What do you think, did Castle and Beckett use tongue in their undercover kiss?

    I think I’m letting Caskett lovers down when I say no, I don’t think they did.

    And that’s purely because I need to hold onto some sliver of faith that Josh was somewhere in the back of Kate’s mind during this.

    I know, I know: who cares about Josh? Well, I do.

    I know that if I came home from a long shift of saving people and my ‘significant other’ was like “oh by the way I made out with that guy I have obvious feelings for but it’s okay because it was just a work thing” I wouldn’t be too impressed, just saying.

    So for my own peace of mind I say there was no tongue, they both felt guilty and Josh was very understanding although he insisted that now she can’t get mad when he comments that Castle is trying to ‘steal his girl’ and she just laughs and agrees to the conditions because she just doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.


    Prompt #981

    "I can take care of myself!"

    "Oh I've seen what that looks like."


    Good To See You

    Season Four

    The knock on the door startles her. She’s not expecting anyone and for a minute her mind goes to a dark place.

    “Kate?” She hears through the door.

    She settles, makes her way to the door and opens it.

    "Hey Lanie," she utters.

    "Hey? That's how you let me know you're back in town," Lanie shakes her head. "I bought dinner. I hoped maybe you were free."


    "We don't have to talk about it," Lanie assures her. "But I know you won't have eaten and I picked up tacos from the place down the street with the good margaritas. I got us some of that nice Mexican soda though. Next time we'll do margaritas."

    Kate smiled, gestured for Lanie to come in, followed her into the kitchen and watched her start to take out plates, glasses, pulling out soda cans and setting out food.

    "I can take care of myself!" Kate teases.

    "Oh, I've seen what that looks like," Lanie side eyes her. Takes in the pale skin, the frailty to her best friend. Has never seen her so unlike herself.

    "Well, it's been a... been a lot," Kate volunteers.

    "I... I get that you needed to deal with this, sweetie, I really do," Lanie turns to her. "And I'm not even mad about it. I just... It's just really good to see you."

    Kate can't help it. She wraps Lanie in a hug, as tight as her body will let her and just for a second she lets it out before pulling back putting that lid on it again.

    "Missed you too," Kate mutters.

    Lanie gives her that look, the one Beckett kind of hates but also kind of loves. The one that says her friend understands her but won't push. They settle around her sofa, Lanie taking over control of the TV and finding a romantic comedy for them to watch and she just gets to spend an evening, an evening like so many they've spent before. Before bullets and conspiracies and declarations and pain and hiding.

    "Lanie," Kate mutters. "Thanks."

    Thanks for being here.
    Thanks for saving me.
    Thanks for carin

    Happy National Best Friends Day


    I am so unbelievably close to finishing Maelstrom but do you think a single word is coming to me right now?


    This was just brought to my attention and now I feel a little better.


    Very proud to announce I have written a whole chapter this morning.

    It is trash and needs a lot of editing, but there are words on the page and that feels amazing! haha.


    June prompt 20 please!

    The Next Voyage
    Post Season 7

    He passes out cold drinks, checks if anyone needs sunscreen, if everyone is set. Everyone had been excited by the suggestion - a weekend up in the Hamptons and he'd unveiled this twist just last night. An afternoon out on the water, sun and sea and this little family.

    "Stop being such a Dad," Ryan winks at him. "We're good. The tablets have kicked in, not feeling the motion sickness now."

    He grins at his friend, watches the way he relaxes back with Jenny. Knows he wants to go swimming with Esposito but is taking the time to be kid-free and have some time with his wife. Castle looks up the boat to see Lanie and Kate lying out on towels, tanning with Alexis at their side with her head in a book and a straw in her mouth, sipping on ice tea. Notices Esposito chatting with their Captain. Never expected the quiet, sullen man to have so many questions. Is pretty sure he heard the detective ask if he could give the helm a spin.

    "I don't want me first act as Captain to be busting you for attempted drowning," Kate teases. "I gotta give it to you Writer Boy," Lanie calls out to him as he sits back, content to enjoy the company. "This is some kinda life. I could get used to this."

    "Yeah Castle," Ryan agrees. "Kate should get promoted more often if this is the way we celebrate."

    He hears Kate laugh. Loves that sound. Loves how at ease she is, now her path is a little clearer.

    "You have to admit it though," Jenny pipes in. "This is kind of amazing. All of us here. I've never done anything like this. Thanks for including us. This is something we'll always remember doing."

    "You guys are our family," Castle insists. "Things are gonna change, but this never will."

    He sees Kate sit up, look around at them all. Slides a drink her way, basking in the smile she gives him.

    "A toast," he clears his throat, waits for Esposito to step away and join them.

    "To our new Captain," Espo declares.

    "To getting away with everything she taught us," Ryan added.

    "To smart asses that might end up shipwrecked," Kate cracked back.

    "To all of us, here, now," Castle interrupts. "and the voyage."


    Prompt: sailboat


    do you have any more stories with Jim?

    I’m in the mood to write something devastating and Jim is looking like a viable victim rn I’m so sorry.


    If you haven’t watch this, you should 😂 Will definitely lighten up your day.. this edit is golden! ✨


    Okay but why was this the best 6 minutes of my day? Haha.


    Haha riggghhhttt?!? I didn’t know how much I needed this video until I watched it that first time 😂


    Castle didn’t even sound like a real word by the end of it, I won’t lie 🤣

    But I love it!