LookBook  512 🍎

My little Fruit ToTs love showing off their pineapples, watermelon, grapes, apples and bananas.  All made into accessory items  by  @fleur-coton  (Thank You!)

🍉 [Atelier Fleur de Coton] Poses + Acc fruit. 🍎🍉

https://www.patreon.com/posts/atelier-fleur-de-45622144  (Early Release)

Sparkle Boots  by @littletodds   Available on                 TBS 12 Days of Christmas  (Its Free to Join) :

http://www.theblacksimmer.com/downloads-36/127876-the-black-simmer-12787612-days-of-christmas-127876-christmas-2020-127876/msg164431/#msg164431      It’s FREE to JOIN


Chanel Swimsuit for Toddler by @littletodds

Ballerina Toddler  by @redheadsims-cc


Curly Hair by @redheadsims-cc

Bigger and Better Twist Tails  by @anne-tione

Afro Pack Hair  by @afro-sims-for-you


Socks: Lace & Animal Socks  by  @karzalee​

Socks  by @alizzzzz

Bows  by @hbcu-black-girl

Meshes (X) (X) 


Disclaimer: The Beautiful CC Featured Here Was Not Created by @ilovesaramoonkids or @ilovesaramoon  All Credit Goes To the Talented Creators.

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Note: I use a lighting Mod (overexposed) plus Reshade.