Hey : )

So, wow, it's been a while! I didn't really realize how long until I looked back for my last text post, and yeah, quite a while!

If you have sent me messages or asks while I haven't been around, I do apologize as unfortunately with the hundreds and hundreds of those that have stacked up, there's not really realistically much chance that I'd be able to catch up on them, but, I did wanna make a post thingo to answer the main stuff I saw get asked ^^

1. People concerned about my asthma / Covid

Thank you so much for all of the concern from so many people! It's honestly insane to me that such a large amount of you cared about this one specific detail, but, at the same time, I think it shows what an overall wholesome community the untraining space can be <3 When you think about it, this part of the ABDL community that wants to become incontinent must be like, 1% of the overall kink or something and yet, in my experience, it's usually the most accepting and friendly! I suppose after all if you're at a point where you're cool with / actively want to make yourself incontinent, you also want to find other like-minded peoples and stick together to support one another! It's just really great to have a community like this I think!

So my asthma is doing great actually, and muuuuuch better than where it was last time everyone was up to date. I admit it was really scary for a while, and my doctor even wanted to register me on this like, emergency patient risk thing for ambulances/hospitals at one point x.x But! Things seem to have gotten better, and, I think it's all thanks to the lovely drugs they have for asthma these days, lol, as well as probably all the time we get to spend indoors now because of Covid.

Australia has handled Covid really well for the most part though, and I haven't caught it at all luckily! Colds and flus still really knock me about unfortunately because they also impair the lungs but, hey, better than dealing with Covid, so I can't complain too much.

2. People telling me about my photos and content getting reposted / borrowed / whatever

This one is another like, hey, look how awesome we are that so many of you want to keep an eye on that stuff for me! It's super kind of you! Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life on the Internet though, and there's ultimately not that much to be done about it really. Do I wish people wouldn't use my photos and pretend that they took them of themselves? Yes absolutely. Is there much to be done about it long term? No, not really.

It might sound silly or whatever but hey, it's the Internet, people are gonna take things and repost things and do whatever they do all over the world wide web, and, it's cool ultimately. By posting pictures of myself publicly, and even writing publicly, I sort of accepted that that kind of thing would happen, so, I do appreciate all the heads up but, ultimately I'm not really gonna go around playing whack-a-mole with all the stuff that gets reposted elsewhere. It's sort of a shrug and move on thing for me, but, again, sooooo great that you all are trying to look out for me, and I really appreciate it <3

3. People asking about me wearing 24/7, my incontinence, updates, am I still wearing, etc.

This is a big one, I know, but, I'm gonna do my best to not ramble on for thousands of words like I tend to do, ha ha. Maybe I can rapid-fire the most important points in like, bold, so people who want to can just read those bits.

Serah, are you still wearing 24/7?


Serah, are you still incontinent?


Serah, those are contradictory answers!

I knoooooow!

When did you stop wearing diapers full-time?

It's hard for me to remember exactly what day it was, but, it was about October of last year. So, sometime in October 2020.

Why did you stop wearing diapers full-time?

Financial reasons! Like others, I was unfortunately impacted by Covid, and I eventually had to make the tough call to try and wean myself off diapers until things settled down some more.

Was this super duper easy to do and you suddenly got back all of your control without any effort?

No! It has been almost nine whole months since I started trying to retrain myself, and I still have regular accidents despite my best efforts.

This has been as much of a learning experience for me as the initial untraining, and good lord, your body does not revert easily when you wear 24/7 for so long. I'm starting to think that theory that I saw about it taking like, the same amount of time to retrain as it did to untrain had some weight to it, because yeah, this is hard.

It's hilarious honestly to me how much people think diapers are embarrassing because, seriously, I have had waaaaaay more embarrassing experiences in trying to get out of diapers than I have from all the time I spent wearing them 24/7. Like, not even joking.

Wetting a diaper? Nobody notices anything.

Wetting your clothes? That's hella obvious.

Oh and I didn't just untrain my bladder did I? No no no, that'd be too easy xD

Of course, I also have messy accidents from untraining my bowels, lol, and though those aren't usually as immediately obvious as wetting yourself, it's a real experience accidentally messing yourself without a diaper on, especially while out at a big party with friends or, when going for a simple run or, just because you happened to have a coffee and are too far from a bathroom.

I definitely don't want to make you all think I'm miserable or anything though, so, I'll make sure to say that I'm not, it can just be stressful in the moment, ha ha. It is interesting from a more scientific perspective (you all know I love my science), and, usually, I do find it funny in retrospect. Luckily for me as well, as you'll probably all remember, I did tell my doctor and my family / parents about my incontinence while I still wore diapers 24/7 so, nobody has been particularly blindsided about me having control issues at least.

I remember I did get some hate for telling my doctor about being incontinent (and leaving out that I did it on purpose) but, honestly it pays off having a medical person to talk to about control issues, and I still think it was a good idea, even if not everyone agrees with it. She's lovely about it and gives me useful tips for management and stuffs of my current issues.

I also should say I don't have accidents every single day! I can definitely go for a few days without one. I'd say, as a rough estimate, I can probably go on average, like two or three days without accidentally wetting myself at least a little bit, and bowel-wise, I can probably manage two or three weeks in between messing myself as long as I try and be careful and watch what I eat.

You do get desensitized to wetting yourself, I will say, and maybe that's why I've sort of plateaued a bit there. It's just so normal for me to wet myself some every few days that I kind of like... just shrug and move on? I should probably try and take it more seriously but, it's been a lot of work to even get to where I am now that I guess my excuse is that I'm sort of sick of putting in lots of effort there? I don't know exactly, but, that's what I suspect it is anyway.

Messy accidents are definitely more eye-opening for me though, since those are pretty clothes ruining usually, haha, and aren't as easy to clean up as wetting yourself is. So maybe that's why I've made more progress there, but, at the same time, I have to be really careful about things I eat and I can't ever try and resist going to the bathroom if my body wants to mess, because yeah, too many experiences of urges just totally overpowering what my muscles are capable of holding.

So, I have in fact rambled more and more, lol, but, I should probably leave it about there! I'm sure there's a ton I've missed but, hey, maybe ask some new questions after this update and I can try and cover anything I've missed xD I do plan on going back to diapers fulltime again when my financial situation is better, 110%, but for now, going without has certainly been an interesting, albeit wet and messy, experience that I am sort of glad to have for at least experience's sake, ha ha. Hope you've all been well since we last caught up too <3


So glad to hear your are safe and doing well with everything going on! I was worried also do to your asthma concerns you outlined previously. I can't wait to hear more from your various takes and adventures! TTYL