“Please, just… Please don’t make me a slave, okay? Not like the others. I didn’t mean anything by it. It was an accident…” He trailed off with a whimper. Eyes fixed on my cock.

“Please?” he asked again, softly. Desperate, dumb mutt.

“You think pleading will help you?” I asked. He shrunk back at the anger in my voice. He cowered. “No. Dogs like you don’t plead. They beg.”

The brat’s eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t being made into another of my slaves. He was being turned into something… lower.

“Please! Please, sir. I’ll return all the money. I’ll make up for it. I’ll –”

I looked him square in the eyes, my piercing blue into his warm brown.

“Beg,” I said.

The boy immediately snapped into a begging position, his hands up by his chest and folded like paws. He looked around desperately, letting out a soft whimper—terrified and aroused at what he was becoming.

“Good boy,” I said—watching the confusion in his eyes as he shuddered in happiness, ass moving left to right ever so slightly. I stepped closer. “Come on, Who’s my good boy?”

His cock jumped up. He couldn’t help it, the horny little pup. I eyed his hard eight inches, swinging in front of him, dangling for anyone to see. And I saw the panic in his eyes when he realized he couldn’t move his hands to cover himself without his master’s permission. I watched him breathe in the smell of me, nose turned to my crotch, as I took another step closer. He was mine.

Leaning in close, I put my right hand behind his ear. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as I started scratching his head. And felt the breath turn into panting as he gave in to me.

“Awww. He likes that, doesn’t he?”


He couldn’t help himself. He barked again. And again, excited now. Then pushed his head into my hand, his tongue falling out his mouth stupidly. I scratched his head harder, then moved down to his belly—making him wag his now leaking cock around.

“Good dog,” I said, watching his eyes dull in horniness. “Because that’s all you are, right? Not a human. Not a boy. Not a slave. A dog. An animal. My pet.”

He wagged even harder at this, his cheeky little ass shaking behind him. This was too good.

“You want your master’s load?” I asked. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”

He did, gazing up at my cock in adoration. My obedient little dogboy.

“Now beg.”

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