So, how goes being diapered 24/7? Are you still 24/7? Have you noticed any changes?

It's kind of the same it's been for a while 😅. I am, I am! I've been 24/7 for about 2 years give or take, I think?

I have! My peeing is much more automatic then before. I've noticed more soggy diapers without remembering going. And I've definitely started bedwetting much more often. I used to need to drink quite a bit of fluids for it to happen. Now it's almost any fluids before bed means a soggy morning.

I've been SO happy with this progress 😊❤. To go from a guy who was so pee shy he couldn't pee anywhere he heard another voice. To someone who pees without even noticing, has been magical 😊.

Thank you for the ask 😊.