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    Credit to @t.nebris : The last video was too long ago… So here’s a new one in my favorite catsuit and harness 🖤 Harness by @chronomatic_latexwear #selfie #blackcatsuit #catsuitlove #latexcatsuit #blacklatex #fetish #latexfetish #bigboobs #redlips #booty #shiny #rubber #tenebris #harness #ass #gingerhair #redheadgirl *advertising because of tagging* FetRealm ▫️ www.fetrealm.com ▫️ https://ift.tt/2Sa829u


    Not Like Those Captions


    That’s very true! And if you add in that he never knows if any sexual activity will result in an orgasm for him - and, over time, he will realise it is more likely not to - you can do whatever you want and the power dynamic is very clear. When my Angel lived with me, we often had some sexual activity 4 or more nights a week (yes, having a subby right there makes me horny…). But the power dynamic never changed. And if you have ever looked into the eyes of a man who is fucking you and just received a No to his plea for an orgasm, you know that this is just as powerful as keeping his cock locked away.


    Yep, orgasms are by permission only. I cannot speak for all couples, everyone is different. It works for us and it just grew that way over time. Her taking the lead role has only been natural. Having an orgasm without permission would be almost impossible.


    So True!

    Make her feel like a Queen and let control your orgasms, she will spread her wings and thrive with her new found power! ❤🔐