As soon as he put the bandanna around his neck, he felt the pup mask grow over his face.

“I’m pupping out,” he groaned, as his face swelled to fill the leather mask. “I’m gonna be a – ruff! I’m a pup! Woof!”

His ears stretched out and flopped over, and he felt his nose grow dark and wet. He stuck out his tongue to pant happily, and turned to look at himself in the mirror. A happy jock pup looked back at him, and he wiggled his butt as he felt a pup tail sprout at his lower back. He knew he only had a few minutes left on two legs, so he quickly took a snapshot of his changing body, flexing to show off his muscle, and then his hands began to curl into paws and he fell to all fours, barking and yipping to alert his master in the next room that his change was nearly complete.

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