you, you and again you.

    I’ve been thinking about her. I’ve been dreaming about her. She hasn’t scape my mind. She is still living there. She is living her life, in the only way she knows it. Being a “princess”. Being someone that you can’t be upset with. Just being her. The most lovely person. She is the representation of the pink color. She is the representation of purity. Don’t know if I should be describing her as this but, it’s just what I miss about her. The persona. The best-friend. The girl that is there when you are not doing right. When you feel that the world is coming apart infront of you. When you feel that there is no scape. Maybe what I miss is her, just being her. Maybe it’s just hard for me to accept that I miss her. That I still love her. Even all this time, I’m still loving her. Just because I didn’t know I was inlove with her.

    I’m being too dramatical. I’m drunk. But at the same time I’m conscious of what I’m writing. Those are my feelings. Those are my real thoughts.