Gay Texas diaper bro looking for other Texas diaper bros who want to diaper up and have some fun. Mostly a DL but have an affection for AB diapers and clothes and would make a good big bro for a little. Have diapers and will travel to meet with other folks in and around East Texas! So send me message if you are looking too and see if we can strike up a friendship πŸ˜‰

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2021-08-03 14:47:47

    "Cleaned up and ready to be a big boy, it feels strange mot being protected!"

    "it's ok, even if you do big boy stuff, you can put a diaper on. I mean, you are always diapered when cooking with Daddy."

    "Nah, it's not for me, i'm a big boy"

    5 minutes later

    "A Tena should last me until bedtime, right Daddy?"

    "It sure will little boy, wise decision."

    @madshappyy did not feel safe without protection, so he turned around and diapered up.

    "Dinner went well Daddy, and the diaper did its job. Do you want a closer inspection?"

    i did want a closer look of my bulging little guy.