Kenzo ONYX

My greatest achievement as a person in this community is to help find confidence in others by providing them with a space to be themselves.

Because I was always denied that, even within the community.

But I am here to say fuck that. The only standards we should live by our own. And we should vow to be 1000% to who we are and what this community means to us..

Being a little in the leather community not only should me how different we can be, but it also showed me the value and affect we can have on people when we just step out and be ourselves.

Many folx, in the community, have had the opportunity to step outside of there comfortzone to express there deepest secret to me. That they were indeed ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) and that they still fight and hide the shame and trama that comes when people find out that they are part of this community.

My only motive is to let the world know that


We stand tall today and want to be heard and accepted. And if you dont accept us, that's okay because we are here are will will gather and create a space were we belong. As our siblings and LGBTQIA+ Ancestors did before us.

So here is a cheers to being authentic and educating others about who we are.

#ABDL #ProudLittle #ProudLeatherman