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    The bigger your biceps get, the smaller your mind becomes. It was a sacrifice you didn’t think twice about making back when you were a scrawny nerd who would have done anything to get bigger. So, when you were given the opportunity, you gladly agreed to give up small pieces of your intelligence in order to make your muscles grow. You had intelligence to spare, you figured. And you’d know when to stop. All you wanted was just a little bit of muscle, you had told yourself.

    But having muscle, getting bigger and bigger every day… Watching the muscle grow and expand right in front of your eyes… You had no idea that it would feel so good. And the more of your intelligence that you gave up, the less you cared about studying and learning and passing your classes in school… It just seemed so much easier to let it all go and just keep getting bigger….

    Now you’ve got the biggest biceps of anyone you know… Sure, you can hardly string a proper sentence together any more… But those biceps, bro… It was all worth it, wasn’t it?


    Getin biger is worth getin dumer brah

    “Whoa fuck bro I’m getting huge!” Mark grinned. His body swelled with muscle as he pulled the red muscle-speedo up his legs, his chest thickening with strength and dark hair grew across his formerly scrawny body.

    “You look great,” I said. "How’s it feel?”

    “Fucking awesome,” he said, flexing his new larger arms. He looked concerned for a moment. “But ... my head is, like ... I feel kinda foggy,” he said. “Is that normal?”

    “It’ll pass,” I said. “In a few seconds you won’t remember that you used to be smart.”

    “Whaddya mean, used to?” He scratched his head. “Ain’t I still ... uh ... what’s happening to me, bro?”

    “The muscle-speedo’s using your old brainpower to build up your muscles,” I said. “Go ahead and flex for me again.”

    He obeyed, grinning as he stared at his reflection, muscles growing even larger.

    “Fuuuuck, I’m gettin’ huge dude,” he mumbled, rubbing his thick body. “Aw man. Bein’ hot is so much better than bein’ smart.”

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    David and Corey took my pup potion thinking it would be sexy to transform together, but they’re about to find out just how powerful the potion is. On its own, it’ll make you horny, obedient, desperate to fuck or be fucked. But if you take it with a friend, the physical changes kick in.

    Corey, on top, has already grown a tail. Fur is sprouting down his back, and his once-hairless legs are getting shaggy and dark.

    David, on bottom, was always the more muscular of the two, but he’s starting to shrink. He’s going to become a real small pup, with cute pointy ears and a dark nose. He can already feel his grip on Corey failing as his hands become paws. When they kiss, the changes will be complete. Two obedient dumb pups to add to my kennel.

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    “This hair growth formula is too much,” David said, holding the camera up to take a picture of his changing body. “It’s getting so thick. It’s like ... fur.”

    “You said you wanted to get hairy,” I said. “Looks like you got your wish.”

    David had been taking my formula for less than a week, and his body was covered in dark, thick hair. I ran my hand along his chest, rubbing the hair -- the fur -- like I was petting an animal.

    “Ruff... that feels good,” he barked, closing his eyes. He laid back on the bed. “Do that some more.”

    I sat next to him and rubbed his chest, his belly, then between his legs.

    David’s tongue dangled from him mouth and he started to pants. “Ruff ... arrrrufff ...” he whined as I rubbed his naked body.

    “Good boy,” I said, running my hand up his shoulders to his neck and his head. His ears were getting pointy and pushing up higher and higher.

    “Arooooo,” he howled.

    I reached for another bottle of the formula. “Here you go, boy,” I said. “Just a few more doses and it’ll be permanent.”

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    Every time we work out, one of us turns into a donkey for a day. It’s always random, and there’s no way to know which one will transform until we’ve started. And by then it’s too late to stop.

    “Dude, looks like it’s you today,” said Michael.

    I looked down and saw that my feet had become hooves. I raised one up. “Oh fuuuHEEAWW!” I brayed. Fur was growing up my legs, and I felt my cock throb as it grew. 

    “Get naked, dude, before you rip your clothes again,” Chris said. He yanked down my pants, exposing me.

    “HAWWWW!” I brayed helplessly. The change was speeding up, and I could feel my tail lashing back and forth over my furry ass. “HEEAWW!”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Michael said, turning back to lift some more weights. “Calm down, donkey. We’re gonna finish our workout, and then once you’re stuck on all fours, we’re gonna ride you home.”

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    “Fair’s fair, dude,” I said. “You bet me you’d sink more baskets, and you lost. Time to pay up.”

    “Pay up how?” Mark looked confused. “You want money?”

    I laughed. “No, monkey. I want your humanity.”

    “How...” His voice trailed off as fur grew over his body, and he started to shrink. “Wait ... what’s happening to me?”

    “You lost,” I said. “You lost the contest, and you lost your humanity.”

    He grunted in fear, staring at his body as it got smaller. A furry tail appeared over his gym shorts. “No ... oook ook ook -- please no!” he exclaimed. “Dude! I’m turning into a monkey!”

    “You’ve always been a monkey,” I said, standing over him. His pants fell from his smaller, furry body, and he stared up at me with a dumb fearful expression as his ears got bigger and rounder. “You’ve always been a dumb little primate. Now you look the part.”

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    His eyes were so pretty, and the more I stared into them, the more I felt my mind slip away.

    “Getting sleepy?” he asked, his voice gentle and soft.

    “I’m ... so ... heavy,” I said, barely able to keep my wits. Why was it so hard to think?

    “That’s it. You’re slipping under. Under my control. My plaything. My pet,” he said. “You’re losing your grip. Floating away. All you hear is my voice. All you do is obey.”

    “I ... obey,” I mumbled.

    “You’re an obedient pet,” he said.

    “Obedient ... pet,” I said.

    “So relaxed,” he said.

    “So relaxed,” I repeated, and I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. It felt so good to give in and be his.

    “You’re all mine,” he told me, and it was true. “My submissive little puppy.”

    “Yes sir,” I whimpered, and it was true. I was all his from now on.

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    "Transform me into a dad,” Jason said, handing me the ray gun. It was dark, metallic, and said DADBLASTER on the side.

    I shrugged. “Okay, dude,” and pulled the trigger.

    He was enveloped in a ray of green light for a moment, and when it faded, he was naked. I could see his thin, wiry body standing in front of me, hairless, and his shocked expression.

    “Oh fuck,” he gasped, looking down at himself. “I feel it!”

    He rubbed his chest, and sure enough I could see dark hair sprouting across it. He looked back up to me in time for a moustache to appear over his upper lip.

    “Bro,” he moaned, his voice deeper. “I’m becoming a dad! Fuuuuuck!” I raised his arms up and flexed, and they bulked with muscle. Dark pit hair grew in under his arms, and his chest barrelled out with muscle.

    “Feels fuckin’ good,” he groaned, growing taller before my eyes. He looked down at me and grinned. “You look so little now, dude!”

    I felt so small compared to him. “You look amazing,” I said. “Transform me next?”

    “Yeah, kiddo,” he laughed, picking up another raygun. “But not into a dad.” He pulled the trigger and I felt the warm light engulf me just as I caught a glimpse of the words on the side: PUP BLASTER.

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    “The transformation will start as soon as I kiss you,” I said, holding Brody close. He was laying on top of me, face to face, naked. “Are you ready?”

    “Kiss me,” he said, his beard nuzzling against mine.

    “No turning back now,” I said, gripping his head and pulling his mouth to meet mine. I kissed him deeply, out lips rolling against each other, and then pulled away.

    His ears were already getting longer.

    “You’ll look so cute as a donkey,” I said.

    “Hawwww,” he grinned, shaking his head to let his tall, growing ears wave back and forth. “It feels so weird.”

    “Just wait until you get a tail,” I said, and pulled him in for another kiss. I felt his naked body shift against mine, and knew he was getting hairier the longer our mouths touched.

    When I pulled away again, I saw his beard expanding up his cheeks. I reached down and felt his now-hairy back. “Sexy beast,” he said.

    “How long is this gonna last,” he said. He ran his tongue over his teeth, which were looking bigger.

    “It’s permanent,” I said. “I thought you knew it was permanent.”

    “Wait -- what do you mean permaneeeEEEEHAWWW!” he brayed in shock.

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    “You ready to donk out?” Jason whispered in my ear.

    “I think ... I’m gonna ... hawwwww,” I felt the bray escape my mouth before I even knew what was happening.

    “That’s it, donkey, let it out,” Jason whispered, his arms around me, holding me tight.

    “I can’t ... stop it from ... hawww!” I was louder this time, and I felt a tingle over my skin. I was starting to get furry.

    “You’re a donkey, aren’t you?” Jason said, rubbing my darkening chest.

    “I’m a HAWWW,” I brayed, unable to stop. “I’m a HEEAWWWW! I’m a donkeeeHAWWW!” I felt my ears stretching, getting hairier, my toes tightening and curling as they became hooves.

    “Keep going, donkey, keep going,” he said.

    “HEEHAWWW! HEE AWWWWW!” I couldn’t talk anymore. I could only bray. I could only transform. I could only become his donkey. HAWWWW

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    “Wasn’t it your turn to do laundry?” I asked my roommate Aaron.

    “Whoops,” he shrugged. “Sorry, bro. Forgot. Maybe tomorrow.”

    “I need some clean underwear now,” I said. 

    “I dunno what to tell you,” he said. “I gotta get to work.”

    “Yes, you do,” I said. “At your new job, cradling my cock.”

    “No… no, you wouldn’t,” he backed away from me, turning to run for the door.

    “Freeze,” I said, and he froze instantly in place.

    “Please,” he whimpered, unable to move. “Don’t … don’t!”

    “Shrink,” I said, and he started to dwindle down, getting smaller and smaller, his clothes collapsing around him.

    “I’m sorry!” he squeaked as he shrank. “Please, change me back!”

    “Flatten,” I said, and he collapsed down in the pile of clothes he’d been wearing, a thin flat sheet of his former human body. I reached down and picked him up with one hand, inspecting my flattened roommate. He made muffled sounds of protest.

    “Stretch,” I said, pressing him against my naked crotch, and then pulling him around my body. His flattened body stretched and pulled, wrapping to fit the contours of my cock and my hips and around to my ass. I could feel him wriggling, trying to get free.

    “Transform,” I said, and his body shimmered and turned into cotton, an elastic waistband appearing at the top. His body wrapped around my legs as he turned into a perfect pair of tight boxer briefs.

    "Good job,” I said, rubbing my former roommate. I sat back in a chair, feeling him clinging to me. “Now, jerk me off until I come in you.”

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    My friend Toby and I were both learning hypnosis together, and one night we got drunk and made a bet about which one of us could hypnotize the other into thinking he was a porn star.

    “I’m gonna put you under,” Toby said, grinning at me. “Look into my eyes.”

    “No way, dude,” I said, staring back at him. “I’m gonna hypnotize you first.”

    “Your mind is drifting,” he said.

    “So is yours,” I said. “You’re losing your thoughts.”

    “You’re getting lost, floating away,” he said, his eyelids fluttering.

    “You feel so relaxed,” I said, and I felt weird and heavy and slow.

    “Counting backwards from five,” he slurred. “Five... you’re horny and dumb.”

    “Yeah, dude, I know,” I said, feeling my thoughts dissolve. “Four ... you love to fuck.”

    “I fuckin’ do,” he grinned. “Three ... you love to get naked and show off your body.”

    “Just look at me,” I said, gesturing to myself. My clothes were gone. Where did they go? It didn’t matter. I looked hot. “Two. You’re my scene partner.”

    “I know, bro,” he said, moving closer to me, putting his arm around me, pulling me into his embrace. His clothes were gone now too, and I felt the warmth of his muscular body against my bare skin. He kissed me. “One,” he said. “You’re my fuckin’ husband.”

    “I know, dude,” I said, wrapping my arms around my lover and holding him close as we prepared to film our latest scene, two married men totally in love.

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    I’ve been using hyper-hypno on my roommate, Rick. It’s like regular hypnosis, but it can physically transform the subject.

    “You’re drifting,” I told him.

    “I’m ... drifting,” he slurred, his eyelids drooping.

    “Going under,” I said.

    “Going ... under.” His gaze unfocused, and he looked distant and blank.

    “Your mind is clear,” I said. “No distractions. No stress. Pure relaxation.”

    “Feels goooood,” he sighed, a blissed-out look on his face.

    “Tell me your fantasy,” I said. “Tell me what turns you on.”

    “I wanna be a bodybuilder,” he said, staring into the distance. “I’ve always wanted to be big and strong. To show off. No shame.”

    “That’s what you are,” I said. “You’re huge. Muscular. Manly.”

    As I spoke, his body began to change. His shoulders broadened, became thick and strong. His biceps thickened with muscle, his chest barreled out.

    “How do you feel?” I said.

    “Hot,” he whispered. “Fuckin hot. I wanna show off.”

    “You’re an exhibitionist,” I said. “You're wearing next to nothing.”

    His clothing evaporated as I spoke, dissolving until he wore just a skimpy bathing suit. He rubbed his body, smiling blissfully.

    “Wake,” I said, snapping my fingers. He looked startled, then stared down at his body.

    “Holy fuck,” he gasped. “What did you do to me?”

    “Nothing,” I said. “You did it to yourself.”

    “Oh my God,” he said, feeling his new strong nearly-naked physique. Then he looked up at me, a big grin on his face. “Okay, dude,” he said. “Now it’s your turn to transform.”

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    I pulled Barry and Will up onstage at my hypnosis show and put them both in a trance. I had a feeling they’d put on a good show, and I was right.

    “Are you two friends?” I asked them while they were under.

    “Yeah,” they both answered in unison.

    “Boyfriends?” I asked.

    “No,” they said.

    “Do you wish you were?”

    They both looked hesitant, but the hypnosis was strong. They couldn’t resist.

    “Tell me the truth,” I said.

    “Y... yeah,” Barry said.

    “I wanna be his boyfriend,” Will slurred.

    “Then you are,” I said. “When you wake up, you’ll be a couple.”

    “We’re a couple,” they both slurred.

    After that, I saw them around the island a few times. They were always so physically close, always touching and kissing. Like they’d always wanted to, but were afraid to admit. 

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    "I’ve been studying so much my brain is mush,” David said. “I gotta relax.”

    “You want me to put you under?” I said.

    “Could you?”

    Hypnotizing my roommate was easy. A few simple commands, and he was out like a light. But I didn’t stop there -- I gave him a few suggestions. Don’t study so hard, take a break for a few hours each day to work out, join the wrestling team. The changes were slow at first, but over the next semester, David started bulking up ... and wearing less and less.

    “You like my new singlet, dude?” he said, showing off his new skintight outfit. It hugged every curve of his new muscles.

    “Not bad,” I said. “It looks like it feels really good.”

    “Feels ... what?” he looked confused.

    “Feels good,” I said, watching the trigger words send him into a trance.

    “Yeahhhh,” he mumbled. “Feels ... good.”

    “But it feels even better to wrestle naked,” I said.

    “Yeah,” he agreed, grinning in his stupid hypnotized state. He slowly started to undress. “Feels ... good, bro.”

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    Mark signed up for my hypno class expecting to learn a few tricks -- but I needed someone to demonstrate on, and he seemed like a perfect choice.

    “No way this is gonna work,” he said, striding up to the front of the class. “You can’t hypnotize me if I don’t want you to.”

    “You’re right,” I said, holding my hand in front of his face and moving it back and forth, nice and slow. “You’re going to hypnotize yourself. Mark, I want you to count backwards from five.”

    “Sure,” he shrugged. “Five.” His eyes tracked the motion of my hand back and forth, back and forth, back and forth ... and I could see his eyelids start to droop.

    “Keep going, Mark,” I said.

    “Four,” he said, unsteadily. “Uh ... I feel ... weird. I feel kinda sleepy.”

    “Keep going. What else do you feel?”

    “Three,” he said, his eyes unfocused. “I feel ... like I’m far away ... like ... I feel so dumb, sir.”

    “Keep going. What’s your name?”

    “Twooooo,” he slurred. “I dunno. I forget.”

    “Keep going,” I said. “Tell me what else you can’t remember.”

    “Uh ... one,” he said. “I forget ... everything.”

    “Keep going,” I said. “Keep going. Keep going.”

    His eyes rolled back and he went limp. I just barely caught him and eased him down into a chair.

    The class watched him, fascinated. “What’s going to happen to him?” One of the other students asked.

    “He’ll be fine,” I said. “But we’re going to give him a few suggestions while he’s under. Mark’s about to become an underwear model.”

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    "When did I get this big?” Colton wondered, staring at his reflection in the mirror. "Was I ... was I always so huge?”

    “Yeah bro,” said Aaron, coming up behind him, rubbing his bare arms and his thick wide chest. “You don’t remember? We’ve been working out every day for like weeks.”

    “But I ... I don’t know how to ... work out,” Colton could only stare at himself, at his giant strong physique.

    “Yeah you do. It’s like the only thing you know how to do,” Aaron said. “Remember? Working out feels good.”

    As soon as he said those words -- “feels good” -- Colton felt his mind slipping away.

    “Wait -- no -- what are you doing,” he gasped.

    “Feels good,” Aaron repeated, rubbing Colton’s bare arms.

    “Bro ... what’s happening to me...” Colton slurred. He was forgetting. He was losing his thoughts. His whole life was slipping away. But something else was there -- something was replacing his memories. Something simple, something dumb, something that felt ... so good.

    “There you go, dude,” Aaron grinned. “Feels good, right?”

    Colton gave him a big dumb smile and flexed. “Yeah bro,” he said, his old life gone, new strength surging through his body. “Feels so good to be so strong.”

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    Meet Billy. He's always fantasized about turning his best friend Aaron into a pup -- hypnotizing him, forcing him naked down on all fours, dumbing him down and making him bark as he grows submissive and obedient. Well, that fantasy is about to come true ... just not how Billy imagined.

    Billy doesn't know it yet, but he got a subtle hypnotic suggestion implanted in his mind when he went up on stage at a magic show recently. Ever since then, Billy's been feeling strange whenever he's around his friends. He feels ... small. Obedient. Stupid. But not in a bad way... in a way that feels so good. So safe. So simple and relaxed.

    Soon he won't be able to help himself. He'll find himself stripping down, crouching on all fours. He'll stare up at his friends -- the same ones he used to fantasize about turning into pups -- and he'll only be able to bark. His eyes will grow wide as he realizes he's naked, and that he can't resist the urge to lick Aaron's feet.

    This isn't how it was supposed to go, he thinks with the last fragment of his old mind. He wasn't supposed to be the pup. But now he is, another happy hypno customer.

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