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Back again, here's hoping I can find at least a few thousand of you all again! Male. Born some time in the first half of the 90s. This is a blog for consenting adults, so if you are yet to reach the legal age to view this content, please leave and come back when you are.

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2021-11-26 03:27:47

    if i beg you to let me cum, push me to the ground, step on my cunt with your boot and tell me if i want to cum, that’s the only way i’m gonna do it. grinding on the sole of your shoe like a dumb little slut.

    every time i get close, pull your shoe away, watch how needy i get, whining and crying to cum. eventually when i’m no longer entertaining to you, make me clean your shoe with my tongue. 

    when i ask why you didn’t let me cum, spit on my face and say “you really are such a stupid little cunt aren’t you? did you really think i was going to let you cum? you dumb little thing i just wanted to see how fucking disgusting you’d get with the promise of an orgasm” then laugh at how pathetic i am and leave me there: dripping, denied and crying.