing the boy tenderly as the elevator traveled to Cole’s floor. After Cole led them to his room and closed the door, Caleb turned to him.

    “Will you get in the shower with me?”

    “Uh- yeah, I think I’d like that."

    Cole agreed, eager but nervous. Caleb smiled as Cole led them to his bathroom, featuring a shower with plenty of room for the two of them. Cole stood uncertainly in the room before Caleb began undressing, Cole watching, mouth slightly agape, as the softened twink pulled his swim trunks down to reveal a plump, juicy ass and sizable dick. He had the body of a sedentary man who had just began to eat too much, soft and cushy in places. Caleb turned towards the boy and smiled, seeing his hard-on had returned and was pushing on the fabric of his shorts. He took off the boy’s shirt and undid his swim shorts to reveal his large, throbbing cock. Caleb got onto his knees and took it in his mouth, sliding Cole’s girthy member all of the way down his open throat. As he sucked harder and faster, Cole couldn’t help but moan gently, and Caleb slid off his dick and stood up.

    “Head feels way better from a guy, just so you know.”

    Cole nodded, still somewhat bashful in this new sexual scenario but clearly turned on. Caleb turned the shower on and they got in, taking turns soaping eachother up. Cole paid extra attention to the twink’s growing belly, with at least 10 pounds of newly added pudge, rubbing and jiggling it as he washed it. This turned Caleb on even more.

    Caleb turned towards him and almost whispered, “Do you want to fuck my fat ass?”

    Cole nodded, biting his lip, and the boys, now dry, migrated to the big bed. Grabbing a bottle of lube from the minibar cabinet, Caleb lubed his hole up before climbing onto the bed. He arched his back and guided Cole’s throbbing cock into his hole, which was loose from the sheer eroticism of the situation. Cole moaned as his slipped inside him.

    Fuck, this feels good,” he grumbled.

    Slowly the pace increased, Cole fucking Caleb harder and faster. As he felt himself getting close, Caleb slid the hunk out of him.

    “Lay down on your back,” he instructed, with Cole following the direction. Caleb straddled the beefy man and gently sat down onto his cock, riding it as he stroked his own dick.

    “Fuck you’re so hot,” whispered Cole, squeezing Caleb’s thickened belly.

    Caleb rode harder, his ass and small belly jiggling slightly with the thrusts, with moans rising from Cole as he was pushed closer and closer to climax.

     “I just want to fuck your jiggly ass and- oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

    Caleb couldn’t help but shoot his own load from hearing this, and as he released he felt Cole’s warm load fill up his ass. Panting, Caleb grabbed a towel and cleaned them off before cuddling in alongside Cole. Before long, the boys were asleep, naked bodies intertwined.

                Caleb’s eyes fluttered open, waking up after the erotic events of the night before. He sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. Cole was nowhere to be found. Caleb anxiously scrolled on his phone, unsure of what to do now that he was alone in his friend’s cabin.

    He probably doesn’t want to see me after last night, he thought dejectedly. I don’t blame him, I crossed the line. He probably thinks I took advantage of him.

    Just then, his ruminations were interrupted by the door opening. Cole entered the room, beaming, holding two trays of food, one piled with as much food could fit on it.

    “Good morning, just grabbed us a little breakfast!”

    He said, setting the trays down so they boys could eat breakfast in bed. Caleb wasn’t sure what to say. He had loved the events of the night before, but he didn’t know what Cole wanted, and whether he really was gay or just had gotten too drunk. Seeing the worry on his partner’s face, Cole pulled him in for a tender kiss and looked him in the eyes.

    “What’s wrong bro?” He asked, “Didn’t you enjoy our… fun time last night?” He said with a grin.

    Caleb laughed softly and replied,

    “Of course I did. I just- are you serious about this?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well- first off, I thought you were straight.”

    Cole laughed at this and responded,

    “I thought I was too.”


    “What you said last night, about attraction- I don’t think I ever really got attraction like that until I met you. You’re the only person who has ever made me feel this way.”

    Caleb smiled, not believing the fantasy he was hearing, and buried his face in the boy’s beefy chest. He whispered,

    “I think I’ve been falling in love with you for the past week.”

    Cole stroked his hair gently and replied,

    “Me too.”

    Caleb sat up and smiled at his lover, as they held an intimate and honest gaze with one another.

    “Now, eat up! I’ve gotta keep my boy well fed!” Said Cole, patting Caleb’s tummy. He happily obliged, digging into the feast. God, I’m into this… he probably would think it’s weird….

    Cole’s silly, good-natured doting on Caleb’s belly had reactivated a kink Caleb had sort of been in denial about- every time the jock touched his growing body, he felt overcome by the desire to be grown fatter by him.

    The boys continued their day, gallavanting just as they had done as “bros” but with an added sexual tension. They had just returned to Cole’s cabin and shared an afternoon delight when an announcement boomed over the ship’s PA:

    Attention all passengers, attention: this is an important announcement. We have discovered a suspected case of the novel coronavirus on our vessel. All passengers are instructed to return to their cabins immediately and await a visit from a crew member. I repeat, attention all passengers.

    The boys looked at each other worriedly before Caleb asked,

    “Do you think I should go back to my cabin?”

    Cole shook his head with concern,

    “No way dude. They probably are going to quarantine us, and I don’t want you to be alone.”

    The boys turned on the news and watched coverage of the spread of the virus worldwide, which in the matter of a few weeks had escalated into a pandemic. Until this point, it had been background noise to them, more crazy-sounding news in a crazy world, but it was this moment they finally understood that the shit had indeed hit the fan. After a tense hour of waiting, they received a knock at the door, a masked and gloved crewmember waiting outside. He explained that, just as Cole suspected, they had to be quarantined. Caleb shared that he was technically a guest in another cabin, but had stayed in this room. The man informed them after a walkie-talkie conversation that he would have to stay put with Cole due to the quarantine protocol, before taking Caleb’s name down to record his change of room. He handed them a care package with a few extra supplies, including of course their masks, disinfectant wipes, etc., then proceeded to tell them that due to Cole’s unlimited package they would additionally have access to the ship’s 24/7 room service for the duration of the quarantine. The very apologetic man shared that they had a system being worked out to ensure the guests’ confinement would be as pleasant as possible, and this included generous service. They shut the door. Caleb was shaken, but he looked at his partner and found Cole smiling from ear to ear.

    “What are YOU so happy about?” He asked, confused. Cole shook his head, smiling.

    “So- you, me, in this luxurious room for two whole weeks,”

    He opened the curtains revealing a balcony with a hot tub

    “Our very own jacuzzi, not to mention at least a half of good shit I picked up in Jamaica,”

    He continued, tossing the fat bag of weed on the bed for emphasis,

    “AND, to top it all off, we have an unlimited supply of food and drink- what’s there to be sad about??”

    A smile creeped onto Caleb’s face as he realized the nature of the situation. Now that I think about it, this is kind of a dream come true. My straight-buddy-turned-gay-lover has his way with me for two weeks in a luxurious cruise cabin!

    After calling room service and ordering themselves some bacon cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and of course fries, Cole turned on the TV and lit up a joint as they waited for their food to arrive.

    The boys spent their time living out their glorious routine. Each morning, noon, and night, a massive feast would be delivered. Between these lengthy meals, the boys would smoke weed, watch TV, talk, read, sit in the hot tub- and, of course, have lots and lots of sex. As they continued to eat this way, Cole continued softening up slowly, but it was nothing compared to his formerly bony lover. With each day that passed, Caleb gained more and more weight, pounds of new fat being added to his slight frame. His belly, while previously barely pinchable, grew rounder and plumper, constantly bloated out due to the massive amount of food he was eating. His thighs and ass continued packing on the weight too, growing into a proper bubble butt and thunder thighs.

    This was, of course, both of the boys’ doing. Caleb was ravenous, not only for the food but for the sensual pleasure he gained from having his bloated body touched by his lover. And Cole, well- at first, Caleb wasn’t sure what the boy thought of his overeating- he worried that his judgement may be clouded by his own horny fantasies. But, Cole was certainly enthusiastic about it, even making sure that Caleb ate far more than he did at each meal.

    It was a few days into their lazy quarantine in that this changed. After getting quite stoned, even compared to the high bar they had set, the boys sat together in their messy bed, with Cole rubbing Caleb’s potbelly. Suddenly, he said in a deep, quiet voice

     “Fuck, I just want to fatten him up more.”

    What? “What?!” Caleb exclaimed, shocked at what he had just heard.

    “Fuck, what? Did I, uh, did I say something out loud?”

    Confident now that his lover felt the same way he did, Caleb decided to lay it on thick. He straddled the hunky boy, taking care to push his stomach out. Grabbing Cole’s hand and placing in on his small potbelly, Caleb replied,

    “You were just telling me how much fatter you’re going to make me.”

    Cole went beet red, stroking Caleb’s horny ego and pushing him further.

    Caleb picked up the phone, and asked the concierge for 3 milkshakes. He saw Cole’s eyes widen, the beautiful boy still speechless at his friend’s response to his mistaken utterance. Placing the phone down, Caleb returned his attention to the dumbfounded jock.

    “You think I haven’t noticed how much you make me eat, and how hard you get when I do it?” He slapped his slight pooch for emphasis.

    Caleb bit his lip and lifted his lover’s chin, so the boys were making direct eye contact.

    “So,” he commanded, “how much are you going to fatten me up?”

    Cole smiled, wrapping his arm’s around the soon-to-be ex-twink’s waist.

    “As much as physically possible, at least for the next week. Do- Caleb, do you want this?”

    Caleb nodded, “I want it so badly. I wasn’t sure until now that you really wanted me bigger. I should’ve gathered when I saw your ex was a BBW! But you’ve already been overfeeding me like a pig since day one.”

    Cole laughed, reddening slightly and looked down.

    “Well at first we were just eating a lot together. But when I saw your belly start to plump out and your chest and ass puff up, I kind of started to see how much I could get you to eat every day. God that made me so horny.” He said, grinding onto Caleb as he spoke. A knock at the door interrupted them. Pulling away, he looked at Caleb with slightly mischievous eyes as he retrieved the large, fattening milkshakes.

    It was that night that Caleb first topped Cole. While Cole was initially nervous about the proposition, Caleb was too full to take Cole’s thick cock, and as a result hornier than ever, and Cole couldn’t resist opening himself up to Caleb’s large member. Caleb loved the feeling of his fattening ass jiggling as he thrusted into his hunky lover, who quickly was able to loosen up and take all of his cock. Caleb was driven hornier and hornier by his rapid weight gain. While he liked to feel his body getting bigger, it was even better to see how crazy it made Cole. He couldn’t get enough of every new pound added to Caleb’s body, and made sure to keep him stuffed to the brim and give him constant praise for his growing frame. As their time together had progressed, the boys grew even closer emotionally. Besides the mind-blowing sex they were having multiple times daily, all of the time they spent together led them to deep and intimate conversations.

    Every day after that, the boys’ primary goal was shoveling as much food as possible into Caleb. Cole had definitely put on a few stray pounds, but he was doing bodyweight exercises daily and as such his beefy muscles were certainly sticking around, with the boy just getting thicker and hunkier. Caleb, meanwhile, remained sedentary, moving little at all and consuming thousands of excess calories per day, with Cole learning that he could always squeeze in an extra milkshake into the rapidly softening boy by edging him as he drank, keeping him in the grips of his erotic pleasure. This, of course, had a dramatic effect on Caleb’s figure. His small but rapidly fattening gut bulged out in front of him, swollen with new lard and massive quantities of food.

                It was the last night of their quarantine and Cole and Caleb laid intertwined in bed, watching a movie while snacking on some minibar treats they had rationed. The weeks of incessant gluttony had piled flab onto Caleb, launching him in only 2 weeks from “twink” to “ex-twink.” Having gained what realistically approached 20 pounds,  Caleb had started to edge into “chubby” territory, at least as compared to his body before. His belly now bulged out in front of him, newly hanging over his underwear, poking through his once-baggy t-shirts and even jiggling slightly as he walked, not that he did much of that. Likewise, a thickening pair of love handles had appeared on his sides, and his formerly flat chest now hosted a budding pair of future moobs, as his nipples grew sensitive and pointy. Meanwhile, his thighs now spread out when he sat, covered with thick, pale flab, and his glorious ass was as massive and round as ever. Cole liked to tease him by making him try on the outfit he was wearing on that first day of quarantine, and by the end Caleb reached the point of popping the button on his former skinny jeans, while his button-up strained to contain his fattened belly. Cole looked on proudly, observing with lust how his handiwork caused the doughy boy to spill out of his twink clothes.

    Cole turned towards his chubby boyfriend.

    “Uh, Caleb?”

    Caleb faced him and gave his full attention.

    “I was thinking. Uh, you know, I really love you dude. And I like spending time together. So I was thinking…”


    “Will you move in with me?”

    Epilogue: 6 months later

    The legendary gluttony of their cruise had certainly made some big changes to Caleb’s figure, but an impact he didn’t expect was the massively increased appetite he developed. Having trained his stomach for quantites of food that were perhaps 5 times that of his previous daily intake, he kept gorging himself as the boys returned to their homes. Caleb had just begun to taper his appetite down slightly, in an effort to slow his seemingly endless expansion, but that changed when he moved in with Cole. The jock was driven feral by the boy’s growth, and would pump thousands of calories into his fattening boyfriend whenever he had the chance. The result of this, 6 months of sedentary quarantine later, was an additional 50 pounds piling onto Caleb’s ruined twink body. Where he once had a tight, flat stomach, now sat a wide, flabby gut, which spilled out onto his lap and wobbled with every movement. His formerly toned chest had sprouted into jiggly man-tits, while his fat ass and thighs would burst seams and pop buttons on his frequently outgrown pants. Cole soaked up all of these changes, celebrating and teasing every rapidly-accumulated pound. Cole liked to make Caleb wear his far-too small twink clothes when they went for walks in their busy neighborhood, getting aroused by the sight of his boyfriend’s fattened body on display, his fat moobs and deep bellybutton visible though his skin-tight shirts and his doughy love handles and gut spilling out the bottom. After these deliciously humiliating outings, Cole would fuck Caleb’s doughy ass hard, while reminding him:

    “You’re getting so fucking fat, piggy. But you’ll never be this skinny again.”

    Kept Boy

    Summary: This multi-part story follows a handsome houseboy as he settles into a pampered life of idle hedonism, with some unforeseen consequences.


    Daniel groaned, lazing on the beach, bloated stomach cradled in his hands. He stifled a burp, knowing he’d overdone it… again. It was just so hard not to, when he had a mansion to himself and no company but a personal chef (who was happy to whip up whatever meals Daniel could think to ask for). That chef—Leon—was a little older than Daniel and incredibly talented, having trained at top culinary schools and in elite kitchens… it would be a crime to let his skills go to waste.

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    It was obvious that Will was a horny guy. Having worked with him at the coffee house all summer, Jon could spot his ‘type’ as soon as they walked through the door: petit, pretty-looking girls with a tiny waist. He admired how easily Will found flirting with them. At eighteen, the guy was naturally handsome and built; with large shoulders and a broad chest that spoke of his excellent genes. He also had one of the deepest voices Jon had ever heard; his calm, laid-back tone, like nothing in the world could ever faze him.

    Invariably, the girls Will flirted with always checked him out when he turned around to use the coffee machine. He had some sort of magnetism about him, and a style that was very appealing. Although he’d gone to a different high school to Jon, it was obvious that he had been at the top of the food chain there; the type of person that guys wanted to emulate, and the girls were desperate to date.  Jon got the sense that he probably wouldn’t have liked Will in high school, judging by the jerks he hung around with that would sometimes come in to the coffee house to catch-up with him. But on a one-to-one basis, Jon had come to see him as one of the best friends he’d ever had.

    At the end of the serving the hot girls their coffee, Will would simply ask them for their number, as casually as could be. Nine times out of ten, it worked; Will had yet another date to look forward to, and Jon would hear the stories the morning after, as Will would recount everything - in sometimes graphic detail.

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    So You’ve Decided to Become a Gainer

    So you’ve decided to become a gainer.

    This is you now. A 170 pound 20 year old man. Lean. Fit. Curious. And boy are you hungry.

    It starts by obsessing over other men’s weight. You notice every change in men’s bodies. Your father has put on a beer gut. Your college classmates start wearing sweatpants all the time. Their lovehandles pop out in shirts. The skin around their flat stomachs becomes soft and plump. No change in weight is too small or subtle. You notice it. And you want it. 

    You research it. Google “how to get fat on purpose.” “Best ways to gain weight.” “Highest calorie foods.” “Men who gain weight.” “How to gain weight fast”.

    Get erect. All this excites you. And you know you need it. One day, the decision is made. You will get fat on purpose. You will force your body to get as big and plump and bloated and chubby and saggy and puffy and fat as you want. It will never be enough but at least it will be something. That day, you overeat intentionally. An extra burger from McDonalds. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s. A six pack of beer. You are stuffed and satisfied and horny. You jerk off that night feeling your bloated gut. You love the sensation. You must do this again and again and again. 

    The first 10 pounds comes easy. You barely need to try. A little here, a little there, eat like a man. Finish an entire large pizza to yourself. Ice cream after. And beer. Your pants get snug. You fill out a little bit. No one notices. But you noticed. And now you realize how much more you’ll need to feel anything. This is not enough. 

    190 pounds. 

    No longer thin, but not noticeably fat. Just a little soft. Some call you beefy. You’ve been exploring more ways to gain. Drink a gallon of whole milk a day. You can barely move after. You push your gut out as far as it will go. The pressure is incredible. The liquid sloshes in your belly. Hard to go to the gym this way, so may as well stay home and snack. 34in jeans fit better now. You’re liking the bloat. Decide to keep it bloated every day. If you can eat until you’re stuffed bloated every day, surely you will gain weight fast. And you do.

    200 pounds. 

    These first thirty pounds have happened so easily. Too easily? You don’t feel like it’s any different. But it is. You are softer all over. You hate cardio and never jog anymore. Large shirts hug your budding belly. People can see your deepening belly button through your shirt. You always clean your plate, out of habit now. People offer you food, knowing you’ll never say no. You are a big guy now. He’s a beefcake. “hey big guy.” The other guys call you “thicc” and “meaty.” But you want more than that. And you will get it. 


    Eggnog chugs. Boost chugs. 12 packs of beer. Mass Gainer. Heavy Cream. Jars of peanut butter. Extra olive oil. You need MORE and you want it now. The next 15 pounds come fast. No amount is too much for you. You film all this now. You want a record of your progress. You pat your chubby ball gut in satisfaction. You find fat in places you didn’t realize got fat. That area around your cock is puffy and soft. The side of what once was your muscular pec is now dimpled and flabby. Your inner thighs. Your back. Softer. 


    Your gains are obvious. It’s been 60 lbs and two years. But college does that to people. Your parents realize your party lifestyle has impacted your diet. You’re not a high school jock anymore, but hey, why not enjoy college? You’ve graduated and you want help to keep growing. Meet up with a feeder. He’s older than you. Potbellied. Clearly he’s put on weight himself. He opens the door in his underwear. You are shy. But your gut poking through your large tee and your lovehandles spilling over your jeans are all he needs to see to know you’ve been doing plenty of damage to yourself without his help. He intends to fucking destroy you. And he will.

    This is when it gets intense. He makes you open the fridge where a gallon tub of ice cream has been melting into a vat of chocolatey goo. You will drink it all and he will make you do it sitting in front of the mirror naked.You gets you high on marijuana and poppers. You step on the scale and realize in erotic satisfaction that you have put on 4 pounds instantly. 

    Your gut has never been more full. You are more erect than you have ever been. You have never felt SO GOOD.

    He has you now. Addicted. Welcome to gaining, pig.


     There’s no going back now. Your gut is distended and chubby and bloated all the time. And you are PROUD of it. Bright red stretchmarks have erupted across your round, soft, stomach and lovehandles. They remind you of your progress and you love them. You want more. You look like a fat guy now. Your face is puffy and round. You never go to the gym anymore. You can’t hide your weight gain in the baggiest of clothes. A double chin has formed so you grow a scraggly beard to cover it. Clothes do not fit you the same. You look… disheveled. And you do not care. All you CARE about is getting MORE. 

    You are becoming a proper hog.Your feeder has done some serious damage and you love it. You obey him. You trust him. He wants you fatter, and you oblige. Each session is intense and he’s pushing your limits. The challenge is so erotic, you don’t even realize the changes that are occurring. You just know you want more. You are his slob now. A greedy, hungry, gainer. You are transforming. But it is still not enough. You cannot stop now.


    You have gained 100 pounds. Or have you? You still look so skinny in the mirror. You’re pudgy, MAYBE. Definitely not fat. There are way more guys that are fatter than you, and they aren’t even trying. You must gain more. Your family is concerned. 100 pounds in five years is a lot. “You should get back in the gym.” “Lay off the beer.” “Too many sweets and fast food.”

    This only motivates you more. You’ll show them just how big you can get. Next time they see you, they will be horrified; you will make sure of that. 

    Your feeder is proud of his pig, and you need him more than ever. He pushes you to gorge unrelentlessly. New creative ways to pump you full of calories. Your skin is always tight. Every time you feed, you think, “I’ve never been this full.” Yet you crave more. Your cock throbs as you play with your soft underbelly. It sags now over your waistband, no matter what kind of pants you wear. Your ass cheeks are soft and dimpled. Your lovehandles are embarrassingly wide. People look at you funny. When you eat in public, people are grossed out. 


    You run into an old college classmate who has himself gained weight. He barely recognizes you with the double chin and the beard and the waddle. You converse. He says “I guess we all put on a little weight after college” as he pats your soft, flabby belly just above your navel. This excites you. But you play it off. “Yeah work keeps me busy. No time to exercise and I just love trying new restaurants.”

    The truth is, you don’t care what food tastes like. You will chug anything, stuff anything into your fat face that your feeder tells you to. You are his now. He is the only person you are attractive to now. Too fat for normal men. You are now an acquired taste. Only chubby chasers and encourages want your sweaty, waddling, bloated, curvy body. 


    You are in denial. "It’s not that much, I think I want another 50 pounds.“ 

    The statement is laughable on its face. You are a blubbery mess of a man. This is what addiction does to you. You can’t even realize that 160 pounds of pure lard packed onto your once-thin frame is a lot. Nothing fits you anymore. You are always out of breath. People you used to know do not recognize you. You’ve given up all your hobbies except the only one that matters: Gaining. 

    Gaining is the only thing you want. The only thing you think about. The only thing that gets your cock hard. And you must have more. 


    You film yourself naked eating a pie on all fours. Sniff poppers. Then slam back two pints of melted ice cream. The flavor doesn’t matter. It drips out the side of your mouth and over your fat tits. Your nipples are swollen and sensitive. You love having your tits played with. Oink Oink. You reach under your heavy soft overhang and pull it up. Jiggle it for your camera. Burp. Slap your gut.

    You masturbate to these videos you film of yourself. You are shocked when you look back at your video at 250 and think “WOW I was so thin back then.” Reality is, 250 was NOT thin. But your perception of what is fat, what is thin, is so distorted by your fetish that it’s completely disconnected from reality. 


    Your feeder laughs and pats your gut as the scale reads 400 for the first time.

    You are fatter now than he has ever been. 

    “How do you feel, pig?” he says, grinning, and with his cock leaking precum in his underwear. 

    “I feel… small. Like I need another 50 pounds,” you respond as you rub the soft hanging part of your belly. “And I’m still hungry.”

    He loves hearing that. He sits you down in front of the mirror and watches as you drink a Boost VHC. 500 calories a piece. 

    Drink another.

    And another.

    And another.

    2000 calories. 

    “Feel better pig?“ 

    “yes sir.” you respond. 

    As you look in the mirror, you let out a satisfying burp and jiggle your heft. Everything wobbles on you now. What you see back doesn’t shock you, but it should.

    You think: What have I become? What have I done to myself? Why do I still feel so small?

    Then you reach around your massive gut and feel your cock. It’s buried in fatpad now. And erect. Leaking precum. Your feeder gets on his knees and puts his lips on your cock. and starts slowly sucking off his greedy boy pig. This is your life now. It’s all you’ve ever wanted. And you still want more. 

    The Sergeant’s Boy

    It was pretty quiet at the club, considering it was a Saturday night. Daryl gazed around at the offerings with mild disappointment. Where were the cute chubs that he liked to pick up and play with? Not that he would struggle to find someone to take home that evening. He could see them all looking at him, drunkenly trying to make eye contact as they made fools of themselves on the dance floor.

    Daryl never had to try very hard to get guys. He was ex-army, with a broad physique and tattoos all the way down his strong arms. Now in his late-thirties, he’d matured well, becoming the ultimate macho fantasy for all of the guys who laid eyes on him. However, there was only one guy who seemed worthy of his attention that evening. Tall, slim and at least fifteen years younger than he was, Daryl allowed their eyes to meet, holding the stare for just long enough to make the guy excited, before confidently gesturing his head for his prey come over and join him by the bar.

    The first impressions weren’t great. Once the niceties were over with, the conversation hardly flowed. The young guy’s name was Russ; twenty-two years old and a recent college graduate who had just moved back in with his mom. He was obviously smitten; Daryl could hear the nervous tremor in the boy’s voice and observed the slight bulge in his pants. But Daryl persevered, leading the conversation and allowing his hands to slowly trickle onto the guy’s shoulders, then onto his tiny waist and then finally, his small, flat butt, as he pulled him into a kiss.

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    How I Created a Gainer

    Some people online have asked how my boyfriend and I met, so I thought I'd tell the story. He wasn't a gainer when I first met him, but that all would change.

    We met when I was 21 and he was 20. I loved fat guys and big bellies, but there wasn't many gainers where I lived. Maybe like 4? 5? I had encouraged guys online and traveled to meet up with other gainers before, but I couldn't make them last. I'm the kind of person who has a hard time with long distance relationships. They were hard for me to maintain and I couldn't make them work. I needed to be there with them in person. I was frustrated and I decided to branch out into a more "normal" dating scene. That was when I met him.

    We were in college at the time. I was in my junior year and he was in his sophomore. We met and talked online first. I remember how easy he was to talk to and how well we connected. It felt easy to be open with him, and that was very important to me.

    He was very skinny at the time, he's 5'10" and was 150lbs, but he was hairy and I loved that. The first thing I noticed about him was his furry belly and chest, and how broad his shoulders were. He had a cute fuzzy butt too. He may not have been fat, but he was adorable. On our first date he was wearing a button up shirt and there was his chest hair peeking out. Teasing me. But there was something else that piqued my interest. This boy could eat. He may have been small, but he could really pack it away. We'd go out to eat and I'd be amazed at his appetite. This boy already ate like a gainer, and I loved it. I took him out to eat a lot. Restaurants, fast food, ordering pizza and watching movies. I may have been trying to secretly encourage him, and that was kind of fun in itself haha

    He was a kinky lil boy too! He has a mantra of "I'll try anything once", and was really into pup play and bondage, and I got to try all kinds of new things with him. I loved that about him too. I didn't feel like I would be judged by him and that was when I decided to tell him that I was into gaining. We had been boyfriends for a while when I came out and I was prepared for the worst, but it actually went over really well. He said he had always liked bears and he loved to eat (as I had noticed), so he was into the idea of eating as much as he wanted without worrying. And that he liked me, and that he wanted to like something I liked. I was ecstatic and very aroused.

    I showed him grommr, some of my favorite gainers, and my favorite videos. I don't think he realized how fat I wanted to get him until then. I like my boys big, like 300+. And I told him that's what I wanted for us. He was still into it and said yes.

    The first time I got to feed him properly was amazing. We got high and ordered some pizzas. I sat on top of him in bed and fed him until he couldn't take anymore. He ate the whole pizza and washed it down with some milk. He was such a good boy for me that night, and I finally got to rub his bloated gut without being discreet about it. I loved the way he moaned when he was full, and he was turned on too. He had a hard on the whole time I fed him and the sex after was amazing. I really did have the best pup around.

    He took gaining seriously and began really trying. Snacking at work and gorging himself even when I wasn't there. Sending me pics of the aftermath. He was really enjoying it. I taught him about the terms and told him some of my own tips and tricks for gaining. He was really enjoying being a big fat pup.

    He started seeing results just a few months into it. He went from 150 to 170, 170 to 190. Crossing the threshold to 200 was a big deal for us. He said he had never ever been that big before and it was wild, but he wanted to continue. He knew how much I was loving it. He started outgrowing his clothes and his shirts grew tighter. His belly peeked out and buttons became strained. It was exciting for the both of us. He had to get new work pants for the first time when he went from a 28" to 32" in just a few months. I was proud of him, but he was also proud of himself. He really was a full blown gainer now.

    We've been dating for 6 years now and living together for 4. He's been gaining for a year and a half, and has gone from 150lbs to 230lbs. 80lbs gained. He wears a 36" waist now, and far cry from the 28" he used to wear when we first met. He can't even get his old pants over his ass now. And our journey is still just beginning. There's still a lot more feeding and growing to come. I finally had my own fat pup.

    Dough Boy

    Nate was starting his new job at the local bakery today, and he couldn’t be more excited. He was drawn in one cold morning by the delicious smell of freshly baked food, and that first bite of a perfectly made cookie cemented him as a frequent customer. That small little bakery became his second home during his last few years of college, and he found himself spending more and more time at the small table inside, eating a delicious pastry as he studied for his exams. He’d grown very close to the owner of the store, Antoine, during his increasingly frequent late night snack runs. This connection is what landed him the job, after he moved back into town after his last job let him off unexpectedly.

    Nate didn’t escape these delicious study sessions without putting on a little weight, however, and over the years he’d gradually gained almost 20 pounds, now weighing 186 pounds. He knew that he was getting softer as his skinny midsection grew into a small belly, but he wasn’t anywhere near fat yet; he still looked as ruggedly handsome as before, and if he wore a baggy shirt, he still looked as thin as ever.

    As he opened the door of the small bakery, the familiarly delicious smells of baked dough, chocolate and vanilla met his nose and made his mouth water. Just as delicious as ever, he thought to himself, eyeing the display shelves that were already covered with all sorts of delicious desserts. Looking at the rest of the bakery, Nate stood by the counter as he waited for his new boss to greet him.

    “Well if it isn’t our new hire!” came a jovial cry from the kitchen almost immediately. Nate smiled as Antoine appeared from the kitchen, flour covering his apron. He looked just like how he did when Nate was in college: tall, unshaven, and beefy. He carried his weight well, Nate thought, Antoine’s bulging biceps and strong pecs supported a decidedly round belly that hung onto his frame, sticking out far from his body. But Nate didn’t think twice about it, because after all, who could trust a skinny chef?

    “Glad to see you back in my bakery!” Antoine said, clapping his calloused hand on Nate’s shoulder. “Thank you so much for taking this job, it’s becoming too much work for just me! Here’s your new apron,” Antoine said as he threw the blue apron to Nate. “Put that on, and I’ll show you what I need you to do,”

    Fortunately for Nate, everything the big baker showed him wasn’t too difficult to remember. Plus, since he was working at the front counter all day, he had almost unlimited access to all the freshly baked goods. I could get used to this, Nate thought to himself, attaching his name tag to his apron. All the smells of the bakery were just as good as he remembered, and his stomach growled quietly as he looked admiringly at the rows of delicious food.

    “Oh, and one more thing,” Antoine added, noticing Nate’s hungry glance. “If business is slow and you’re feeling a little hungry, then you can help yourself to a few pastries. I know how much you loved them, and I always seem to make a few too many,” Antoine said with a wink. “But be careful, my friend,” he added, poking a finger into Nate’s smaller yet soft midsection. “This place isnt big enough for two fat bakers!” he laughed as he gestured to his own much fatter belly. Grinning as he popped a glazed donut hole in his mouth, Nate flipped the open sign on the front door and began his first day at his new job.

    Nate’s first two weeks at the job went as smoothly as possible. All of the customers were nice, he joked around with Antoine like before, and he worked the entire day without stressing about anything. But his favorite part of the job was the free food. Savoring a buttery croissant, or a gooey brownie, or a delicious cupcake like he did in college was by far his favorite part of his day. Sure, those extra calories meant that he was beginning to struggle buttoning up his jeans recently, but as far as he was concerned, putting on a little weight was just an occupational hazard of working at a bakery. Antoine had noticed that Nate’s uniform had been growing tighter, but he never said anything, just watching sneakily as Nate slipped himself another snack.

    One surprisingly warm morning, Antoine said something to Nate that would change everything. He came up

    “I’m leaving the closing shift for you from now on,” Antoine said to Nate one afternoon as he wiped down the front counter. “All you have to do is clean off the appliances and get rid of the leftover food.” he glanced at Nate’s thicker midsection, adding “I don’t care how you do it. But I know you’ll find a way!”

    That night at 11pm, Nate said goodbye to Antoine and returned to wiping down the tables for the night. He glanced back at the display shelves and the few remaining snacks that were left over. It’s such a shame we have to get rid of all this food, he thought to himself. His stomach rumbled as a sneaky idea entered his brain. Antoine isn’t here to see me take all of these, Nate thought to himself, as he salivated at the thought of an entire meal of Antoine’s delicious cooking. Plus, it’s just gonna go to waste anyways. He immediately set to work, grabbing a to-go box and filling it with all of the leftover food. Four chocolate cupcakes, two slices of pumpkin pie, three glazed donuts and a small cake made their way into the box, and after turning off all the lights and locking the front door, Nate rushed home to enjoy his feast while it was still warm.

    Settling down in his bed, Nate turned on his TV and opened the box filled with delicious desserts. He mindlessly ate from the box, snack after snack entering his belly as he watched TV. He salivated as the decadent flavors of his favorite foods flooded his mouth, as he ate bite after bite of the food. After a while, Nate became aware of how full he was starting to get. Looking down at the box, all that was left were the glazed donuts and the cake. I can finish that, he thought to himself, and he grabbed a donut and began to work through the remaining food with a new hunger. Shoving donut after donut in his mouth, he moaned in delight as the flavors danced on his tongue, licking his sticky fingers so as to not lose any of that delicious flavor. As he finished the donuts, he looked down at the small cake that he saved for last and ripped into it. The thick vanilla buttercream icing melted in his mouth as he slowly devoured the cake. He was becoming aware of how tight his stomach felt, and his eating became much slower as he stuffed himself with more of the delicious cake. Groaning as his belly protested against the sheer amount of food he was eating, Nate kept eating the remaining bites of the cake until none of it was left inside the box. He licked his fingers, swallowing the last bits of icing. He did it. He unbuttoned his pants, feeling as some of the pressure was alleviated as his stuffed belly surged forward. His hands immediately went to his sides, and he began to rub his belly as he moaned in relief. Burping and bloated beyond belief, Nate fell asleep that night massaging his bloated belly.

    And so sneaking extra food every night became a daily habit for Nate. Every night he would say goodnight to Antoine and immediately grab a box and fill it up with every last pastry that didn’t sell. What started off as only a few pastries slowly became two to-go boxes filled to the brim with all the desserts he grabbed. Croissants, Pies, Cupcakes, Donuts, Rolls, Muffins, and Cakes would all end up inside the boxes he took home, and every night he would come home and stuff his belly full of those delicious foods, never leaving any leftovers.

    Three months had passed since Nate began working for Antoine at his bakery, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that his late night snacks were beginning to take a toll on his body. It started off fairly inconspicuous, with Nate being able to pass off his bigger belly as a bloat, but when the button on his pants popped off one morning before work, his appetite kicked into overdrive, making his belly grow much fatter than before. His formerly small belly was growing softer and rounder, and it was becoming impossible to hide under any of his clothes. His belly was even beginning to push against his apron, which hid the small strip of soft flesh that stuck out from underneath his tight shirts. Two new moobs were beginning to grow on his chest, growing steadily as they rested on top of his fat belly. His ass and love handles had also gotten bigger, making him look rounder than ever. Nate was vaguely aware that he was growing fatter and fatter, but that didn’t stop him from his late night feasts that had become daily occurrences. Nate was well aware that his thin 186 pound frame from college was gone, but what he didn’t know was that his 213 pound belly from a few months ago was now tipping his scale at 247 pounds. But he never worried about his weight for too long; the delicious pile of sweets waiting for him kept him from ever wanting to go on a diet. Antoine remained silent about Nate’s new gains, but he definitely noticed the way his new employee jiggled with each step as his belly continued to grow. And he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

    One night after Antoine left, Nate began fixing his typical post-shift feast. Grabbing a few to-go boxes from the shelf behind him, Nate began to waddle across the counter, grabbing dessert after dessert until the shelves were completely empty.

    However, unbeknownst to him, Antoine had installed a hidden camera that morning, which captured the front of the shop in full display. Antoine watched from his phone as Nate grabbed the boxes full of desserts and made his way out of the bakery.

    “Ah-ha! So he’s taking all those sweets home with him! That’s why he’s gotten so fat,” he whispered to himself. “The boy can’t be left alone in a room full of food!”

    He pat his midsection, pulling up his shirt to reveal his own fat belly, earned from many taste tests and similar feasts. “I remember what it was like to be young and greedy like him,” he said, rubbing his hairy belly and feeling his fingers sink into its soft skin. “Plus, he isn’t nearly as big as me,” he said, sticking his gut out as a devious plan formed in his brain. “At least, not yet. Perhaps, with some modifications to the recipes, I can make him bigger than me!” he said, laughing to himself as he jiggled his 350 pound gut. “That poor fatboy won’t know what hit him!”

    Business at the bakery was as steady as ever, and when Antoine started adding heavy cream and extra sugar and butter to his recipes, even more customers began to drop by, drawn in by the delicious smell that was coming out of the kitchen. Antoine was also making many more batches than he normally did in a secret attempt to get Nate to eat more food. Fortunately for him, Nate was blissfully unaware of his boss’s attempts to make him fatter. All he knew was that more food was left on the shelves these days, and more food was being stuffed into his belly at night.

    It had been two months since Antoine changed his recipes to fatten up Nate, and the results were quite impressive. Nate’s belly was now big enough to rival Antoine’s, and Nate knew that he was properly fat now. His shirt size had gone up 3 times since he began working at the bakery, and he was already on the verge of outgrowing his new clothes. His apron, once loose on him, now accentuated every roll and bulge on his fattened body. His moobs were beginning to sag on top of his bulbous belly, adding to his overall heft. His ass had grown softer too, straining the seat of his size 40 pants. He was fatter than ever, but still he continued to gorge himself on the delicious pastries that had become part of his daily diet, not caring that his once skinny body had now doubled in weight since he started working for Antoine. He stopped weighing himself when he passed 330 pounds, but he knew he’d gained some more weight since then. He still came home every night with mountains of delicious food that always ended up in his growing belly, and wasn’t showing any signs of stopping.

    Antoine looked smugly yet admiringly at the formerly thin employee he hired only a few months ago. And yet, he looked completely different, he thought, watching as Nate pulled his shirt down to cover his gut. His new recipes had clearly succeeded in making him fat, and it had become the highlight of his day to catch Nate out of the corner of his eye pop a small pastry into his mouth.

    “Nate, I want to talk to you about something,” Antoine said, watching Nate grab a powdered donut right before opening for the day.

    “Of course, what’s up, Antoine?” Nate responded, oblivious to the sugary dust that had already accumulated on his apron.

    Antoine walked closer to Nate until their bellies were only inches apart. “There really is no easy way to say this, but I know about your little secret.”

    “What do you mean?” Nate asked, face immediately growing red.

    Antoine took another step further, his belly now squishing against Nate’s. “I know you’ve been taking all the leftovers home with you,” he said quietly as Nate’s belly rumbled loudly. “And they’ve been making you fat! Haven’t they?”

    Nate looked down at his belly. “I cant stop eating,” he said, belly grumbling again. “Your food is too good, I don’t care if it makes me fat,” he said, pulling his apron off to reveal his shirt that was straining against his heft.

    Antoine chuckled at his fat employee. “A big boy needs a big appetite!” he paused. “Remember one of the first things I told you when you first started working here?”

    “No, sir,” Nate said, confused at where his boss was going.

    “I said that there’s not enough room for two fat bakers!” Antoine said cheerfully, unashamedly inspecting Nate’s belly with both of his hands. “But I believe you’ve proven me wrong. Look at how big your belly is! I’ve been needing a taste tester for some of the new recipes I’ve been planning,” Antoine said, grabbing the largest donut and putting it in Nate’s mouth. “I’m assuming that’s something you’d like?”

    Nate’s answer was quite obvious. “Of course!” he said through a mouthful of donut.

    “Well then, I believe we can start that right now,” Antoine said, locking the door and leading Nate to the back room. “Come back here with me, fatboy, I have a lot to feed you this week!”

    Going Soft

    Dax sighed a little as he heard his name being called out from behind him. There was Miles, heading towards him at the bar. He smiled politely, but knew he was going to be stuck with the guy for at least the next half an hour. This bar was a great spot to pick up guys before they all headed off to the clubs, and wasting half an hour trying to shake off an overly keen nineteen year old was not part of Dax’s plan. It wasn’t that Miles wasn’t attractive; he really was. Dax had seen him at a festival in the summer with his shirt off and dancing around with his toned body on show. The sight was more than enough to give Dax a boner.

    However, Miles was also fatally boring and far too into him. As soon as he came over, Dax knew he was going to have to listen to the guy telling him all about his first semester in college: the assignments he had completed, the dull people he had met. It made him think that, if he ever did get too drunk and end up in bed with Miles, what a passionless, disappointing encounter it would turn out to be. He imagined Miles wanting to cuddle afterwards and share life stories. He’d never get rid of him!

    “I’m meeting a new guy at another bar in ten minutes,” Dax lied, after listening to Miles go on for some time. After his fifth shot of vodka, his libido was fully engaged and his tolerance for small talk was dissipating.

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    Lifeguard Off Duty: Table of Contents


    Bradley, first seen in Muffin Tops, is a an ultra fit lifeguard who can’t stand fat people. However, once he gets promoted to an office job he begins to face his own battle of the bulge. Surrounded by chubby office mates and secret encouragers, Bradley begins to lose control of his toned physique. How far will he let himself go?

    Written by Gainer Stories and Gaining Fiction

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