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    So my hubby and I have a third moving in. He will be moving into my bed in the master bedroom and I’ll be moving into the new nursery. I have had some friends help me come up with some rules and one really good one helped me create this list. Still has lots of editing and still more discussions with Sir. I’m super excited to get to be a little 24/7 again as well as an additional role as a Cuck.

    Rules for diaperboys:

    - Diapers are to be worn 24/7. Thickness can be determined for time of day: one diaper and a stuffer for work, three+ diapers at home, or when out. Punishment can include obviously thick diapers being worn in public, to the bar, with friends, and under tight pants or a short shirt.

    - No bathroom privileges. Diapers are to be used fully, with the possible exception of the work setting (though a diaper bag and supplies should always be brought to work). Diapers are only changed when used fully - wet to the point of leaking or messy. Messy diapers should not be changed immediately as diaperboys need to learn to enjoy them and their place.

    - If a diaperboy has to mess in public, he is supposed to tell daddy/caretaker that he is a made a mess in his diapers.

    - Diapers can only be changed by a partner, daddy, caretaker or approved friend, with the exception of changes at work which much be with daddy or other’s permission. Diaperboys changing their own diaper or attempting to take it off will be punished. Diaperboys are also not to complain about being in full diapers.

    - Daddy, partner and others should be helping a diaperboy fill his diapers. Diaperboys should be viewed as a personal toilet, as well as when there are guests or out.

    - Diaperboys should be referred to as such. Other names include baby boy, little guy, babybear, or whatever nickname is chosen by a daddy or caretaker. This is how boy should be referred to at home, in public and by friends. Similarly, baby boy should only be using the terms daddy, sir, big brother or other respectful terms for adults.

    - Chastity is fulltime and non-negotiable. Little boys are not ready to play with themselves and should only be used for the pleasure of their daddy or other adult partners. Special privileges for getting off will be done with anal toys or a magic wand vibrator. If using a vibrator, it should be done on top of the diaper and the diaper should be wet and messy.

    - A diaperboy’s hole is meant for cum as well as piss which should be done during changes.

    - Diaperboys mouths should always be full. A pacifier or gag should be in at all times, and removed for meals, bottle-feeding and grown men’s cocks.

    - Meals will be eaten in a high chair and diaperboys will be spoon-fed. All drinking should be done from a bottle.

    - Diaperboys need to be dependent on adults, so their hands should be in mitts frequently, as well as other forms of restraint (spreader pants, cuffs etc).

    - Diaperboys should be kept well fed and hydrated to help them grow big and chubby, as well as make sure their diapers are full.

    - Good hygiene is important for diaperboys. Baths should be taken at least once a day. Showers are not allowed.

    - A diaperboy’s crotch should be smooth and free of all pubic hair. This can also be repeated for the butt and hole too, making diaper changes and cleanup easier.

    - Bedtime should be a predetermined time that must be adhered to. Diaperboys are to be tucked into their crib and proper measures ensured so that they do not remove their diaper or play with themselves overnight: restraints (seguifix etc), mitts, other bondage and locking plastic pants.

    - Littles’ wardrobe should begin to consist of age-appropriate clothing including onesies (both printed and plain to be worn at home and in public), shortalls, pajamas etc. Adult clothing should always be snug (and shirts too short) to show off diapers as well as baby’s chubby body.

    - No adult clothing is allowed at home. At least, diaperboys should be waddling around in thick diapers and pacifier. All other clothing outfits should show off being little. Punishments can include humiliating outfits, as well as humiliating outfits worn in public.

    Punishment Ideas:

    - Spanking/flogging

    - Denial of diaper changes for a set period of time

    - Forced messy diapers: enemas, suppositories, laxatives, etc

    - Funnel attached to boy’s hole acting as a urinal

    - Forced messy diapers in public

    - Obviously thick diapers in public

    - Humiliating/baby outfits in public

    - Sissy outfits/“girly” clothing

    - Extra large buttplug

    - Admitting to wearing diapers/being a diaperboy in public, to strangers, to friends etc (example, having to ask where you can change your diaper in public)

    - Enforced naptime with bondage in full diapers

    - Orgasm denial and teasing (even edging without chastity)

    Diaper Brand Suggestions:

    Daytime Wear

    Betterdry 24/7

    Abena L4

    Bambino Classico



    At home/ABDL

    Bambino Magnifico

    Bambino Bellissimo

    Betterdry 24/7

    Rearz Safari

    note: diaper supply should also include thick Abena Abri-let Maxi stuffers

    Wardrobe Ideas:

    - Onesies - printed and plain

    - Pyjamas - footed sleepers, two-piece sets

    - Shortalls and overalls - should be snug to show off diaper bulge

    - Rompers

    - Short/cropped tshirts

    ABDL Furniture:

    - Crib - fitted with restraints and/or seguifix

    - Changing Table

    - High Chair

    - Jumper from ceiling

    - Play mat for toys

    ABDL Accessories:

    - Pacifiers - large

    - Pacifier clips - for outfits/in public

    - Plastic Pants - printed, plain, locking, sissy etc.

    - Mitts - padded

    - Bibs

    - Bonnets

    - Socks and booties

    - Blankets

    - Stuffed animals/plushies

    Punishment & Bondage Accessories:

    - Mitts - locking

    - Gags - pacifier gag, panel gag, cock gag

    - Cuffs and restraints

    - Straightjacket

    - Spreader pants

    - Sissy outfits for punishments- skirts, frilly things

    Suggested Sites for Purchasing

    Diapers: https://bambinodiapers.com



    Plastic Pants: https://abdlfactory.com/plastic-pants


    Punishment items: https://www.adultbaby-shop.com/Home

    also http://adult-baby-shop.eu/ (different store)

    Onesies: https://onesiesdownunder.com/



    Furniture: http://babyapparels.com/

    Please add any other rules you may think I need to add or other ideas you’d have!!


    So jealous.  Wish I could find a daddy or pair of daddies.  


    Another Fav! :D


    Love these ideas and rules!


    Excellent job in creating the rules!!


    Definitely love this list of rules! May have to get my daddy to read this


    Interesting read!


    It was only a matter of time now, little Aaron would soon start to loose his concept of what it meant to be a big boy. After goofing off all his life, and never taking anything seriously, he finally met his match. He’d soon loose all this toilet privileges & big boy looking clothes would just not do, have to donate them to boys who can be responsible & actually take care of them. Aaron hated laundry and dishes and chores so instead of dealing with his rebellion his Daddy took a stern retaliation on his misbehavior and said “no more big boy anything, you don’t like responsibility? Fine. You won’t get any.” And with that little Aaron huffed and whimpered as he was stripped of his man briefs and man clothes and put into a big spreading locking plastic pants. “I don’t want to be a baby!” He exclaimed. “Well you should’ve stopped to think about that when you were acting like one, crying about your responsibilities, Aaron.” And with that Daddy took his boys mouth and popped some mysterious pill down his throat. “This will make the transition easier baby Aaron, just relax, you soon aren’t gonna remember much of this resisting anymore, you soon won’t remember your Favebook password, I changed it anyway.” “What?! I - I - don’t wanna loose my…” “Oh don’t worry about loosing your friends baby Aaron. I already made a big post about how you’re going through a big transition and you appreciate everyone’s patience & you hope that your true friends will accept you for who you’re becoming.” “When .. Do I .. What am .. I becom-” “Oh we’ll find out soon enough won’t we baby Aaron? Soon everyone will know you’re just an enlarged baby toddler that uses diapers everyday cuz you would otherwise wet & soil yourself; you’re gonna eat only baby food so you won’t know what solid waste feels like anymore, just warm squishy sensations; you’ll forget what it feels like to pee, you’ll just go and drip whenever, without really feeling anything more than a tingly feeling at the head of your boy-knob; it’ll shrink in size with a low dose of reversal hormones in combination with muscle relaxants, diuretics & castor oil sometimes; tons of suppositories before bed, enemas too…. You’ll experience the whole lot. Sometimes even stuff you’ve never heard of; you’ll drink Daddy’s cum mixed with your morning & bedtime milk; you’ll do that so often you won’t realize the difference between that and regular milk & you’ll soon prefer over regular milk & want it with everything you consume; we’ll lock you up on both ends: your boi knob with an ever-decreasing cage that will make your dick shrink in mass and erectile performance, it will be red at the tip and shriveled, boi sack full of cum and fluid desperately waiting for days and weeks and months for relief; your cunt will get swollen between your legs, just like your diaper, as you parade around the town in baby clothes, but not til your fully made ready; your boi hole will be plugged from time to time after a proper doushe; expanding locking plug that will offer no way out especially with the locking spreader you’re now in, oh so much more to come baby Aaron….” “Why would you tell … Tell me all this .. Er-” “You’re to call me just Daddy now baby Aaron you understand” “Yes uh… Daddy?” “Is that a question you little faggot??” “No.” “No what boy?” “No … Sir”

    “That’s a good boy, don’t worry about al this growing up you’ve already failed at little guy, it’ll all be over soon. You’ll forget what it feels like to sleep in anything but a crib; you will be so thickly padded you’ll only be able to waddles and eventually after your legs give out you’ll soon resort to crawling.. Completely dependent on your Daddy to pick you up and put you in your high hair and feed you mashed peas with daddy’s special milk mixed in a bottle: a concoction of all your sleepy/hormone meds & Daddy’s thick cum. It’ll be the closest thing you get to sex ever again” “Hormones ?! What I’ll be a girl?” “No little man it’ll be just enough to reverse any traces of testosterone left in your system; you’ll get a little swollen in your belly area maybe, no more strong man abs or biceps; we’ll get you underdeveloped and supple and more inclined to behave under MY roof from now on.” “But I don’t want boobies!!” “You won’t have them, just thicker juicy boy nips and less of a dick and more of a fatter, wider ass for Daddy to play with..” “I thought you said I wasn’t going to be having sex anymore?!” “Not that you’re aware of baby Aaron, Daddy has some special sleepy pills and chloroform that will make the process much easier for you to be completely asleep while Daddy probes your hole to make sure everything is alright & while doing so he might invite a few of Daddy’s anonymous friends over to relieve that testy prostate of yours and fill you up full of men’s loads… Maybe you’ll meet them. After you wake up of course. While we’re all having a beer. You of course are going to be groggy and dressed in toddler clothes & the guys will probably laugh and poke fun at you but it’s okay cuz I’ll explain to them that my boy Aaron just couldn’t get his adult life together so his Daddy had to step it up and reprogram what life was to Aaron .. Change his whole existence & trade-in an old life for a new, very real reality.” Aaron just sat there a little confused in the middle of a circle of grown men, becoming absorbed by his overall shorts with snaps on the crotch & little prints, he looked down and saw himself, for the first time, a giant budge from the locking diaper mechanisms, plastic pants, a dummy clipped on to the baby-print t-shirt that went all the way down into a snapping onsie…“ He thought, “will I ever be the same again .. Will I ever be me again??” And just at that moment, Daddy looked at me and just smiled and shook his head no. It was like he was in my head. I didn’t need words anymore and the next time I uttered something else it just came out as gibberish.

    This was it. This was me now. The dizzy feelings I got from when all this started had finally gotten to me. I was no more than an infant child amongst all these grown men laughing and carrying on, talking about things I didn’t understand anymore.. Cars, sports, politics.. In big words or even just regular words I found harder and harder to comprehend. Just when I was about to use the last bit of big boy strength I had to get up and run away, my knees locked and I froze as the warm gooey sensation of my asshole started to leak, it was stretched and numb for sure, maybe he used some Anal-Ease on me.. I could feel it coming out, my taint just twitched & my asshole puckered like it was waiting to get kissed. I was stuck in this huge costume that I realized was all I had anymore. My duffle-bag was gone & replaced. My skin felt warm like I was finally realizing all those men had already touched me all over during my forced nap, I could smell their musk all over me, all different kinds. . I looked up and there was Daddy. I forgot his name so now that’s all I knew him as. I went to speak and protest all this but all that came out was….


    He looked at me and smiled, perplexed: “Are you trying to tell me something little man?”

    I was I was trying to say I wanted out, that I wanted to know what happened while I was sleeping, I wanted to know where my gym bag went & I wanted to know ….

    And just then, while still locked in eye contact with him I felt the warm drip of cum start to drip out of my bottom, down my leg. My eyes widened still arrested in this gaze, I didn’t know what was happening then all of the sudden I let out a big air fart, my boy pussy just made a loud juicy queef —

    “Aw looks like somebody is making a doo-doo….” The men all turned around.

    “Is that what’s happening little man, are you making a big stinky after having all the men inside you? We’re gonna do this every week. Guys are gonna come over and play poker after shooting their thick warm man loads inside you during nap time and when you wake up I’ll introduced them to you as my little cuckold bitch child that serves me only as a baby. Then I’ll make you stay in your playpen til all the men leave no matter how much you fill that thick diaper up with their mixed loads. You’ll just have to wait till Daddy and his friends are finished with the game. Is that understood little man?”

    I looked at him. And I didn’t respond, just stared.

    “Oh of course you don’t understand me its all just a bunch of gibberish to you now isn’t it little Aaron?”

    I hated to admit it, but he was right. The more he talked the less I understood. His voice became just sounds, deep manly sounds, like thunder the way my tummy rumbles sometimes before a big stinky.

    “Here I got you something Tiger, it’s to replace what used to be yours before I had to take it away. It’s a duffle bag, with your name on it. It’s to mark your new life transition & now you can know that this is permanent & pretty soon we’ll be posting all sorts of pictures on Facebook inviting all of your friends over to play with you and babysit you and change your diapers. You think the guys you knew will come? I’m sure I can entice them with free beer. Of course I bet they’ll love to piss in your diaper, maybe open that butt hole up with a hallow plug and have them fill you up with all their jock piss. You ready to have a coming out party little Aaron? I bet you aren’t cuz you’re a little shy but don’t worry we’ll have plenty of pictures up so they’ll know what they’re getting into ahead of time, maybe they’ll even bring presents like big baby clothes or toys. Thing is though, you can’t go out with them to the movies after unless of course they decide on a kids movie in which case we’ll have to take you in a stroller & a thick diaper so you don’t soil your seat. Hope you aren’t scared to expose yourself to the rest of the world like this …”

    I thought what if I am? What if I’m not ready?

    “….cuz we’ve been live streaming you ever since you woke up. Your friends are all watching you.. Right. Now.”


    I could feel it, at that moment my stomach sank and I emptied all that I had in one big gush- I was sitting in a mix of six or seven grown men, their thick loads caking my ass cheeks, sticky & bleechy smelling, I was stuck in their loads - making terrible fart sounds, web-camming to all my friends - as Daddy turned back to his poker game, ignoring my whimpers to be changed and out of the sack of cum my dumpster of an ass was now stuck in, only to wait. I told myself, just wait. Play with your trucks and blocks. Just wait, till whatever comes next. .

    I couldn’t help but think: I brought this on myself. Maybe this was what I wanted. All along. Maybe this is what I needed. All along. Maybe this is my destiny but whatever the case if any of that wasn’t true. It’s what Daddy wanted. And what he was trying to reformat in me, was working. Exponentially.

    I drooled all over myself & waved to the camera & went back to playing with my toys. Without prompting him. Daddy said, “that’s a good boy, learn your place; show everybody what a baby you really are and will be from now on, forever.”


    This story is my dream




    I've been wearing over the weekends for over a year now with quite a few days in the week as well, which has proc'd my interest in going full time. My question would be: What supplies, diapers (mainly discreet day ones), and advice would you suggest starting out? As far as work goes, I have very limited physical activities, i mainly sit at a computer all day.

    In terms of diapers, I would suggest Abena M3 or ABU Preschool. I've also heard that Lille and Northshore are excellent brands.

    Apart from diapers, you need -

    Changing space. I would strongly recommend not using the toilet or bathroom. I use a spare bedroom in my house. (Our toilet has been modified with a key lock, so, at any rate, I couldn't get in if I wanted to.)

    Diaper bag. I would recommend a large backpack with no particularly notable external features. It's also good if you can get one with a waterproof internal lining.

    Disposal bags. I would recommend cheap plastic bags you can buy in bulk.

    Mattress protector. Use a plain PVC one that can be wiped down. The absorbent ones are fine for bedwetting but for anything more than that they're a waste of time.

    Spare bedding. You'll obviously already have this but you'll have a greater potential need for changes of sheets; get some more.

    Rash cream. I use Sudocrem.


    In your diaper bag specifically, you also need -

    Changing pad. Try to avoid using a towel; use a waterproof-backed changing pad so that if it gets, for example, wet, you can simply fold it to keep the wet side inward, which will limit the damage for a while.

    A complete change of clothes. I would recommend keeping the pants in your diaper bag, but the rest can be stored in the car if necessary.

    Disposable gloves. The ones that only go to the wrist are acceptable, but if you can get longer ones in a comparable quantity for a comparable price, do.

    Hand sanitiser. Not everywhere you will change will have a working sink, but you will need to wash your hands.

    In your wardrobe, you need -

    Bodysuits. These should pretty much replace your underpants.

    Overalls. These are good for if you need to wear more diapering than usual; they're supported off the shoulder so there are no issues with how they fit around your butt.

    Well-fitting clothes. Even with discreet diapers, I would not recommend trying to make it in tight jeans. Use and buy clothes that fit comfortably, not squishily, over your diapers.

    The Results Of My Eighteen-Day Trial of Wearing One Insane Diaper Every 24 Hours

    TLDR: I absolutely loved it and will be continuing to wear my ultra thick diapers for the foreseeable future : 3

    Hey everyone! I wanted to apologise right off the bat for this being a few days late, as some real-life stuff happened that unfortunately meant I wasn’t able to finish writing this for the day the two-week trial technically finished, but, on the bright side, I used the few extra days to keep the trial going to eighteen days in total : )

    If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can catch up by checking out this post andthis post and this post ^^

    Also, a bit of a disclaimer, because wearing such over the top, thick and bulky diapers for such long periods of time is a massive fantasy of mine, I am not a particularly great unbiased judge when it comes to saying if this is a good thing to do or not for you, all I can really say is that all the positives outweighed the negatives for me and I’ve been extremely happy with this whole experience.

    Sooo, on to actually talking about the specifics, where do I start, ha ha. This has been an interesting eighteen-days to say the least!

    The first five or so days I would say were the real “trial” so to speak, where I was figuring things out and getting the hang of wearing such thick diapers all day, while the remainder of the time was me just kind of settling into the routine and becoming comfortable wearing them ^^

    I actually ran into two big problems in the first five days though that I hadn’t really experienced earlier in my random testing (showing the importance of fulltime trials!), the first of which was that actually, for the amount of liquids I normally drink in a day, an ABU Simple Ultra and three boosters weren’t quite cutting it consistently in the absorbency. I had a couple of smaller leaks and one large one while I was asleep during the first five days, so I decided that, for the remainder of the trial, I was going to wear the Simple Ultra with four boosters instead, which gave me enough absorbency to solve my leaking problem : 3 

    The second issue I experienced was some minor tearing in the diapers towards the end of the 24 hour period, which I quickly figured out was caused by the diaper basically having issues supporting its own weight after me wearing and using one for so long, ha ha ha. I managed to solve this problem, luckily, by wearing leggings or onesies under my clothes each day for the remainder of the trial, which provided the diapers with enough support for their weight and bulk that they stopped tearing : )

    For those of you who were very concerned about my skin and the possible bad rashes I might experience, never fear! I didn’t experience any rashes during my trial, though I definitely came close, ha ha. On four different mornings, early on in the trial, my skin felt very tingly and sensitive, which anyone with experience can tell you, means a rash is very close. Luckily for me, my skin never actually went past that point, but I did take a lot of time to care for my skin each morning while showering and also time to properly apply diaper rash cream before putting on each new quad boosted diaper (I’ll fully admit the time it took to look after my skin so much probably canceled out any time saved by not having to change during the day) ^^

    Soooo, did anyone notice what I was wearing? I did wear a Simple Ultra diaper with four boosters to work, around friends, and all around out in public after all! This one is hard to say, because unlike all those ABDL stories on the Internet, people don’t just randomly come up to you on the street and shout, “Are you wearing a diaper?!”, ha ha, though that would definitely make things easier for me to confirm one way or the other if anyone noticed : P While nobody came up and said anything to me though, I did seem to get some strange looks, especially if I was wearing jeans or shorts with my diapers, and I caught a few people who seemed to be making weird faces at me if I turned around quickly cx It’s possible that this was all in my head, but, with how thick these diapers are, I don’t think so, ha ha. It’s whatever though! I don’t really mind anymore : )

    Oh, my messing! How could I forget! On the subject of my bowel incontinence and how this trial worked with it, I’ve actually been very lucky, and my messing has stayed almost exactly the same as I mentioned before, with me messing myself quite a lot while eating breakfast in the mornings and then not at all outside of that. On only two days during the trial did this change, and on those days I did mess myself after dinner and then again in the morning in the same diaper before having a shower, but other than that everything stayed the same, which meant my skin stayed much more healthy than it would have if I was sleeping in a messy diaper every night : ) 

    So, with everything said and done, what are my final thoughts on wearing such insane diapers every day for eighteen days straight? Do I want to keep doing this? Was it a positive experience?

    Overall, wearing these ultra thick diapers has been a learning experience for me, considering I had to make some adjustments to accommodate them in my life, but it has been a very fun learning experience and is one that I am not yet ready to entirely give up : ) Even now I’m planning to keep wearing my insane quad boosted diapers for the foreseeable future (I do have a whole case to go through after all : P ), with maybe just occasional breaks once or twice a week back to my more normal diapers to make sure my skin stays healthy. I still have about a month before I go back to working in a school too so I figure, hey, why not keep doing the thing I’ve been really loving doing, at least until then : )

    If anyone has any questions about the trial, because I probably missed talking about something, ha ha, they are entirely welcome to ask! And, as always, I hope everyone is having a great day or night, and I’ll talk to you all again very soon 💕


    Well, an interesting thing has been happening with my messing lately, and I’m not too sure why as I haven’t changed my diet whatsoever, but I know everyone is usually interested in this stuff and it’s been going on for two weeks straight now so I thought I would discuss it : )

    Basically, rather than messing myself twice a day at breakfast and dinner like I normally do, for whatever reason over the past two weeks I’ve been messing only once a day at breakfast, and then not messing at all at dinner. What has made this more interesting is that I’m actually still messing the same amount every day like I was before, but just instead of messing at two different times during the day it’s like, all of it comes at once suddenly during breakfast, ha ha.

    In a way, it’s been good, because I’ve only had to worry about a messy diaper during breakfast just before I usually have a shower anyway, but at the same time it’s like, now that I mess like double the amount all at once it makes a much more noticeable uhm… expansion, of the back of my diaper, which is not the most subtle thing in the world if I were to try and get breakfast with friends or family for example, ha ha, a big lump suddenly appearing in the back of my jeans cx

    As I said I’m not entirely sure why this has started happening, like, maybe my body has decided to adjust its habits for some reason, or maybe in another week everything will be back to normal and it’ll be like this never happened, but I guess only time will tell and I’m not particularly fussed either way ^^


    Guess your body justifies the need to only once

    i have a confession…i love messing myself. Like i cant control myself, im obsessed. All i wanna do is be unpotty trained and just fill my diapers no matter what im doing. I could be at home in my playpen or my bouncer. I could be at the mall or park. I could be at a party with complete strangers or all my caregivers friends…and what would i be doing? id be in the corner drooling and sucking my thumb as i mess myself and sit around like a good girl waiting for a change but never telling anyone i needed it hehe

    If you like my pics just reblog them, dont steal them. Credit me if you post them elsewhere <3


    How I Became A Chronic Bedwetter

    So I just want to make a quick disclaimer at the start. This post is telling you how I, personally, started wetting the bed every night. To my knowledge, nobody else has tried doing this method, and even the people I have shared this with previously who wanted to do it never actually went through with it, so I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has done this. I tailored this method completely to myself and can’t tell you that this will work for everyone because nobody else has ever tried it. 

    Some of you may have originally seen this method on a Wordpress site I made back in 2016, as I uploaded it there originally and it got about 500 views, but because of so many requests, I decided to rewrite it and post it here on Tumblr : )

    Scary ominous warning at the start, I absolutely detested the experience of doing this method, and even to this day, I remember how much it fucking sucked. I’m not telling you to do this, this is just what I did and what has made me a permanent, relentless bedwetter for the past almost four years.

    In my strong belief, everything about each kind of untraining is hugely mental in nature. There are physical elements to it, like muscle degradation, but like 80% of untraining is essentially just retraining our body and our subconscious mind into accepting and embracing incontinence.

    What I did to start bedwetting was kind of prey on and take advantage of my subconscious in a way. 

    For a period of about a month straight, and I do mean a month, I drank a lot of water before bed and then went to sleep without a diaper on. As you can probably imagine, all that water before bed caused me to wake up in the middle of the night with a pretty strong urge to go to the bathroom (if you are not a light sleeper, this wouldn’t work). What I did was, instead of wetting myself as soon as I woke up like other guides mention (which would have been a bit unpleasant anyway as I wasn’t wearing diapers), I made myself get up and walk to the bathroom to use the toilet instead, every single night. 

    I’ll tell you right now, doing this for an entire month was literally one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was constantly losing sleep and was constantly tired every day because of how interrupted my rest was, but I guess the reason I stuck with it was because I was pretty fucking hardcore about wanting to be a bedwetter at the time.

    Finally, after all that, the end of the month came, and I introduced diapers to my probably completely exhausted and unhappy subconscious as an easy out to its current predicament. For those unaware, our subconscious mind will pretty much do anything it can to avoid pain or discomfort, and it will do everything it can to use as little energy as possible in running the body.

    On that first night after the month of hell, I wore diapers to bed.

    Like before, I drank a lot of water before going to sleep, and also like before, my body woke me up with a very full bladder. What was different this time though is that instead of making myself get up and walk all the way to the bathroom to use the toilet, I just let my bladder go and very happily wet my diaper while still laying in bed, before going back to sleep. 

    The next night I did the same thing again. I drank a lot before going to sleep, and I wore a diaper to bed. This time though, I didn’t wake up during the night at all. I awoke actually feeling pretty refreshed for once, which in itself was a relief because I’d gone so long waking up exhausted, but that wasn’t the only thing that had happened. My diaper was completely soaked when I woke up.

    This was the turnaround point in my nighttime incontinence. I had put my body and mind through hell for an entire month, before showing them both that there was a much easier way to deal with the problem than waking me up. 

    From that day onwards, I started waking up wet more and more. I was still having dry nights here and there to start with, but as my body kept learning and kept finding no problem in making me wet while still asleep, it kept happening again and again. 

    Over the course of months after that day, my body got fully in the habit of making me a complete bedwetter, because why would it ever wake me up when it was so much easier to just make me wet myself in my sleep? I went from three to four wet nights a week to it being incredibly strange to wake up dry even once or twice a month. I even had to get thicker, more absorbent diapers because my body just stopped holding anything back, and it wasn’t uncommon at the time to wake up in a leaking diaper in the morning. 

    So, that’s how I became a chronic bedwetter almost four years ago. I don’t think I would really recommend my method because it was just so bad dealing with all the sleep deprivation, but I can’t argue with the results that it has given me. Becoming a bedwetter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life, and I’ve never once regretted it in all this time, even on the mornings where I wake up in a wet patch because my diaper has failed. There’s just something about it that is so insanely special to me, and unlike making yourself incontinent during the day, which I wouldn’t recommend to everyone, I would recommend becoming a bedwetter to anyone who has the interest. It’s really not that big of a deal to have to wear diapers to bed every night, and the happiness and satisfaction I get from waking up in a completely soaked diaper in the morning is just totally unmatched. 


    A very special technique! Very interesting!

    9 MONTHS TO MAKE A BABY! well that’s how long ConsecratedBelle and I have been back together. I have had her in diapers every night since. Well, I can now report she is now a confirmed sleep wetter and Diapers are no longer an option but a necessity. She has wet in her sleep every night for almost 2 weeks. This has happened a few nights in one week here or there over the last several months. Usually if she had been drinking or was super tired. We officially moved in together a couple of weeks ago and a few other variables might be at play…. she feels really cozy at daddy’s house. I feed her a bottle each night after her diaper is on and we are in bed- either propel flavored water or Pedialyte. She has over the last few weeks wet without a diaper on 10 min into a nap, filled her diaper and woke up requesting a change before 2am twice, and every single morning woke up soaked even after both diaper changes. So if anyone wants to know how Long it takes to become diaper dependent .. it takes 9 months to make a baby.. lol.

    Where To Find Me If This Blog Is Deleted

    Hey everyone! Here to make a quick update post about the future of this blog and where you can get in touch with / follow me if worst comes to worst. The overall plan is still to remain on Tumblr if I don’t get deleted, but there are definitely solid alternatives for staying in touch which you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to take advantage of if you so wish : )

    Firstly, we have Wordpress, which will likely end up being my main blogging spot if it comes to that. My page is still a bit of a work in progress as of right now since all my Tumblr posts from here have only just finished being fully imported to the site today (it literally took five days to process, no joke), but, they’re all set up over there to be read and browsed through as needed, so no more worry about losing everything if my Tumblr disappears. In addition to the posts, I’ve also set up a contact section, similar to how asks work here on Tumblr. All you have to do to send me questions or messages is to put down your name (you can even just call yourself Anon if you like) and then write out your message to me and I’ll receive it, no email address required. I’ve tested this out and it’s working fine so far, so feel free to give it a go if you want to : )

    Other than that, I do have an account over on Daily Diapers, which I’ve only used occasionally so far, but which I might start using more regularly if this blog gets taken down just so I can interact with the people over in the Incontinent Desires subforum and possibly help some of them out with their own untraining journeys if they need it.

    Last but not least, I’m going to start frequenting a certain 8chan 24/7 thread again, but I won’t directly link to that one here because it’s very much on the adult side of the ABDL spectrum. You’ll find it if you look for it, but I would only recommend it if you are serious about making yourself incontinent, because while it can be rough around the edges, some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met on the subject of untraining hang out there and give out good advice to those interested. 

    I hope this post has cleared up any of the confusion and concern that might have still been around after my previous post though! I’ve mostly figured everything out now, and even if this blog gets shut down there are at least a few other ways you can keep track of me outside of this website if you want to : ) 

    A repost from Deviantart that was requested to be posted here :)

    Messy version under the cut!

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    Not only will you get all the wonderful art that many others will receive by joining, but by becoming a startup patron you will have access to future prizes and works that are only available towards this role!

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