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    every photo of a shoebill eating is progressively worse than the last

    the one exception: this gentle boy who just wants to share a snack with you

    I feel I should point out that the penultimate stork is being slandered. That duck was uneaten; the stork was just moving it out of the way, and promptly dropped it.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225223/Dont-forget-duck-Giant-Shoebill-picks-feathered-friend-blocks-path.html

    Look at the duck’s FACE

    H A L P

    Citra is REALLY bad at meowing. She sounds like a broken party favor when she remembers to actually meow.


    Being an orange female kitty is already rare, but you had to go adopt the one in a million who can’t cat properly

    She came in a two pack so I had to.

    Simcoe (left) and Citra (right), both girls. Both rescues. Both biological litter mates (sisters). Both long term loving projects to teach human trust to.

    Simcoe got 100% of the meowing capabilities.

    WAIT! WAIT!! So, are you telling me that actual, normal meow was the sister? Who, seemingly, just meowed at the moment because she saw her sister struggling so she tried to help by giving her an example???

    THAT was actually Seymour. Who does also love Citra, but wasn’t really helping. He’s just very vocal because he’s an exclamation mark in a cat’s body.


    @happyhealthycats he looks like an exclamation mark in a cats body too

    Me too, Citra. Me too.