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2020-05-31 01:58:08

    i have a question for archery tumblr: I am all of five foot two, what would some recommendations be for me re: purchasing either a longbow or a recurve? brands yall like? should i buy as a whole or get the limbs and risers individually?


    edit: i am well aware that the average longbow is taller than I am

    exposition - I’ve only shot recurves at ranges, and did all the youth shenaniganry that makes up building and shooting longbows out of scavenged material (my parents garage wall is pockmarked to HELL) 

    i’m 5’2” as well! i personally prefer recurves with removable limbs. it makes them easier to assemble and move. i’ve shot a variety of bows and my favorite brand so far has been Junxing. the specific bow you want depends on the draw weight you want and what kind of shooting you’re doing (hunting, targets, etc.) hope this helps!