Mom’s night out

    “Honey, can you come in here a second?”

    “I want your opinion on something.”

    “I’m going to this club my friends told me about. You think your old mom looks okay?”

    “Wow, are you kidding me, mom? You look smoking hot!”

    “Aw, aren’t you sweet. But seriously, you think your mom will be able to get some attention from the guys? There will be so many younger girls there.”

    “You think the guys in the club will be interested in your mom?”

    “You think they guys would like to dance with your mom and buy her drinks?”

    “Oh yeah, definitely mom! But if you’re worried about the younger girls there, maybe you should make sure you get noticed by the guys. How about pulling up your dress a bit so they get a good look at you?

    “Really? You think I should hike up my dress a bit?”

    “Sure mom. Just a little to show that sweet ass of yours”

    “How’s this?”

    “Oh yeah mom!, that’s perfect! Uh, mom, are you wearing any panties?”

    *gasp* “Young man! What kind of question is that to ask your own mother? For your information, I am. Your mother is not some kind of slut to go out clubbing without any underwear on!”

    “Sorry mom. I just couldn’t make out if you were.”

    “Well I am, see? It’s a g-string because I hear that’s what the young guys like these days.”

    “Oh wow, mom, those are nice! But guys like it even better when women have nothing on underneath. Maybe you’d like to try going without them?”

    “What? You really think your mom should go out clubbing without any panties on?”

    “Just saying it’ll make things easier for they guys when they’re grinding up against you on the dance floor..”

    “Maybe you’re right. Okay, off they go!”

    “There. Is that better?”

    “Oh, yeah, definitely! You don’t mind if I hang onto them for a while, do you?”

    “I suppose it’s okay. You probably want to jerk off in them don’t you? Just make sure you put them in the laundry hamper once you’re done. And just because it’s your mom’s night out, doesn’t mean you can stay up late - you’ve got school tomorrow!”