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my band director forgot about the horn section once and I'm still salty • all pronouns • hs sophomore • 16 yrs old • played horn for 5 yrs now • my horn is named Father Quincy The Spicy • cw for swearing

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2021-06-12 20:05:56

    this goes to a very small demographic that i have never interacted with on tumblr but i hope it gets to the right place regardless

    trans people in marching band: do not bind. do not tuck.

    i know dysphoria is a bitch, but your safety is way more important. it doesn't matter what section you're in, intensive physical activity while restricting soft tissue is a bad idea. if you're a wind player, you also have to consider how binding while active will (not can, will) affect your playing ability.

    6-8 hour rehearsals in the blazing sun while marching. you're gonna be sweaty and tired and uncomfortable anyway, please do not add permanant rib/pelvic area damage to that list.

    i care about you. drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and have fun!!

    -your transmasc ren in the front ensemble :D