Sensual DOM - Her Master

Destiny only comes once in the lifetime of a very few. when it speaks, we listen, where it leads, we follow. Dominant male who has studied and experienced all facets of the traditional D/s life. I am completely and totally taken my my beautiful and devoted submissive . She is my world, my everything, as I am hers.Our life is very precious and personal to me, so I keep it private. if you message me, I will answer, but do not chat or have conversations to any extent. if you are under 18, please leave my blog, this is no place for you to be. if not, I will delete and block you, same goes if any rude orndisresoectful comments are made either to me or my princess. have fun and feel free to like, comment, and reblog anything you wish.

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2022-01-23 00:20:13

    We have searched the expanse of the universe

    Lived countless lives

    Watched worlds come and go, rise and fall

    Felt endless sunsets, and cried under a thousand moons

    We stayed the cosmic course

    Many times, our paths crossed, like starstruck lovers passing in the night

    Now, under heaven's embrace we meet once more

    No passage of time not space could resist our pull

    Hearts and souls entwined

    We present our rite of passage before the deities

    We shall deeply embrace this brief respite of eternal love

    For, a thousand years hence, we shall once again stand here

    Lips meeting in love's surrender

    Once in every life, we shall find our way here, our journey home....πŸ’œ