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    Ok being the cheeky young single man I am I love meeting up with the ladies for casual fun but one night changed my life forever, Now I had heard about dogging but never really had any interest in trying it for myself, I have always like to get my ladies alone in their flats for a bit of naughty fun, and was more then happy shagging them in private, well as I said all that changed for me when I met Ally she is a sexy mature lady in her mid 40’s who I met through this site, I fancied her straight away and wanted to know as much as I could about her, It turns out she lived in St Helens. Now as St Helens is part of Merseyside I was quite happy about this and started to flirt with her which she responded to. Now we had been dating for a few months when she asked me if I had ever been to an out door sex party, I was a little taken aback but thought about it and said now I haven’t, she said that some of her friends had arranged an event later that night and we should go, well I am no prude and up to try most things so I agreed.


    Now as every one knows the Wirral is the part of Merseyside that is south of the river Mersey and it is just as much a hot bed of dogging sin as any other part of Merseyside, there are some lovely coastal dogging locations to be had in the Wirral, you only have to take a drive out down the coast road late at night to find cars parked in lay by’s and naughty goings on near by, My husband and I are regulars at many of the dogging spots on the Wirral and have made some really good friends who we regular meet for casual dogging sex, Dogging has been going on in the Wirral for ages now and unlike other sexual fads it seems to be even more popular, ever since we launched Mersey side Dogging we have seen a steady increase in the number of inquisitive adults who want to find out what it’s like to have sex out doors, Now I bet most adults in the UK have done some thing naughty with their husband or wife, perhaps you have felt horny while out on a Sunday afternoon drive and talked your partner into fucking in the car if you could find some where secluded, I know I have Me and my husband where out walking on a beech on day when he turned to me and said Wow you look so gorgeous in that bikini I would love to take you into those sand dunes and fuck you, well with out a word I took his hand led him over to what I thought was an out of the way sand dune and took my bikini bottoms off, he stood there for a split second and then took his t-shirt off laid it on the sand for me to lay on then pulled me down to the ground and gave me a good seeing to, I had the best out door sex in the Wirral that day but what made it more exciting was the fact that we could have been caught at any moment.


    Now Knowsley is a very popular area of Liverpool but I bet there aren’t many of you who realise that it is also a hot dogging location for single men, couples and naughty housewives from all over Merseyside. Well I can assure you that after dark Knowsley turns into a doggers heaven with loads of sexy sluts getting their boyfriends and hubbies to drive them to Knowsley where their favourite dogging location can be found, you see they have met so many outrageous and sexy friends on our online adult sex site that they cannot get enough sexy fun which only dogging seams to afford them. Now there are a few places in Knowsley where you can experience some dogging fun one that I quite often frequent is the Knowsley industrial park, you see there are loads of little dead end roads that are secluded late at night where me and my boyfriend can park the car and get down to having sex, there might be on accession a truck parked up for the night but we don’t usually get any interruption from it’s driver, although me friend and her man did have one driver who was interested enough in what they where doing and come over to join in, they both said what a nice guy he was and I might meet him one day as he was going to make it one of his regular stop over’s when he is in Merseysire.


    If your looking to have fun with online sex dating sites let me congratulate you on finding the hottest site in Merseyside for out door dogging sex, Merseyside Doggers will put you in touch with horny single men and couples who are Looking for some lay by fun in Sefton? In fact these naughty slappers want all kinds of out door sex with guy’s like you, so how about joining the thousands of doggers from, all over Merseyside who regularly congregate on Sefton for dogging fun, we have girlfriend, wives, couples, and mature women who are all looking for give sexy men from Sefton a blow job on a dogging night out. These ladies love to get their partners to take them to a Sefton dogging spot where they can get laid by multiple sex partners, they have specifically joined our site because we are the only online dogging site active in Sefton and can cope with the demand 24/7, so if you would like to be apart of the fastest growing online community of Merseyside Doggers then you need to sign up today.


    If there is one thing Merseyside isn’t well know for it’s Truckers dogging spots, but if you’re a knight of the road then you will soon find out what saucy things go when you have to stay away from home and sleep in your truck, I should know because I have been a LGV driver for many years now and thoroughly enjoy my job I love visiting new places and since I started my professional driving career I have probably delivered to most towns in main land Britain, Now I have seen loads of strange thing while being out on the road but the one thing that really surprised me was a few years ago now I had to stay on Knowsley industrial state one night because I had missed my delivery and had to unload the next morning, so I settled down in my truck had some dinner and watched TV, I didn’t go to bed to early that night because I didn’t have an early start, It must have been 11PM when I heard cars pulling up a short distance away and I could hear voices, I was intrigued to see what was going on so I peered through the curtains and saw a few cars parked with a small group of men with a couple of women it looked like they where fooling around, straining my eye’s I could just make out what they where doing but found it heard to believe my eye’s.


    Now have you ever been walking through a park on a sunny afternoon surrounded by gorgeous women in short shirts and pants and wished you could Meet women for sex in parks, well now you can with Merseyside Doggers, we have hundreds of naughty ladies who have joined our site who would love to join you in the after noon for casual sex. Our sexy ladies get so much fun out of meeting men online for sexual interludes when they are in the mood to be adventurous, and let me say this these women are always’ in the mood and there is nothing that they will not do when they have the chance, you will find loads of women who want to meet up in a secluded place in parks for sex, you only have to check out their online profiles to see just how randy these women can get, what they want is usually what the get so don’t be shy come on in and Meet women for sex in parks.


    Hello I’m a sexy wife from Merseyside who loves sex especially out door sex where I feel I can really let my hair down and get wild my hubby love it when I do this, Me and my husband Chris have been attending dogging meets around Merseyside for some years now and we just love out door sex, now I have a little secret I am one of these Wives who go out in public with no panties on, It gives me such a sense of freedom and also makes me horny but being the liberated modern women that I am I can’t help myself, plus the fact that when guy’s realise that I am a wife who doesn’t wear panties there face changes and I love to see that expression, I know they want me and that turns me on. Now we have met some amazing people while out on dogging meets but I always’ look forward to having sexual encounters with new dogging partners and hope they will become our new friends, after all that’s what dogging is all about, but I must admit finding new dogging contacts can prove a little tricky but all that changed once we joined Merseyside Dogging now we get to search through thousands of regularly updated dogging contacts from all over Merseyside and the Wirral where you will find other Wives out in public with no panties on.


    Now every on in the UK know just how much fun there is to be had on Merseyside, with most of the comedians coming from Merseyside just shows what a good sense of humour the people of Liverpool have, but what might not be so well know is that Merseyside is well renowned for it’s doggers, I should know because I have been dogging in Merseyside for a number of years now and it is always’ so much fun, I really look forward to going to my next dogging adventure, every one I have attended has been different and you usually get some right characters turn up to watch the action, personally I think the men and women of Merseyside are brilliant and always up for sexy fun, to my mind there is nothing better than meeting up with couples, single men and women for some out door sex in various dogging locations around Merseyside. There might be loads of dogging in the UK but none are better than Merseyside Doggers. If you need proof then why not come and experience the naughty out door antics at one of our Merseyside dogging meets.


    Now let me welcome you to Merseyside Dogging we are an adult only contact site dedicated to all the horny men and women from Merseyside who love out door sex and in particular dogging, now dogging is a term for couples who like to have sexual intercourse in the open, usually car parks, woodlands or lay-by’s in fact any outside space which has an element of seclusion. Now the dogging scene has been going since the 1980’s when couples would go out in their cars for sexual encounters to commons, car parks, woodlands and lay-by’s where they would be watched by strangers, these would be men out walking their dogs hence the name dogging, since then this pass time has become more popular every year and although there are other dogging sites online Dogging Merseyside is the only official site recognised by the men and women who love to frequent the dogging locations in Merseyside.